They portray an enduring charm and timeless character in a way that shiny new things cannot.

This adds to the appeal factor and allows the enjoyment of self – expression that you don’t feel when buying off the shelf. We build custom designed furniture according to your specifications, and we also have a ready – to – buy range of beautiful, unique and eco-friendly furniture made out of pallet wood. Please note that we use pallet wood, so the finishes are never perfectly smooth yet more rustic. European palettes for our creations, which are made from sustainably-sourced yellow pine and oak.

Furniture decorating

This Side Up

Some of our pieces celebrate the rough, edgy character of the material, while others are crafted with softer urban industrial accents. Thoughtful craftspeople can use this rescued wood to build functional objects in a broad range of styles to suit any interior decorating theme.

When we are working with rough uneven boards we allow our designs to have an organic rather than regimental feel and this is portrayed in each finished piece.

In the interior decorating space we are all witnessing an increasing trend away from mass produced furniture towards artisanal handmade furniture.

The possibilities are endless and we are equipped with the finest tools to build absolutely anything to your hearts content. This not only adds to the rustic look and feel of our builds, but, is also friendly to the environment.