It also creates smoothly radiused shoulders on the ends of the wood to provide a nice transition from the tenon to the body of the wood leg or stick. The book focuses on 'staked ' which is basically a stake (eg; leg) that penetrates a block (top) of wood.

Rustic Furniture Tenon Cutter Furniture

The key to this is a round tenon on the end of the stake that passes through the top.

I plan on making this type of in the near future. The cutter comes with an instruction manual as well as a shim and rare earth magnet, which assist in making small adjustments to obtain your desired tenon diameter.

I didn't expect that a cutter to make a simple tenon on the end of a stick would come with 7 pages of instruction!

It is very well written with numerous tables and illustrations. The body has a built-in honing guide for easy sharpening of blades on a drill-press mounted drum sander and the blade is adjustable to cut the exact size of tenon required. The blade can be adjusted slightly using the over-sized adjustment screws. The large screw with the brass ring is a locking screw and the smaller screw on the side is for fine side-to-side adjustment to change the depth of cut. Finally, if the cutter is backed off all the way and is still cutting a tenon that is slightly too narrow, you can use the included brass shim shown in an earlier picture. A piece of this shim can be inserted behind the blade near the locking screw.

So, how does the tenon cutter work in practice?

Since the workpiece must be rigidly clamped in line with the equally rigid axis of the drill-press chuck, any misalignment or movement can create high side loads on the tenon cutter, which could cause the shank to fail.

You can make minute alignment adjustments with a hand-held drill which eliminates this problem.

I beveled the end slightly so it would start into the cutter easily. To align the cutter with the workpiece there is a built in level.

You also make sure the cutter is square left to right by eye. You'll be surprised how vibration-free the cutter cuts and how easily it cuts the wood. The mass of the cutter really reduces any vibrations and it throws a lot of chips but with very little to no resistance. As you can see, even in this soft piece of wood, the cutter creates a very smooth tenon with no tear-out on the end grain. The shoulders are well rounded and there is a smooth transition from the tenon through the shoulder and the body of the workpiece.

I clamped this piece to the workbench and attacked it with the tenon cutter. Unfortunately, this was because the diameter of the stick wasn't as large as it could have been. The resulting tenon wasn't as distinctive as it could have been for illustrating purposes but it demonstrates that the cutter would be excellent for cutting tenons for making rustic furniture. The mass of the cutter reduces overall vibrations to a minimum and the built-in level makes the cutter very easy to align and use. This high quality, made-to-last kit comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about rustic country decor ?

The most common rustic country decor material is wood. Three ways to make beautiful, shapely, smooth tenons!

Using the draw-knife, especially when you’re carving away a lot of wood, can pull on the log in various directions with a lot of force. It’s the fastest and safest way to secure your large logs. Beds are one of the most popular items and every piece in a bed is probably too big for your lathe. That’s one example of where this clamp will come in handy. Even if you insist on using a tenon cutter, the log clamp still serves the same purpose. When carving a tenon, this is especially annoying because of how many time you must do it!

Rustic country decor

Tenon Cutter Tool Review

Lathe is faster because all you have to do is unlock the armature, spin the log, and re-lock the armature. Also, if you’re working with a lot that has a lot of twists or turns to it, all that shape might keep it from fitting on there as well. Carving it with the draw-knife gives you perfect shape every time and leaves you with a smooth bevel that’s easy to sand.

I say, “replicate” because it’s cheating, really. Size and shape of the log will determine whether or not you can spin your tenon. If the log is lop-sided, it has a tendency to vibrate out of control and possibly fly off the lathe.

You can control this a little by slowing the speed of the lathe, but that’ll only help so much. Obviously size is an issue as well – your lathe is only so long. These tenon cutters can make tenons from 1” to 2-1/2” (mfg. Use with any 1/2 inch chuck drill…even a battery pack, cordless drill. Use on logs up to 4-1/2″ diameter…larger will need to be resized with drawknife, table bandsaw or some such to get under the 4-1/2″ max. Replacement blades available…however the 45 and the 90 take different blades. There is a 45 degree countersink available which helps to ‘bury’ the shoulders into the mortise (hole) for a different look. This is a great starter tenon cutter and you may find it’s all you really need. It’s not as fast as the 60 degree bell shaped (look like a big pencil sharpener), however it’s plenty good until you get a backlog of orders. There is no need to purchase several different sized tenon cutters. There are two major benefits to using our tenon cutters.

You can't always go by the rings in the grain. They actually have three catalogues you can order for free - one for hardware (amazing selection), one for gardening stuff (mostly yuppie stuff, but some useful items), and one for woodworkings tools.

Tool Review

The woodworking one has an awesome selection of hand tools and all three catalogues are color and fun to drool over if you enjoy looking at hand planes, wonderful saws, etc. Agree with checking with woodworking tool suppliers.

You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the other types of merchandise they offer as well. Sometimes tendon cutters show up a flea markets and once in a while at yard sales and estates. Most people don't know what they are, so sometimes the prices can be quite reasonable. However, that requires skill because the fit is critical for a good joint. But, it doens't take long to learn it, with a little practice and some good lathe tool. Open end wrenches make good gauges to help with the fit. And, what is the volume that you plan do do?

It will be the most economical choice over the long haul. Rough out first with a hatchet or small axe.

Gee, be glad you can't go too their store!

You can cut a square or triangular one with a hand saw, you can cut a mortise with a chisel.

I think having a hand-hewn bevel would look more rustic than a machined bevel anyhow.

I realize that you do have to make joints. For what you want to do, the tenon cutter will be much faster than anything else. Mortising by hand takes time, as well as cutting tenons by hand.

That is why all the large makers of rustic furniture use a (circular) tenon cutter of some sort, it is quick, and morticing can be done with a regular spade or auger bit.

We have not used this product as of date but. It looks as though you are purchasing 3 cutters and in the product description it does not state there are not 3. Make sure you have a drill with some power. Veritas cutters run true compared to other brands price is also the best.

I would recommend these cutters to anyone who wants to build his own log furniture or bed frames.

I hadn't used logs as building materials until now and these tools made it a great thing to work with.

I purchased two cutters and will be purchasing others. Have the right drill speed and right size wood to start. Cutters are offered in eight different cutting diameters ranging from 5/8″ to 2″. The anodized cutter body has a built-in honing guide that makes sharpening easy. The blade is adjustable and will cut the exact size of tenon in dry or green wood. For the large cutter, you may require a drill with substantial torque.

These are also high quality tenon cutters made to be used on a high-torque 1/2″ (or larger) electric drill or drill press. Wood rests inside a guide that centers the tenon keeping the tenon to a uniform diameter, and a base for clamping the tenon maker to a workbench providing a secure, vibration free unit. There are 4 wood guides available for this unit and they are easily changed for making different sized tenons. Build your own log furniture, log handrailing, log fences and more. Also works great for holding irregular shapes. Strong nitrile magnets attach to any steel vise jaw.

Tenon Cutter Tool Review