If you are looking to buy items, we have 7700 square feet of rotating for every room of the house. It is fun to stop in once a week if you do not find it the first time.

Antique Furniture Store Nearby Furniture

You would be amazed how quickly it changes, and the bargains you will find.

You can also check out the inventory pictures on our website, which we update weekly. Depending on where you are located and how many items you have to sell we may be able to schedule an appointment for our buyers to come out to your home.

We have everything needed to turn it into a home.

Looking for a dazzling chandelier to shed light on a dinner party?

We appreciate, and listen to, your candid feedback. This includes hot/cold coffee, ice teas, baked goods and many other items all from local vendors.

You will find the staff to be friendly and helpful with your shopping experience.

We have hundreds of specialty dealers in our clean, family-friendly . With new merchandise arriving every week, you’ll be sure to find a unique gift for yourself or a friend.

Check our locations page for store hours and directions. Enjoy shopping in this beautifully restored 14, 000 square foot building. The building is a brick and arched wooden-truss structure with a 35-foot high arched pine ceiling. What a fantastic setting to enjoy antiquing!

It is a very exciting, high-energy place to both work and to be a vendor. Come see for yourself why we have won this award two years in a row!

A few knicks and scratches could not be sanded out as to preserve the integrity of the wood.

We also have a huge selection of amazing vintage and estate jewelry. The prices seem a little high, but a really cool variety from , movie posters, and knick-nacks.

You might be saying to yourself, that's not a thing that exists in the world. Lots of cool and unique items here that you can't find anywhere else. Totally dusty, overstocked, and occasionally overpriced. The pieces in here are very well curated, with a fantastic mix of old memorabilia and cool antique pieces. Many of them from demolished buildings and businesses. It's like walking into a graveyard of defunct businesses. It was a huge warehouse-sized secondhand furniture store. Entering that slender, mirrored alley always feels like entering a portal to a gentler, more gracious time. Very good selection and amazing place to find something you really love. He restored my grandmothers mid century teak dining table and six leather and teak chairs to perfection. They carry antiques , stationery, housewares, locally made items that are unique. On top of it being better made, you can likely re-sell it for what you paid!