Many visitors frequent the area often enough that they eventually decide to purchase their own camp or . Naturally, one of the first orders of business is to furnish their new getaway.

If you think that the natural beauty of rustic log furniture would enhance your camp or cabin, we think that you’ll appreciate the strength, durability and natural resistance to rot and insects that our outdoor furniture has to offer. Cheap plastic lawn chairs just don’t hold up when sitting around the camp fire at night, especially with heavier people or when placed on uneven ground, rocks or roots. Why not see if one of our heavy duty cedar log chairs or tables can meet your outdoor furniture needs?

Decks and porches are other places where our outdoor furniture could enhance your camp or cabin.

And lastly, how about a great looking, heavy duty log swing for the camp?

Rugged enough to stand up to years of hard use, our affordable outdoor furniture products will help make lasting memories for you, your friends and loved ones. None of our cedar log outdoor furniture products needs finished (but they certainly can be) as cedar wood itself is naturally resistant to rot and insects. Stop in and try one of our chairs or swings out!

It's naturally resistant to decay, insect and water damage. Unlike other woods, it will not shrink or warp, and there are no dangerous chemical preservatives used in pressure treated furniture.

Note: cedar has a natural checking process that may occur on the surface. It does not affect the structural performance of the wood. Wood-based furniture adds a rustic and romantic feel to your home, whether placed indoors or outdoors. Log furniture derives from many kinds of trees including oaks, pine species, poplar, and mahogany. Most people select wooden furniture from craftspeople and artisans who construct and finish the products by hand. The species of tree used to produce furniture gives each piece a distinct look, feel, and sometimes adds scent too. Pine log furniture, for instance, comes from softwood and hardwood trees. Softwood products are light in color; they range from pale yellow to amber brown, while hardwood products have colors closer to ginger. Pine tables, dressers, and chairs contain distinct knots and grooves, lending a unique look that has fragrant scents too. Wood furniture, especially when finished with weatherproof layers, is quite hardy.

You can decorate your home interior with wood furniture and use it as outdoor furniture too. This spacious bench is made of rustic natural cedar in an unfinished state, and it is constructed using only logs for a truly cabin-inspired look. This type of wood is known for being very durable and naturally weather-resistant, and the exterior coated mortise and tenon joints used in this white cedar bench add even more durable support, even after years of outdoor use. So when it comes to decorating your cabin, you simply must make rustic outdoor furniture a priority. Order your rustic outdoor furniture today. Our friendly customer service agents are standing by ready to assist you.

We look forward to making your cabin décor dreams come true!

Our indoor and outdoor splinter-free rustic furniture collection features northern white cedar and western red cedar, woods highly regarded for their durability and decay resistance. When left unstained, your rustic furniture will weather evenly to handsome natural gray. Or for more information, call 800-343-6948. Free membership includes exclusive trade prices, dedicated service and inspiring ideas on lighting and home furnishings. Our online solid wood outdoor furniture selection is great for adding a decorative touch and functionality to your home or rustic setting. Let us help you select the perfect wooden outdoor furniture set for you decor needs by phone or online. Poly lumber patio furniture resists the elements and is super easy to clean while still fitting into the cabin style you crave.

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Poly lumber dining tables are suitable for patios, gardens, backyards or decks.

You can opt for a small bistro perfect for a quiet breakfast, or choose that can fit a crowd. While your guests mill about, a bar-height table with poly lumber stools may be just the solution. If you need to seat a crowd, we also have log benches for sale. In addition, you can find lots of effective clothing storage solutions here, including cedar log-style dressers and armoires. White cedar is a classic choice for outdoor furniture construction, offering extraordinary resistance to decay. With a natural resistance to all kinds of weather conditions, red cedar logs have a lovely light tone on the outside and radiant red color on the inside. It’s no fun being cooped up, which is why our outdoor furnishings are built to last and look good doing it. Looking for barnwood furniture to place on the front porch?

Form meets function in our full line of outdoor log cabin furniture!

Built to brave the elements, our lodge furniture and cabin furniture lines possess qualities that can make a weeping willow blush. Experience the natural beauty and durability of white cedar pieces that can be stained to match your existing decor or left unfinished to produce a silvery-grey hue over time. Your rustic outdoor furniture set isn't complete without a rugged white cedar porch swing to relax on after a long day of hunting (or cooking)!

Choose a set of comfortable and elegant fireside lodge chairs that can be easily incorporated in or outdoors or a lovely white cedar tete-a-tete that naturally withstands harsh weather conditions. It has curved seat slats for greater comfort. They are comfortable and were not too difficult to put together.

I didn't think they sat totally flat but that wasn't a concern for us as we bought four and put them in sandy area around a fire pit.

I would buy them again and would surely recommend them to other people looking for nice outside chairs. These chairs are sturdy enough to hold me and comfortable enough to use as something more than just decoration for my yard.

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Cedar doesn't have to be sealed either, so you just fit everything together, turn a couple lags, screw a few wood screws into place and you're done.

I have sat in these chairs for hours around the fire pit with no discomfort. The cedar develops a natural silver patina over time. All but three pieces sit on the grass, those other three on a redwood deck. The furniture is durable, good looking, comfortable, and feels solid. Tried to fix it with wood glue but continued to crack. Plenty of room for my wide hips and the slope of the seat is perfect - no struggle to get up but still feel slightly reclined. Nice big thick logs are great - durable and strong. Only issue was one back seat slat was cracked on one of the two chairs we bought. Delivered on time in heavy cardboard pkg which was securely sealed.

I used a rubber headed mallet, power screw driver and socket wrench.

Wood screws are used to secure each joint. The screws are about 4 inches long and you will need a powerful driver to seat them fully.

I used soft soap on threads to make install easier. On first chair all parts fit together and took about an hour to assemble. If you get it wrong the point of screw may extend into seating area (ouch).

I loved the way they looked online, but wasn't sure about the comfort factor.

My husband had absolutely no trouble putting these together.

We stained them a cedar color and water proofed them.

I am 5' 1, and my husband is 5' 9, and they are incredibly comfortable for us both.

I have had so many people stop and tell me how beautiful these are, and we live on an average. The wind is horrible out here, and we needed something that wouldn't blow away. That is how this wood is….if you don't like the log cabin look, then why are you looking at these?

All of the necessary parts were inside, olong with a packing list, and the assembly instructions were clear. It is a good idea to sit in the chair before driving in the final screws to ensure that it will sit without wobbling on a flat surface. That minor adjustment took place quickly and on driving the strews home was all that was needed. The chair is quite sturdy and the two of us fit each other well. Log outdoor furniture is durable and attractive, and it fits in with the natural landscape around your home. A wooden porch swing or backyard swing can be just the thing to complete the perfect family home. One of our most popular outdoor log furniture items, our garden swings come in different sizes to suit your particular needs, and we can provide just the swing or the full frame and swing together.

These swings are great for kids, couples and individuals alike. Friends and family will love to come out back and relax and talk, enjoy a snack or simply sit back and look at the stars with your rustic outdoor furniture. Order a full rustic outdoor furniture set today, or try one or two special pieces first, such as one of our outdoor rocking chairs, to get started. It’s easy to order right now directly from the website, and your order should arrive between four and eight weeks.

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