Modern Rustic Mountain Resort By Acm Design Architects

Modern Rustic Mountain Resort By Acm Design Architects
We proudly present this gallery, highlighting a sumptuous  mountain resort by ACM Design Architects.

Modern Rustic Mountain R
This grand renovation offered an opportunity to flaunt some of the world’s finest granite and stone, as well as custom cabinetry, wood and glass folding doors that open the interior to the environment, and a whole host of inspiringly novel touches. Keep an eye out for details like a wall-mounted aquarium, full wine cellar, and ultra-plush bathroom appointments. This mountain retreat stands in a class of its own.

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The Entire Estate Is Wrapped In Immaculate Landscaping, Utilizing Large Stone Pieces And The Natural Topography
The grand entrance makes use of stone and natural wood exposed beams for a bold, greeting to those entering the home. From the drive, the interior is made private via obscured windows and shading.