Recently went back to the store to help furnish out a new facility.

We have lots of older and antique furniture that really gave the guys a workout.

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Both houses had two levels and also a basement. They handled our furniture (much of it passed to my wife across generations in her family) with great care. They lined the floors and stair railings in both houses with moving quilts and pads to prevent damage either to the furniture or to the house. They arrived with two trucks, which were sufficient to pack everything up and make one trip on our moving day.

These guys gave us an awesome moving experience. They had already quoted us the job price, but he was willing to take on additional items if we wanted him to. His willingness to go the extra mile made a big impression on me. They could have just dropped the units side by side after the first try to get the stack to work, but they persisted and we succeeded!

Joey was very thorough in asking me where everything went in the new house. The guys would always ask where to put something if they didn't know.

The group was extremely polite, professional, and competent at the task of negotiating tight corners with heavy furniture.

I couldn't be more happy with the job these guys delivered.

I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for assistance with a move. Ed, the owner, picked up the bed (grandfather was born in the bed in 1891) and brought it back within a week. The footboard had been broken halfway through horizontally by movers. He polished the walnut and it just gleams. He created a matching element for the headboard that had been missing for some time and stained it to match. He also diligently removed old velcro along the sides that had very strongly adhered over the years. My mother had used it to attach a dust ruffle.

I trust him completely with my antique furniture. It was a lovely, charming painting but not the quality that would justify full art restoration, nor would my pocketbook be able to handle that anyway. The gold streaks were removed, the flakes secured and missing spots in the painting filled in with matching color. Palmers went above and beyond refinishing and replaced worn felt under table. The antique furniture was restored to a condition better than it was before the damage from the move. They were so nice to pick all the furniture up and to deliver it completed.

I would use them again and have recommended them to friends who hold family antiques so dear. If it had not been such an ordeal to get the report, it would have been exactly what we paid for.

We reviewed the work to be done, studied the different stains and chose one that most closely matched the original finish. He was careful in loading the furniture in his truck. He warned me several times that due to a slight back log and vacations that it might be two weeks, or up to three weeks before the work would be finished - however he had it back to me exactly one week later. The work done was excellent, the service was excellent and very timely.

I went in 1 week and he quoted me a price for the coins.

I wanted to compare his offer with others. His gave me the most for the coins and paid what he had originally quoted.

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I would go back to this service provider. For an enjoyable one-stop shopping experience, be sure to visit our partner businesses!

You’ve got to plan an entire day and probably the. I took some friends who weren’t really interested in vintage or antique just along for the ride. Prices vary, some incredible deals, others very easy to pass up dude to price hikers. Certain booths ask too much for not all that special items. The staff is super helpful, are there to help, are there to contact the individual sellers and dealers with your bargaining offers. Also some nice old school antiques as well. A multitude of carefully selected accessories, including quilts, mirrors, needlepoint pillows and lamps add pizzazz to most any interior space. Selections include marble-topped chests, garden gate , tromp l'oeil mirrors and porcelain. Don't let this unassuming location fool you!

The kindhearted employees even invite customers to store potential buys in cubbies, making it easier to browse while munching on free popcorn. An incredible 55, 000 square feet of space packed with vendors make this award-winning antique mall a far from sleepy spot. The inventory is constantly updated with antique treasures dating back to the 1700s, as well as unique contemporary pieces and local art. There were plenty of clothing options with varied price ranges and styles, plus some awesome accessories and trinkets, both modern and vintage. Called the store to change the note on the card. Tons of games you can play in addition to mtg.

I spent hours wandering up and down the aisles. There is literally something here for everyone.

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I stopped in a few weeks ago and the shop owners father was manning the store. There are some new newer pieces, but most everything is older and well curated. They have converted the back warehouse area into a . Come in today to find a special treasure. Bring us your quality home furnishings to sell for you. For a custom made look, a coordinate fabric is used on the back sides. For a custom made look, the same fabric is used on both sides. Placement of the pattern may vary from front to back and from pillow. The wooden mould is covered with a rich ruby-red satin and features a gold gimp detail decoratively wrapped around it. Each tassel is connected by a twisted cord that loops through and over the top of three satin covered beads. The drawers are accented by intricate overlaid moldings above a molded base with rectangular feet.

The seat cushion is not upholstered so that the new owner may upholster to match the style of their home. Please note the actual color of the scarf is definitely a blush versus the pink color in the first picture in which the scarf if open. This festive tassel is made up of a wooden moulded bead, covered with a soft gold satin. A bright gold gimp detail is wrapped around the. Each tassel is connected by a twisted cord that loops over the top above three satin covered beads. A light white gimp detail is wrapped around the beads over a cream ground.

Its graphic presence is available as a wallcovering and a printed linen fabric. This is a double roll of wallpaper, spanning 9 yards. Another really pretty way to give your purse a. Pillows have tapered corners to prevent dog ears, feather/down inserts and hidden zippers. The top of the tassel's skirt are surrounded by a cut ruche velvet and are adorned with double sets of. Each tassel is connected by a twisted cord that loops over the top above the satin covered bead. These handmade tassels are connected by a twisted cord that loops over the top of the rich colored satin bead. An interesting fretwork back is joined by matching fretwork arms that flank an upholstered seat cushion. It is un-stretched for ease in transport. Bold colors of purples, teals, and lime greens give this scarf a special pop!

This belt has a removable buckle allowing a person to interchange belts if they wish. These pillows also have feather/down inserts and hidden zippers. Silk bands and goldtone metal mesh bands are the bracelet itself with gold tone fasteners on each end of the bracelet.

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