We had them remodel an entire upstairs family room. For the past 25 years, we’ve been manufacturing beautiful, custom furniture pieces that are sure to last for decades to come.

The people here are great and drove from all over just to say hi. For example, on the antlers, you won’t see putty marks – they are not rushed. Take a moment and share your stories and photos about you, your family, your neighborhood, your school or your work.

We specialize in using the highest quality new and reclaimed woods in combination with structural and decorative metals to create beautiful pieces of furniture, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Perfect touch to my lodge themed bedroom.

We build our rustic log furniture with the red cedar, white cedar, rough sawn pine, and timber peg. Red cedar is our most popular wood species. Why is it important to use dovetail drawers in furniture making?

The dovetail is one of the strongest joints used in cabinet construction. A series of pins are cut into the end of a piece of wood which interlock with a series of tails cut in the end of another board.

When the drawer is opened, the pressure actually makes the joint tighter. In addition to locking mechanically, the joint creates a very large surface area for gluing. The more glue in a joint, the stronger the joint will be. There is no need to repair or replace furniture with cracks that are caused by checking. Checking does not pass through the heartwood or compromise the structural integrity of the furniture. If you see checking in the logs, your furniture is still as strong and safe as ever.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

The quality and price is some of the best in the midwest. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly, that made it so easy and actually fun.

We got a great buy on a leather sofa and a nice fabric and wood side chair.

I have made several attempts to call, and they keep putting me on hold so they can try to find them, then they hang up on me. The sales people were very knowledgeable. My questions were answered in great detail. Cant say enough good things about this company.

I enjoy the atmosphere there and the sale people are very friendly but the ladies behind the counter were awesome and funny. Good quality furniture with great prices.

We got a bill from the company that sunshine financed through and they charged us 1400!!!

The lady was not helpful at all and told us we would have to deal with the finance company and not them.

I immediately called back, and talked to an intern. He told me the managers leave at 5 pm and there was no one to talk to me until tomorrow. Once this is settled we will never purchase from them again!

Manager came up and said it was missing pieces then went to the warehouse and came back and said never mind “it has all the pieces” then they negotated the price for scratches and being a floor model. She puts me on hold and the store manager answered and we starting talking. Salesperson lied about furniture availability.

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It starts at the top and it rolls down hill. Bought bedroom furniture it was all damaged. Bought a king memory foam lift bed, parts were left at their store.

I was told come into store to resolve problems.

I bought a couch from them recently, and it was delivered damaged (didn’t know at the time).

I have a year warrenty with them, but since they don’t carry that brand, they told me the warrenty was void!

I would deeply consider another place before making a purchase there. What we do is find, preserve, and craft those unique pieces of history into something even better.

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