Pub tables are a type of bar table, which range in height from 33 to 48 inches. Depending on the height of the tabletop, you’ll want to look for either bar stools, or for counter chairs and counter-height stools.

Pub Table Seating Idea Furniture

Because this style is smaller than that of traditional dining tables—bar tables typically seat between two and four—it’s easy to tuck a modern pub table into an apartment or loft kitchen corner to create a little breakfast nook or dinette. Even homes with a full-size dining room can fill an unused area of the kitchen, dining room or living area with extra seating.

We offer this modern outdoor collection in a number of sizes to perfectly suit any appetite. Although we do continuously strive for the best consistency possible, material color and texture may slightly vary from sheet to sheet and thus product to product may have slight variances.

However, with that said, its nothing to worry about as we do our best to catch these inconsistencies in the shop. Richlite paper composite is used for structural elements in some pieces. All our materials are chosen for their high quality, no maintenance, performance and longevity.

We want you to enjoy your furniture, not work on it. However, due to the nature of the recycled plastic we use and electronic media, color of actual products may differ slightly from how they appear on this website on your particular computer. Please request a sample to see actual product color.

Although we do continuously strive for the best consistency possible, material color and texture may slightly vary from sheet to sheet and thus product to product. Pigments / color concentrates are also added that are formulated with the best weathering pigments available in the market in a particular color-space. The sun is very hard on materials that have constant direct exposure and we cannot guarantee the material color will not change over time. The color is not a finish coat; it is a pigment embedded in the material throughout. Richlite will patina as it weathers and the lighter, natural colored material will redden or turn grayish. Black will remain black for years but with some apparent weathering. The good news is that in most applications probably not. Further, darker colors are naturally much more resistant to change than lighter colors. Some pieces are shipped knocked down (partially assembled) and a few products are shipped fully assembled.

We have gone to great lengths to make our furniture assembly very simple and even enjoyable and fulfilling. These are the same tools our furniture craftspeople use in the shop. Mostly you will find a simple hose-off will do the trick when it gets a little dirty. A garden hose and a soft bristle brush or a microfiber towel works great if there is dirt embedded in the texture. There are numerous types of bar stools you can choose from and the decision has to be based on the overall style of the décor. So let’s see how different types of bar stools integrate in different kitchen decors. When talking about bar stools, this translates as sleek and simplistic creations often featuring dynamic colors in order to become a focal point in the overall décor. It’s a characteristic that can be applied to modern and contemporary furniture but also to traditional and even rustic or industrial pieces. One of the defining characteristics of these pieces is the fact they they are space-saving and very functional. Most often, it’s the simplicity or minimalism that makes it stand out. This selection of bar stools incorporates a variety of modern influences and details. Although they have a modern look, they can also easily be incorporated in various other types of decors. For example, you can create an interesting contrast of styles by using them in a traditional kitchen. It comes in many different textures, not to mention the array of colors and patterns. Fabric-upholstered furniture, in this case bar stools, make a space feel more casual and thus more comfortable and inviting.

Stylish Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Table Seating Idea Pub Tables

However, it can be just as beautiful and charming when used indoors.

We have prepared a selection of wicker bar and kitchen island stools which bring a very nice rustic but also tropical feel into the room. Her attention to detail drives others crazy yet remains her most appreciated characteristic. Is your dining room in need of a little attention?

From formal settings to family-friendly spaces, we have dining room decorating ideas that are sure to fit your needs. Dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and it sometimes takes a creative eye to find the perfect space for one in your home. These will help you think outside the box when it comes to finding the perfect spot. From the bold and colorful , to casual and rustic, you’ll find the perfect inspiration in these stylish dining room decorating ideas. Striped slipcovered chairs are an easy nautical touch. Painted lantern sconces and a sleek, four-arm, unlacquered brass chandelier play off the casual mood established by the sweet/tart color scheme. These red lacquer bamboo-style side chairs add a bold punch of color that coordinates with the cabinet interiors of this space. This round table and antique chairs are covered in simple linen and checked fabrics. A dainty scalloped edge on the chairs and table topper adds a decorative touch. You’ll not only save floorspace, but you’ll also have the opportunity to integrate architectural details like decorative trimwork. On the left side of this room, reclaimed heart-pine pocket doors can be closed to hide the kitchen. Canvas upholstery unites the mismatched vintage chairs. These dining chairs sport patterned upholstery cushions, and the backs are covered in a coordinating solid. Books and samples can quickly be stowed in cabinets when guests come over. This crisp green dining room feels airy and open even though the space is small.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows also help this space feel lofty and light. A wall of library shelves in this dining room enhances the cozy feel and offers homeowners the option of converting the space into an . It not only adds seating, but the space beneath the seat can also be used for storage. Using the same upholstery fabric helps tie together the mixed seating in this space. The graphic green upholstered chairs play off of the distinctive orange-and-gold wallpaper. Gilded accents pick up the metallics in the pattern of the paper. Luxurious curtains hung near the ceiling give grand scale to this dining room. This mostly neutral dining room is anything but boring. A variety of linens and rich browns punctuated by small colorful accents gives a warm and inviting look to the room. Lots of natural light keeps the dark brown walls from visually closing in the space. Instead of a more expensive chandelier, a paper lantern glows over the table in this dining room.

These painted chairs are paired with a round mahogany dining table. The mix of finishes on the room’s various furnishings provides a collected, casual appeal. This room highlights the homeowner’s preference for symmetry and clean lines. A new built-in china cabinet looks original to the circa-1920s house. The white oak plank flooring with a limed finish in this coastal cottage dining room is perfect for disguising sand tracked in from the beach. A clear wax on top keeps it sealed and hardy.

The wall color in this dining room was custom mixed to match the blue undertones of curtains in the adjoining living room. The jazzy zebra upholstery on these dining chairs keeps the otherwise subdued room from feeling stuffy. Antique iron chairs surround a rustic table in this dining room. These vintage items lend stylish history to the newly constructed space. They make fantastic conversation pieces when you entertain. A portrait of the homeowner’s late mother, who taught her how to entertain, properly presides over this elegant dining room. To keep things intimate, your table shouldn’t exceed 40-inches in diameter. This round table is surrounded by an eclectic collection of hole-caned chairs. This center entry hall also functions as the dining room. Built-in seating adds storage, and a narrow table ensures free traffic flow behind dining chairs. The built-in bench and wall of windows make this small space seem much larger. Two vintage light fixtures hung with nautical rope instead of standard chains illuminate the space. The stark white of this mantel pops against the gray-brown of the walls and allows each feature to maintain its importance.

Rows of books in built-in shelves make a beautiful patterned backdrop for the dining table in this space. These shelves were crafted from gypsum drywall, instead of wood, for a more modern profile. This dining table is centered in front of a large back wall of windows, and the space is softened with simple curtains. This homeowner wanted a modern contrast, so he had the flea market find barrel chairs commercially sprayed in a light driftwood color. The color contrasts against the dark oak of his great-grandfather’s dining table and sideboard. A leopard print rug is very forgiving in this family space. Spills are camouflaged in the spotted pattern. Mixing high-back upholstered seating with low, slipcovered chairs avoids the predictable formula of a table with matching chairs in this room. The wood floors in this dining room were salvaged from a local factory. This dining room picks up the personality of seasonal florals and accents. This rectangular rug is large enough that all four legs of pulled-back chairs remain on the rug. This dining and living room are adjoined by a large cased opening. A shell-encrusted china cabinet is the star of this dining space, and other neutral furnishings don’t compete for attention. Curtain panels transverse an entire wall in this dining room. The sheer fabric still allows natural light to filter into the space. Modern black dining chairs sit alongside traditional armchairs in this eclectic yet elegant dining space. A standard chandelier would overwhelm this laid-back space, but a wrought-iron lantern fixture is just right. The various colors of the brick flooring inspired the color scheme in this dining space. The collection of 10 colorful plates acts as artwork in this dining room.

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This conservatory is part dining room part greenhouse. The open and airy space boasts spectacular views and plenty of natural light. A metallic wallpaper acts as a neutral while still giving a glow to this space. A collection of blue and green dishware pops against the cool grays and whites of this space. A large rustic chandelier fits both the personality and size of this lofty dining space. These red chairs are finished with a semi-opaque stain that still allows the character of the wood to show through. These monogrammed covers can easily be tossed in the wash in case of spills. An awkward corner becomes a built-in buffet or bar in this dining room. This dining room is completely finished with wood. A warm wood ceiling and floor treatment paired with painted wood walls adds vintage character to the space. It's the secret to classic style that's not overdone. They're excellent for seating many people while also leaving serving plates and dishes fairly accessible. Additionally, because the legs of the table are on the ends, there's plenty of room to stretch out. Order now and we'll deliver when available. Restaurant seating layouts must meet government regulations, accommodate the proper capacity, and work with your floor plan. Local code requirements could determine how much square footage you need per customer, as well as aisle width. Contact your local fire department or other government agency to inquire about these measurements. Their decision will be influenced by the number and size of exits available at your venue. Once you've reviewed any regulations, you can decide how many square feet you want to allot per customer. Available space in your restaurant seating layout determines the comfort of your guests. However, you might want to create wider aisles to accommodate wheelchairs. Fine dining restaurants need to allow adequate room for meal carts for tableside service. Meanwhile, family-style restaurants may use bussing carts to clear tables. Both need enough space to easily maneuver around the dining room. Fine dining guests expect to have a high-quality dining experience, from food to furniture. Regardless of your dining atmosphere, do not sacrifice quality.

Your furniture is an investment; therefore, you should avoid buying non-commercial furniture. The price of commercial restaurant furniture reflects its ability to handle everyday wear and tear for years. For quality sanitation, purchase tables, chairs, and booths that can be easily wiped down and cleaned. Plus, all fabric furniture should be stain resistant and colorfast. Don't forget to consider materials and fabric patterns that will complement your decor and desired environment. However, for cafeterias or fast casual venues, you'll need to consider tray size. Anchored seating refers to any furniture attached to the wall or floor. Booths are the most popular type of anchored seating. Commonly referred to as "floating tables," portable tables and chairs can be placed anywhere. These seats are typically seen in the middle of dining rooms, away from walls or other structures. This can be accomplished through both styles of furniture depending on table height. As you try different seats, you may notice a direct view into the kitchen, poor restaurant lighting, or a draft from the front door.

Dining Room Sets

Lighting in your restaurant can add to the ambiance of your dining room or ruin the experience completely for your customer. But why is restaurant lighting so important?

and what are the latest technologies to help make lighting your restaurant easy?

Each type serves a different purpose and can be achieved through different lighting pieces. Below, we describe each type and explain its function. A successful kitchen includes specific components organized in a particular pattern to optimize performance and efficiency. But studies have shown that the right music actually increases sales and induces positive emotions in customers. On the other hand, picture yourself walking into a rustic and bright coffee shop playing instrumental guitar – a pleasing, fitting sound for the cafe. While some people might be more perceptive to music than others, many guests will notice if it’s distractingly loud or incompatible with your ambiance. So what is the best music for your restaurant?

This tea is a gourmet yunnan-style tea, made using the golden tips of the tea leaves. Over the years we have expanded our selection of wholesale supplies and commercial equipment to include healthcare, educational, and hotel supplies. Our focus is your convenience – order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pardon us, we're having some trouble finding this page. Here’s how to ensure you choose the right ones. When choosing a dining chair, counter or bar-height stool for your space, it is the seating height—not overall height—that is the most important factor in determining the right fit. For proper leg clearance and ergonomic comfort, the general rule of thumb is to pick a chair or stool with a seat height that is roughly 12 inches below the table/counter/bar surface. Countertops tend to be about 36 inches tall, which translates into a counterstool with a seating height of about 24 to 26 inches. For bar or table surfaces that stand 40-42 inches tall, stools with seat heights from 28-30 inches are recommended. Ideally, you want diners to have adequate elbow and breathing room around a dining table or along a bar.

For this, you should figure one chair or stool for every 24 inches or so of table or counter surface. Or you can forgo the guessing game once again, and incorporate a dining bench to run the length of a table. The decision to choose arms or not is primarily an aesthetic one. At a linear dining table, it is traditional to have armchairs at the heads of the table with armless side chairs along the sides. But really there are no rules these days. While also an aesthetic consideration (blocking your view or enhancing it?), a back on a chair or stool provides extra support and security. This is important if you want to encourage laid-back lingering and conversation before, during and/or after a meal.

Once you’ve figured out how you want your seating to function, that’s when the real fun begins. Do you want your chairs or stools to blend in or stand out?

Made of solid wood it features a metal bar on the bottom that gives stability to the product and can be used as a footrest. Crafted from metal, both the table and barstools feature tapered legs and bamboo tops, as well as footrests for comfort. Each stool has a low, open back for an updated look. Clean-lined and classic, it is crafted of solid acacia wood and finished in wire brush for a natural look.

60 Great Bar Stool Ideas How To Pick The Perfect

In addition, the base of the table features a streamlined foot bar so you can unwind while you sip your morning coffee. Once you've pulled up a few coordinating stools this piece is ready to entertain!

Framed by decent bamboo, the table embellishes your dining corner with a tender touch.

You can choose table finish as natural, archaize or walnut to further match your decor. With seat and back coated by bonded leather, the chairs guarantee you a soft and cozy seating when having meals and drinks. Long, narrow and standing at the preferred counter height, this table boasts a distressed walnut-finished wood table top and a copper brown metallic base. Pull up 2 complementing chrome stools for a cohesive look, or let it stand alone for guests to learn and chat at your next soiree. Its open base brings breezy flair to any space, while its brown finish blends effortlessly into both monochromatic or vibrant palettes. Play up this table's versatility by adding it to a crisp contemporary den alongside a pair of leather-upholstered bar stools for a sophisticated ensemble. Complete with 2 bar stools and a table, this set is ideal for that empty space in your home. This set is perfect for everyday meals and romantic dinners for two. Brimming with upscale contemporary appeal, this one pairs a round beveled glass top with an adjustable metal pedestal base. Keep it simple with a few low-back bar stools and a bowl pendant overhead to craft a sleek spot to chat with friends at your next festive gathering. Featuring a round panel tabletop sturdily held up by a chrome post and round base.

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Take this one for example: brimming with contemporary style, it showcases a clean-lined silhouette with rectangular legs and a straight stretcher made from stainless steel. Up top, the manufactured wood tabletop boasts a crisp white coloring. Framed with a hand patina gun metal finished frame, you won't be able to resist this collection. The small circular table top is made of glass and the base of the table from chrome, creating an airy piece that looks like it doesn't take up much space. Pair this table with upholstered bar stools for a stylish and modern bar height bar set. It provides seating for up to 6 people, making it a versatile option that can accommodate both your family and guests. Enjoy cozy, intimate dinners and gatherings around this dining table. You’re sure to love the unique way it dresses up your home. Boasting a plank-style, wood-panel tabletop, this rectangular table sits atop a sturdy metal frame and comfortably seating up to four guests. Including one table and two chairs, this set is ideal for any home, no matter the size. Perfect use as your main dining table for smaller spaces, or as extra seats and serving space for larger homes, you will be over the moon about this set. Crafted of metal in a glossy powder-coated finish, this set includes one pub table and two backless stools.