In the summertime, you are just a few footsteps away from a lovely swim in the lake and some sunbathing, or perhaps a rowing trip with some fishing involved during the evening.

For those who are willing to travel about 10-15 minutes drive way; downhill skiing, cross country skiing or ice-skating (if the lake is not fully frozen) are within a short distance. After you resubmit your request to book, you will again be prompted to submit your card statement.

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Unique Cabin On Its Own Peninsula!

In the end, a “cabin” in the glamping world has a single purpose: to provide an exceptional space within a wooden shell that melts effortlessly into its surrounding natural environment.

In the wintertime there are several activities such as ice-skating, sledging or ice-fishing just outside your doorstep. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great but there were enugh things to do in the neighbourhood. If you are keen on heading out to the forest to search for blueberries, lingonberries, cloud berries or chanterelles, they can most likely be found in the late summer months in our surroundings.

We will review your statement within 24 hours and let you know if you’re approved to continue booking. The taught canvas roofing allows the sounds of the wild to seep in and the light of day to cast a warm, golden hue on the cozy and rustic interior.