If a varnish is applied, eventually the wood will get a mold in between the varnish and the wood because the wood is not able to breathe the way it should. Others offer clock kits, as well as pre-assembled accessories like globes, barometers and more. Most people select wooden furniture from craftspeople and artisans who construct and finish the products by hand.

Kit furniture

Unfinished Natural Cedar Log Furniture

If left untreated you will see that white cedar will turn a light silvery grey color after about 3 years outdoors. This stain does not lengthen the lifespan of the wood, but gives it the color your looking for. Some furniture kit manufacturers offer basic designs that you can customize with your choice of seats, cushions, legs and tops.

We suggest all information be verified with the respective kit manufacturer(s) and/or supplier(s) of the product(s) you are actually using or purchasing and assume no liability for the information herein contained. Pine tables, dressers, and chairs contain distinct knots and grooves, lending a unique look that has fragrant scents too.

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