Then buy a treat or two from the market’s food and drink purveyors and enjoy one of the many social and cultural events held at the market, from bingo and trivia to live music on the outdoor stage. Amish rugs, quirky household items, handcrafted clothing and jewelry, and decorative items for gardens make this a great place to shop for the perfect gift.

Handmade Furniture Iowa Furniture

Since 2010 she’s been distributing products made by more than 20 small businesses in the area, from grass-fed beef and farm fresh milk to burritos and salsas. They make beautifully crafted desk and dining accessories from a variety of natural hardwoods. She wanted to fill a vacant retail niche in her hometown, as well as provide a gathering place for both visitors and locals. The store also hosts many classes and special events, including wine and art pairings and pottery painting.

We take pride in making it easy for you to enhance your space with the exact products and looks that you want. Each barrel is made out of approximately 30-40 staves, two barrel heads, and six steel rings (or bands). The inside of each barrel is charred, this is for flavor and color when the whiskey is aging. Charring on the staves and barrel heads is cleaned and sanded. They have developed a reputation for turning out beautiful woodwork that withstands the test of time. Their attention to detail allows them to create masterpieces that are both beautiful and functional.

Our products are built specifically for you!

Custom orders may be subject to a restocking fee. The products here are of great quality and meant to last a lifetime. Bright, airy, just a great place to spend some time and money if you are in the market for quality furniture. Very expensive was worth a look and walk though. Prices are steep but it is good quality furniture. The craftsmanship of the products ranging from kitchen utensils to clocks and furniture is beautiful. Great place to get a family heirloom clock as well. The workers were exactly whet we want in any store. They were not overbearing, but would talk to you every so often to explain items.

We invite you to stop by and shop the wonderful antique and gift items chosen just for you!

I will get started on your handcrafted custom made piece of solid wood furniture!

Each piece of custom handmade furniture is unique, made with a standard of quality and artistry that is reminiscent of a bygone era of craftsmanship.

You can now order our striking black and white wood grain in a myriad of colorways.

I have full rebuild capabilities, but will do as little or as much as needed. We’re like an emergency room for furniture pieces. They have been married 35 years, have three grown children and seven grand children. The passion we have for our craft shines through in each handmade—never mass produced—piece. Quality and attention to detail are still alive and well, and you will find that these elements are apparent in each of our carefully handcrafted items. Not only is our custom wood furniture different from anything else you might find, but we never start building until we have discussed your project with you, so it is also uniquely yours. Our access to larger cuts of the finest local wood gives us the freedom to do more for you. Our expertise in the field of woodworking is a direct result of years of developing a passion for our work, and we only produce pieces of the highest quality.

We love collaborating with our customers. Tell us what inspires you, and we will help you bring your vision to life.

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Stores Iowa Made Items

Call or e-mail us now to get started creating your special piece that will last for generations to come!

Take a look at the store from the comfort of your home—then drive. You’ll find many styles to choose from, each made to the same exacting standard. Customize your furniture by choosing your favorite wood, stain and hardware.

We offer deliveries scheduled to the hour for your convienence.

We are a locally owned business specializing in heirloom quality furniture and accessories. Check out some our currently featured products below. Wood types: oak, quartersawn oak, maple or cherry. Check out the map below to see all the locations we are visiting in 2018!

The piece is extremely precisely made and the fit between the joints appears unbreakable.

I was going to get with just choosing colors and style but it is gorgeous and my husband loves it!

I am so glad that you have an etsy shop now!

Karma and her crew were able to fill the order and make sure they were shipped and on time. The boards were beautiful and everyone enjoyed the unique gift. Our home is full of your work and we give it as gifts. The best-selling furniture items are for the dining room, bedroom, and entertainment area. Thank you from our family to yours for allowing us the privilege to handle your furniture needs. Amish, however, with a wide range of wood-related businesses emerging, furniture-making chief among them. Amish have proven adept at crafting a diverse range of home furnishings.

11 Stores Iowa Made Items

Amish furniture craftsmen are remarkably versatile, stepping outside of their plain sensibilities to customize furniture to client’s needs. Amish, in addition to standard furniture lines. Wondering if there are any company will buy them?

Can someone please give me some information?

I hope to have those kinds of listings available at some point in future.

I can give you his address and a phone number. His english neighbor delivers messages to him. Does anybody have any information about this manufacturer or furniture.

We love our newly purchased antique (circa 1865) and were reaching out to try to find out some of its history.

I hope the new year is a happy one for you and your family.

I love the quality and the lasting power of handcrafted furniture.

On finance you’ll probably find there are different ways to do it depending on the seller.

We have to remove it as we are re doing our kitchen. Hope you can find what you’re looking for!

The seat middle support broke at the bolt that connects to the back middle support. Can you help me find out what the name of the place?

Most are hand tools and carving related items.

I would like to put the same finish on it as what was put on it when it was built.

We have the ability to restore a variety of older pieces that are brought to us by our customers on a daily basis. Learn more about our history, how we build furniture, and what sets us apart from other furniture shops.

Stores Iowa Made Items