Indonesia is the world’s largest producer or natural rattan, using this material was a natural choice. The real catch, however, is that you get to use the entire tree to make furniture, including the peel and the pole. Sweden is also the motherland of rattan furniture, where the practice has been popular for more than 150 years. It is because rattan core is the most solid one, and it provides natural colors and patterns for a real rustic ambiance. Rattan furniture, nevertheless, has drawbacks of its own: you should only use it inside, because sunlight makes it fade. Just place a couple of wicker chairs on your wooden deck, choose the right pattern for their upholstery, and the mood will remain unchanged. Wicker makes this easy, as it brings bold and tropical palettes to revive the extended interior footprint, and to create a streamlined flow between the indoors and the outdoors. That’s why we believe it is cool to use it in the living room, where you can have two flexible rattan tables replace the heavy and outdated coffee table. Plus, they look so natural bathed in sunlight that their mere presence makes you feel as if that’s where they belong.

Synthetic resin, on the other hand, is the perfect material for patio seating and backyard accessories. As a proud owner of indoor rattan furniture, you will not worry about having to clean upholstered or leather furniture. Because the plant imitates the structure of regular tree wood it can easily be fashioned, cut, and dyed many different ways. Whether it’s used as an end table or for your entire set of furniture, rattan stands out in the best possible way. Rattan is a strong, durable, and high quality wood that can be manipulated into any shape. If you have an area with alot of moisture you may consider our finest wicker patio furniture sets to choose from. Painted rattan chairs and a table base pair with a largescale, low-hung wicker light fixture. This graphic chair is a fabulous piece and could work in an entryway or mudroom, around a small dining table or even as a sidechair in a master or guest bedroom.

An interesting detail is that, even though it loos like a rattan piece, it’s also made of woven paper and chrome-plated steel. The woven pattern and round shape of the pouf make this a chic accent piece able to fit well in a variety of spaces and settings.

These palms are most of all known by their length (600 inches overall, 36 per day), but also due to their sustainability and abundance.

Knowing this, you can confidently say ‘wicker’ for every woven product made of stems or vines.

Rattan wicker furniture

Stylish Designs Showcase The Elegance Of Rattan Furniture

What is important here is to understand the difference between wicker and rattan furniture: rattan pieces are much more versatile and durable than wicker ones made of different materials.

Wicker can either be genuine, or try to replicate the concept, but one can’t expect the natural fiber to look as good after being processed multiple times.

Yes, you heard right: your wicker couch can be placed literally everywhere you need it to be!

For instance, you can hang a wicker basket for towels in the bathroom, or use it to store books in your nature-inspired and warm living room. This is not a justification for skipping rattan and wicker, because they both look amazingly elegant. Cup holders, baskets, and trays will add value to your expensive accessories, matching even the silverware you take out on holidays and special occasions.

For what is worth, office faucets are often dull and express no character at all, while wicker plays with viewers’ senses, and jumps out of every office scheme you’ve seen so far. With so many different types of looks and colors you can create the perfect setup that you were always looking for. Once you make the switch to wicker furniture and rattan, you will not go back to anything else!

The exotic flair coupled with classic sophistication creates a dynamic and intriguing interior design space.

Rattan is the perfect option for bedroom sets, dining room tables, and inviting living spaces.

Because rattan is a versatile natural material it can be used to make any piece of furniture you can imagine, this is how we’re able to carry everything from barstools to loveseats all in one convenient location for you to browse.

You could also add more graphic or tribal baskets to use as decor, a hamper or even to hold some extra towels in your bathroom. You can also find a variety of other wicker table details including trays, cup holders and small baskets to hold silverware or other serving accessories.

Not only are rattan baskets super cute, but they’re also a handy place to hide away objects!