We are also there when it comes time for delivery, or if a service need comes up in the future. When the functions well you work better.

Take the time to choose the perfect look to go home to. Standard delivery includes assembly and final placement. Most of what we sell is made to order specifically for our customers. Because we work with so many builders, each of whom has an extensive catalog, there are actually more items available than what we have here on the website.

The truth is that it is getting harder and harder to find solid hardwood furniture. This is where we gather with family and friends to celebrate holidays or special occasions. Many of our customers find the rural scenic drive to our location quite enjoyable. Maybe you would like to bring your camera?

Our store shows many varities of our furniture. Custom-made furniture as well as standard line of pieces.

Full furniture line plus made-to-order pieces. Solid-wood construction, custom-made available. Have your choice of quality woods and stains. Visit our website to see our beautiful collection. Solid wood, no pressed wood or particle board used. Among the still-numerous dairy farms the buzz of saws and pop of air-hammers rings out from myriad unassuming woodworking shops. Louis , the area attracts its share of customers from large urban areas. My family was in the heavy moving and rigging business since 1873.

We use this wood for housemoving and cribbing. Some of it my great grandfather acquired.

I believe they have moved or perhaps went out of business.

I am wanting to have 2 more leaves made but not quite sure how to go about doing so.

I don’t know what wait times are like for what you want, the only way to find out is to get in touch with some of the businesses listed here directly and see what they can do. If you are thinking of a new piece of furniture, made out of real wood, with care and craftsmanship, we can help. If you and we can draw it out, we cna build it.