Amsterdam, this one features a simple interior, with dark walls and display areas made of wood. It has exposed brick walls, dark ceilings columns and the shoes and accessories are displayed on wooden shelves. The designers focused on freshness and quality and they used bold colors and lighting that emphasizes that.

What’s great is that each client will have a customized meal and this way everyone feels special. The open kitchen features antique kitchenware and brass shelving and has an adjacent steel and glass wall that is connected to the patio. They included in the design a variety of eye-catching details such as natural artifacts, live moss or large corals that have been used as art pieces. The customized lighting fixtures are one of the most beautiful features that have been included in the design along with the subtle light and intimate atmosphere. Whether it’s just an accent wall or the entire room, painting is an affordable way to add warmth and drama to an otherwise bland room with white walls. White walls also open you up to opportunities of painting on odd decor or using vinyl stickers. Modern decor is known for being a little bit crazy and eccentric and that’s exactly why so many of us love it!

An example of this would be using old fashioned jam jars as candle holders, that you hang from the walls. Furniture like this looks striking and alluring and so you should aim to have a minimum of objects like this. The stylish new designs, which are based on the classics and paired with hairpin legs, work perfectly as a set of four for a dining table or as a stand-alone statement piece.

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The interior is very obscure and unusual, presenting stone walls with a rough finish and very casual accent details.

It’s situated in the heart of the city and it features a large selection of shoes and accessories for both men and women. The furniture is minimalist and modern and the only contrasting detail is the brick wall at the back of the store.

The designers used mostly natural materials such as wood, stone, leather and linen and this definitely contributed to the overall look. It features many elements made from reclaimed materials and the overall design is not just stylish but also sustainable.

The tables are sleek and simple and the diners can watch the chefs prepare the meals right there in front of them. The light fixtures are very interesting, the red ones resembling cherries and the black ones resembling olives.

It’s important to have an inspiration piece: a starting point for your design palette and style.

If your room is small, paint the ceiling a light shade of blue, to match the sky outside and make the room feel much larger. Wooden walls make a room look quite country-based and homely, so a bedroom or a kitchen with this effect would look fantastic!

The juxtaposition between the old trends around the room and the accent peice of modern decor will create a very climactic effect. One piece of furniture like this will be the focal point of your room, so its best to make it dramatic and exciting!

Stay away from typical interiors and get stylish with a new and inventive way of decorating!