A little family corner is a great thing to add to any living room farmhouse styled or not.

Farmers needed places to live and farmhouses reflected the the land, building material and goods in the rural area.

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The Ultimate Guide To Farmhouse Style

I love the house but am having trouble figuring out the best way to decorate my living and dining room. Isn’t it great that each of us can have our own style whatever that style is and yet admire and appreciate the talent of others who can put together looks that we could or never would do?

Gram would have enjoyed hearing the term ‘farmhouse decorating’ but would be surprised at what she saw. From the authentic decorative touches of beautiful touches to the views from both your front and back porches of the amazing farmlands of corn. I abhor painted wood with a passion but like everything else about farmhouse style.

An open layout where the kitchen, living room, and dining space are all one, allows for a unified space (and large family gatherings) with seamless transitions. Blend chair styles at the dining : a wingback at the head, bench in the middle, and a couple of bistro chairs to round it out. Turn a grain bin into a coffee table and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous focal point of the room. Continue the tradition of the original farmhouse style by creating an outdoor living space on your porch, stoop or patio. Any suggestions for what to do with my oak, rectangular dining table would be greatly appreciated!

My parents and most of my relatives all had a big garden so there was always something fresh or canned to enjoy.

They used galvanized tubs and although their painted shutters and window were pristine, over time these authentic pieces that can still be found, have taken on the patina of years!

I strive to be positive and purposeful… living large and loving all those who cross my path.

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