We have seen it built into a sofa at one point, so that’s possible too – and that might actually work for a house on wheels!

People get surprised everytime, when they see how long this tiny console table actually gets. We have written a separate post about it here with many more details on the design and durability. The convertible desk measures 22″ (width) x 36″ (depth) x 58″ (height) and folds away to 22 (width) x 6″ (depth) x 58″ (height) when closed as a cabinet on the wall. It features configurable shelves for shampoos and soaps, a hanging rack for towels, and also holders for razors. The shelf is nicely finished in a faux slate style, with the rest of the cabinet featuring a soft white finish.

It also has a split design that means it can provide two different positions at the same time. By taking some of these furniture concepts and making them your own, you too can have a brilliantly designed tiny house. The bottom row of storage cubbies under the stairs would go all the way to the wall for the same reason… no wheel wells to hide. Lengthwise it’s fantastic but it is so narrow it makes sleeping through the night a bit challenging.

Cabinet shelves design

Tiny House Furniture

Today we’re looking back at the highlights from the show, and looking forward to future intelligently designed spaces!

Though few of us actually live in tiny houses, the tiny house furniture ideas are always good inspiration for small apartments and cabins. Furnishing is always important in a confined space like studio apartments and cabins, and these next pieces of furniture will make your small house a little smarter, as well as save you lots of space, to give your more possibilities with the opportunity to have open space.

It is totally possible to have a dog in a tiny house, in fact we filmed a tiny house with a cute dog (skip to 1 min. It’s a great way to hide the bed during the day, and adding that extra level to part of the house can create a very cozy atmosphere.

The cabinet has two adjustable shelves, two stationary shelves, three bill organizers, and even a cork-board. The cabinet has a large storage capacity that includes 6 adjustable shelves, and 2 fixed shelves.

It’s the perfect space saving solution too, as the shelf doesn’t require one large piece of wall space.

This modern convertible futon easily adjusts from sitting position, to a slightly reclined lounging position, and then to a fully reclined sleeping position. When deciding on which dining option to go with, assess how many people eat at the table regularly and how much space each person will need. One would be include extra 12 inch deep storage cabinets on the floor under the dining/work tables since there would be no wheel wells there.

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a question worthy of an unruly hike to the peak of a mountain upon which a wise old man sits dispensing seemingly perfect wisdom. The space will continue to evolve and we’ll continue to challenge our design but that’s part of the fun of living in a tiny space.

Source: www.hgtv.com/design-blog/shows/tiny-luxury-living-large-in-a-tiny-home