Skillfully crafted with clean lines, beautiful curves, comfortable padded cushion, this set is a fusion of modern and classic style. It features tight back and loose seat cushion and is covered in pattern fabric.

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With rolled armrest, nailhead wood trim with contrast hand brush and pocket coil seating, it achieves a fresh contemporary look while provides ultimate coziness. Plastic is for making garbage bags, not furniture. But apparently enough other people think otherwise to make the production of plastic furniture trim profitable. This article will review some of the plastic products currently on the market, how they are made and how to separate genuine wood trim from mold-cast plastics.

Of course the folks who make these new pieces never use the word plastic. The new plastic trim includes just about every style, type of wood and purpose imaginable. And all the new pieces are exact copies of old originals.

You cannot detect the new pieces by touch. If you touch the new pieces you will feel the identical grain pattern of the old. Most new plastic pieces come already finished.

Solvent based stains can damage the plastic but water based stains can easily be used to match new pieces to an old finish. Begin your examination by trying to look at the back side. As a general rule, an authentic piece of carved wood trim would show the same pattern of grain on the back as the front. If the front and back surfaces of a piece are different, be suspicious. Inspecting the back side is not always possible so you have to use other tests. These tests in most cases will affect less than 1/8 to 1/4 of a square inch. And they can almost always be done in hidden areas that will never show. The simplest test is to press your thumb nail into the suspected surface. In virtually all woods used in furniture making-oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany-your thumb nail will produce a dent. Most new plastic trim cannot be dented with a thumb nail. The advantage of this test is that you can perform the test quickly and inconspicuously. The disadvantage is that some people don't have the necessary strength. Your thumb nail also needs to be short or you will split it. The next best test, which requires permission, is to scrape an exposed edge with a sharp blade. Real wood usually cuts off in a curl or single sliver, will have a uniformly dull look under the finish and will have the same grain pattern as the top surface. Under the surface, there is no grain pattern in plastic trim. A third test is to swab acetone on the suspected piece. Use a cotton swab and 100 acetone; fingernail polish remover that includes acetone will work but takes much longer. Acetone rapidly removes the finish color on most all of the new pieces and exposes the light colored plastic below. Keep in mind that the tests discussed in this article are for helping separate cast plastic trim from carved wood trim. Some genuinely old trim is made by molding a mixture of sawdust with glue. As a general rule, vintage glue and sawdust pieces assume the color of the sawdust. Pieces made with walnut sawdust, for example, are dark brown before a finish is applied. That is to say pieces of trim on walnut furniture would logically be made from walnut sawdust.

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If the surface of any suspect trim is scratched and reveals any other color than dark brown, that could be a clue that a cast plastic substiture has been used. One final test for glue and sawdust pieces is whether the suspect piece is solid or hollow. Plastic is cast in twopiece molds and is almost always solid in cross section. Larges pieces of vintage glue and sawdust trim were generally made in one piece press molds and are hollow in cross section, not solid. The 3 1/2 x 5 1/4" cast plastic figure above is an almost perfect imitaion of carved solid oak. This and many other trim pieces appear so genuine, they are seldom if ever suspected as new additions. Typical flat-backed cast plastic piece, 9"h x 9" w x 1 3/ 4" front to back. Every feature of the original is captured in the new piece including chisel marks, grain pitting. The reverse side of the new piece is a plain plastic surface. The seam line was copied when a mold was made from the two-piece original. The finish has been removed to show the pits and waves in the grain. A new plastic trim piece made for a combination secretary-china cabinet, 17x9 inches. The original trim was made of two separate pieces: the back scroll-work layer was pressed; the top layer with the dragon face was carved. The new plastic trim is cast as a single piece. The new cherub medallion above copies an original made with glue and sawdust. The surface of such orignals are slightly rough and pitted. Originally a two-piece assembly held together with dowels. All features in the original piece will be copied into the new plastic. One quart typically covers two standard-sized doors, 150 feet of trim or up to 50 feet of banister.

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Available options are listed from least shiny to most shiny. Durable finish means it will stand the test of time so you can enjoy it!

Wipe away dirt, grime and finger prints with ease. Do not paint vinyl with colors darker than the original color; it may warp. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Scrub heavy chalk exterior areas and overhead areas such as eaves with soap and water. Rinse surfaces clean with water and allow to dry for 24 hours. Surfaces in good condition generally may be done with one coat. Moisture pressure forces the paint away from the surface. Sources of excess moisture in the wood must be eliminated prior to repainting to obtain normal service life of these paints. Old, unsound multiple coat paint systems may be subject to peeling when repainted due to the added weight and stress created by the paint layers.

In such cases, all old paint layers must be removed back to the bare wood before repainting. If any separation is present gently stir until mixed back in. Apply by a premium quality china bristle brush or nylon/polyester blend brush. An ultra smooth high density foam mini-roller or premium microfiber mini-roller may also be used, however, brushing is the preferred method of application. Dip brush into the quart can and begin brushing. Brush until paint finish is smooth and even.

When applying by roller, roll onto surface. Keep rolling until paint spreads out smooth and evenly. Provide good ventilation and warmth for normal drying. Low temperature, high humidity, thick films or poor ventilation will increase these times. Furniture or shelving may be put into use seventy-two hours after final coat. Doors or cabinets may be closed twenty-four hours after final coat.

We have always been pleased with the paint color we chose.

We offer an assortment of wall plates in styles and finishes that coordinate with cabinet hardware and bath accessories from some of our most popular collections. Amerock offers a complete line of decorative and functional cabinet hardware, bath hardware, hook and rail and wall plates. If you'd like to get the additional items you've selected to qualify for this offer, close this window and add these items to your cart. Please enter a number less than or equal to 9. Our knowledgeable customer service team stands ready to assist you in your selection of hardware and to handle all aspects of your order. The last photo in the set is of the back side, the others are all the front side.

This locks them securely in place when used. If you have a project going and you need that different look, this would help make it look great. There are screws added to hold the sides as shown. Each panel is nicely carved from oak with good detail and finished to a warm medium color. Dimensions: each panel is 16" tall, 13" wide and 1" thick. This crest is made from solid oak finished to a warm dark color. Overall the crest is in good antique condition with minor nicks and scratches. Note that there are large cracks in the crest (see photos). This is a lot of 4 antique castors which were salvaged from an early 1900's vanity. All wheels appear to be oak, and are in great condition - all are nearly perfectly round. It is nicely carved with good detail and finished to a warm dark color. It is in very good antique condition with only the usual small amount of nicks and scratches. It is solid oak stained to a warm dark color. The carving is very deep and three dimensional: notice the fine detail in the figure. It is in very good antique condition with only minor nick and scratches. Note that there is a slight bow in the panel (see photos). Each panel is carved from oak with good detail and finished to a warm medium color. They are in very good antique condition with only minor nicks and scratches. It is made out of solid oak and finished to a warm dark color.

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They were most likely part of interior decoration in a church. They are made out of solid oak and finished to a warm medium color. These panels are in good antique condition with only a few minor nicks and scratches. It was originally the crown on a large buffet. This crest is made from solid oak wood finished to a warm medium color. Overall the crest is in very good antique condition with only minor nicks and scratches consistent with its age. Note that there is a piece missing from the top (see photos). They are made from solid oak and finished to a warm dark color. These doors would make excellent pantry or closet doors. They are in very good antique condition with various minor nicks and scratches consistent with their 100 years of existence. Note that there is a small hole in one of the doors (see photos). It was most likely part of interior decoration in a church. It is made out of solid oak and finished to a warm medium color. The details are hand carved and well crafted. This panel is in good antique condition with only minor nicks and scratches. There are hinges attached to the top which could be removed if needed.

I have several more pieces like this for sale. Multiple wood types, including oak, walnut, and probably others. Split is cosmetic only, could be filled and colored if needed. Each panel is nicely carved out of oak with beautiful detail and finished very dark. There is a little roughness at the outside edge of one as you can see in the pictures. It is a fairly heavy piece, weight unkown. Wear consistent with age but overall good vintage condition.

We are currently cleaning out our warehouse and making room for new products. They are in very good condition-straight and solid and with the usual amount of nicks and scratches from their 100 years of existence. Note that there is a small chip at the bottom of one of the pieces (see photo).

It is made of solid oak and finished to a warm dark color. The two doors fit well in the frame and open and close as they should. The doors stay closed with latches and lock that works with a key. Overall this set is in very good antique condition with only minor nicks and scratches. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. Your website is user friendly, your prices right, and everything went without a hitch. Tell us your questions, concerns, complaints, or other general feedback.

I just lucked into a quantity of elmer's wood filler and could hardly wait home to try it on several projects.

I rolled some into a ball to get the cracks and crevices out so they don;t show on the mold and it was too stick to work with.

I have used the filler in a similar fashion on other projects with mixed results. Adhesion is another challenge on a flat surface. It's easy to knock loose if you are too rough with it.

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I did wonder if cold weather slows down the drying. Even when set next to the heater to dry, a piece in a 1" square mold was nowhere near dry after 24 hours. How easy was it to shape the dried filler with the dremel tool?

My biggest concern was applying too much pressure and breaking the filler free from the surface and having to start over. Just go slowly, using the dremel a little at a time. It will work really well as it will let you sand in the tight areas.

I have done another similar project recently. This project was missing sections of detail. However, on the other side of the piece were the same shapes.

I pressed modeling clay against it to make an impression and then poured resin in the impression to make a duplicate piece of carving. If you decide to give the boxes a try with the filler please tack a photo on here to let us see how it goes. Factory direct sale with excellent quality, reasonable price and first-class service. All products can be painted in a variety of fashion colors as your requests. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our products are widely used in furniture, kitchen cupboards, construction decoration and customized furniture products etc. Please be aware that our production lead times depend on specific items and item quantities. About 16% of these are living room , 10% are mouldings, and 7% are living room cabinets. A wide variety of antique wood trim options are available to you, such as wood, glass, and hdf and mdf.

I decided it was time to re-finish the piece. The nightstand had been painted multiple times and needed some paint stripping.

I would try to get the paint off it would gouge the trim.

I had two options: try and repair the damage or replace the trim with new trim that wasn’t caked with 40 years of paint. Gather your trim that works best for your furniture. Place the trim inside the drawer front to check for accurate fit. Then apply a small bead of wood glue to the back of each piece of trim, place it on the drawer fronts and clamp it into place. Once the glue has cured completely it’s time to paint!

If you’re looking to add a little fun to your furniture, try painting the sides of the drawer the same color as your wall.

The nightstand is a perfect accent to our little girl’s shabby chic nursery!

However the bottom handle is upside down, it’s a common mistake with that style for some strange reason.

We slowly transitioned out of building furniture and into supplying hardware for other builders. Wood appliques are glued and sometimes nailed to furniture, cabinets and desks as added decoration.

We understand that you may not need enough hardware to qualify for free freight, but we cannot handle a smaller order, pay shipping and handling and break even.

We guarantee the quality of our products.

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Lawless has a large brick and mortar operation. This is no fly by night drop shipping operation. Like all small towns, we appreciate all our local industries, but are always actively seeking growth. So, if you or your company is considering new site locations, please check us out. Environment protection : using polyester as raw material to avoid lumbering. Using snail guy or steel snail to fasten the cornice and then fill the holes with plaster. If you need more information, please . If you have a need, then wecan provide the customer contact information to you. About 1% of these are tassel fringe, 1% are flooring accessories. A wide variety of antique furniture trim options are available to you, such as edge banding, fringe. If you look at the top large drawer on the left you will notice a strip of the decorative trim is missing. It will continue to harden so if you leave it overnight, that would be the best option. Below are two of my molds after being removed from the oven.

I only left it in the mold for a few minutes and then pulled it out and let it set overnight.

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I sanded the edges of the new pieces and glued them to the dresser. This worked, so no need for me to try my ideas.

You said that you made the new molded piece and left it overnight. Did you bake it also, like the mold, first?

There may be other products available in your area as well. Internet for someone to show me how to do this!

Ready to tackle my recent thrift store find with the same problem.

We do not manufacture either of these products and cannot determine their outcome.

I have almost the same old cupboard at home.

I am going to try to redecorate it like yours. The trim piece is very similar to the trim piece you replaced.

I didn’t want to spend alot of money on a custom replacement piece because the buffet was free.