Folks, when starting a thread, please take a moment and consider which forum that thread belongs in. Due to the growing popularity of the cabins, the business currently has a 9-month waiting list.

Many people view them as adding character to the log, especially since checks are a feature of antique structures. The chairs will get new cushions and matching curtains out of a light blue and antique ivory mattress ticking fabric. Some idea of pricing would encourage people to get in touch if the pricing is not to outrageous.

Cabin antique

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Most people in our area after this happens pressure washes their cabin and put a solid stain on them. Wood shrinks as it loses moisture and the shrinkage is twice as much in width as it does in length. To be on the safe side, always verify with your local zoning and building department that your plans meet their requirements.

The 5 gallon bucket with pull tie garbage bag and disposable diaper is in place beneath it.