The brothers created nine companies during their lifetimes, often collaborating or competing with each other over the years. Stickley, managed by living descendants, still makes furniture today.

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Specific joints on sideboards, for example, include wooden pins, tenon joints and splined mitered corners. Also, look for external keyed tenons with a slot to hold a key-shaped block for strength and decor. Stickley furniture usually showcased the wood grain by the application of clear dyes and hand-applied finishes. The different shop marks help collectors determine the period in which the piece was made.

Our expansive facility features over 80 dealer spaces with antiques, vintage treasures and collectibles.

You can browse an eclectic mix of vintage memories. They arrived on time, gave a fair quote and promptly started our project. Part way through it we talked with them and changed a few things with no problems. Attention to detail was impeccable, cleaned up after themselves and really took the project from just a deck to a really nice piece of furniture. John was prompt in responding to our request for a quote.

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He was knowledgable about different paint types needed for a complete repaint of the interior of a very rustic cabin. For example, several areas of the cabin had raw wood and raw masonry. John “cut in” about 8 ceiling beams, which we wanted to remain raw with great skill and left no bleed or overpaint on the beams. The entire ceiling of the cabin”s second floor was raw wood, with shingle nails penetrating the surface. Many of the shingle nails caused splinters in the raw wood. John spent hours removing the splinters before priming the ceiling in order to insure a more uniform appearance. They quote a reasonable price and work hard, without complaint until the job is done right. She was extremely professional and the floor looks beautiful.

I specialize in retro products to help give you that old-school look with a modern product.

I try to preserve and restore the original finish on antiques whenever possible.

I also strip and refinish furniture when needed.

I also do handwoven cane seats, shaker tape woven seats and simple upholstery.

We also carry a large line of fabric samples to make your furniture look like new again.

We have others to do slipcovers and furniture refinishing.

We make draperies, cornish boards and headboards for beds and ottomans.

We can either build to your specs or recover what you have. Step back in time in this beautifully restored historic house. They will appraise any item and handle entire estate liquidations for you. Why go to a jewelry store when you can purchase diamond rings in this shop for 1/2 of the cost and a lifetime of history?

We are here to get you back on track to finish your journey. Four floors of antiques, nicely laid out and easy to move around in. Give yourself a lot of time to walk around. Lots of cool stuff, unfortunately we only bought an old smurfs board game. Prices for other stuff we would have been interested in were very high.

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Syracuse Identify Stickley Brothers Furniture

Its very close to the interstate and easy to find with ample free parking behind. What a huge selection of things to look through. The prices were very reasonable and there was something for everyone.

We all can agree that there are some good antiques there. Some bring back the “remember when” days. There are many lamps, tables, chairs and paintings. There are collectible toys that have been worn down by play and there are the dainty and expensive toys that have not seen many hours of play. There are items once owned by the rich and famous and junk that someone else values.

We offer carefully selected examples of original condition furniture, pottery, art and metalwork for both the beginner and experienced collectors. Dalton’s is always interested in purchasing a single piece or an entire collection.

We always use discretion in our business dealings; we welcome your call and look forward to doing business with you. Staff was also very welcoming and everything is priced affordably.

I got outside patio chairs for a fraction of what they would cost. Heavy on clothes, and kitchen ware light on furniture and toys. It’s a nice distraction if you are waiting for take out sushi from across the street. The owner is super sweet and personable and has a great collection of items to look through. Anything from furniture to dishes to clothing. They have quality furniture at reasonable prices.

We haven’t been in here since the last owners and just stopped back in recently. Nov 7 antique vintage postcards post cards italy germany poland etc. They alway have great items at awesome prices.

Syracuse Identify Stickley Brothers Furniture