But never fear, even if you rent, you can still give your bedroom walls a touch of flair.

And there’s no need to cover all four walls with wallpaper, although that’s certainly a cozy look. And by adding in some contemporary – even edgy — colorful touches, the whole vibe moves into teen territory. The coarsely woven wool rug, headboard made from repurposed, rough wooden boards and the aged brick wall shown here would work in many rustic themes. Just one accent wall at the head of the bed is enough to transform your room from brand new to well loved. A polished concrete floor, white rendered wall with simple fireplace and soft colour palette add a modern twist to this traditional house. Exposing the beauty of natural materials is important in creating a successful modern rustic interior.

Had the floor been given a rustic appearance, this interior wouldn’t have worked as a modern rustic example as the bias would have been to one style. That is my favorite style lately…as an interior designer/textile designer my styles change frequently. These elements either fit effortlessly into the rooms, such as the fireplaces and high ceilings, or break up the room and draw attention, like the beams and staircases. Consider finding a way to incorporate reclaimed barn wood (or driftwood, or similar) into your space. Canadian gray granite covers the entire building to symbolize this idea of protection with the exception of the walls where the volume is subtracted by the grey-plaster made patios. Lighting systems are developed with three core values in mind: beauty, originality and quality. These locations also contain some of the key elements used to achieve this style of design including exposed bricks and pipes, concrete flooring, and large open windows. Large open windows also help bring natural light into the space which can be very beneficial for smaller spaces. Exposed overhead beams, brick and concrete are notable accents to the kitchen along with darker cabinets and shelving.

Wood tends to darken things up but if you have high ceilings, lots of windows and possibly indirect lighting in parts of the room, you’ll have a beautiful look without being gloomy.

Rustic wall style

The Ultimate Guide To Rustic Style

And it’s that emphasis on natural materials that brings so much tranquility to any rustic decorating style.

Instead, choose a contemporary paper that hangs easily and removes with little more than a tug and a scrape.

But every rule in interior design was meant to be broken, other than the rule to do what you love.

The room shown here is a wonderful example: the rolling distressed wood barn door, wide-plank wooden flooring and rustic nightstand and bed frame set the tone.

The answer is wallpaper – but not yesterday’s wallpaper, with fussy florals and impossible-to-remove glue.

Waterside looks easier to achieve if you live in an all white apartment with hardwood floors.

This adds to the relaxed feel of the room and bringing the rustic and modern elements together. Materials that are aged or weathered showing natural flaws can look particularly characterful. In the living room above, the colour palette used is very light and soft, there are no window dressings and the beams have been white washed. These textures are typical of old hand built country homes, as stone and wood were readily available building materials.

You could keep a basket of logs on the fireplace hearth, or baskets of small miscellany on the shelves, or even a basket on the coffee to hide the remote controls.

Woven blankets in a southwestern pattern, for example, would look great folded and stacked neatly on a wooden shelf. We scour the globe to find exceptional, quality objects for every single aspect of your life.

I do love brightly-colored or wallpapered walls, they just don’t belong in a rustic modern interior. These simple colors allow for the use of and other accessories to help liven up the room. A kitchen island can also contribute in separating a big room and providing a defined kitchen area. A balance of whites and light neutrals on the walls, window coverings, and upholstery to brighten a room full of wood. The rustic theme is a reflection of that shift in attitude, not necessarily just a shift in style.

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