Fees may apply for written valuations and these will be fully discussed prior to any work commencing. If you have a whole house full or more than 20 items to sell, please call us and we may arrange a no obligation free visit from one of our valuers.

Please phone our office for more information. Gray’s – local experts with a global reach. Get your treasures valued directly through our app. The interior is crisp, clean and move in ready.

Features include a living room, dining room, family room, kitchen and 1/2 bathroom on the first floor. The second level boasts 3 ample sized bedrooms and a full bathroom with classic claw foot tub. The extra large lot has beautiful river views and a fabulous back yard area. As you enter this 3 bedroom 3 full bathroom home you will immediately be impressed by the gleaming wood flooring and vaulted ceilings. The appraiser must not be a party to your donation or have a vested interest in the value of your , nor can the appraiser’s fees be based on the value of your . When you find a promising appraiser, contact the appraiser to schedule the valuation.

The appraisal may not be more than 60 days old when you donate the furniture, so you'll want to have the appraisal done shortly before the donation. If you acquire an appraisal and wait longer than 60 days to make the donation, you’ll need a new appraisal. In most cases, the appraiser will come to the address where the furniture is located to perform the valuation. Make sure you understand exactly what you're paying for, including whether you'll be charged for the appraiser's transportation costs, the official appraisal document or any other charges. Since you can only claim the charitable donation deduction if you itemize your deductions, this may mean that some people making donations may not have to go through the trouble of getting items appraised or documenting their donations, since they'll save more by taking the standard deduction. This may affect your decision on whether to itemize and claim charitable donations. Visit performance for information about the performance numbers displayed above. However, it is best to telephone beforehand to ensure a valuer is in attendance when you arrive, (049) 8550055.

We are also happy to travel to value items in-situ that are being considered for sale by auction. Our expert consultants are also available to offer advice on more specialised collections, whatever they may be. It is important for executors to show that due diligence has been observed and our wide range of knowledge and experience ensures this.

We also offer a secure storage facility for the safekeeping of removable valuables if required. These schedules can be illustrated with images of each item.

You can ascertain the current range of prices for items exchanged at sales and auctions by consulting the price guides available in bookstores or public libraries.

You might also try contacting auction houses or antique dealers and looking in your local yellow pages for appraisers.

We tailor each valuation around the collector and the collection, working with single items through to large multi-category collections. Our scholarship and expertise in the art market allows us to offer the highest possible level of service with the strictest policy of confidentiality for private collections, museums, fiduciaries, and corporations. To learn more about our valuation service and how we can assist you, please download our brochure or directly. Our mission is to help you find the value of your antiques accurately, economically and quickly.

We have appraisers in various fields and multiple disciplines. Her appraisal was both detailed and professional.

I will definitely use this service again and again. Expert appraisers identify and appraise your collectibles and antiques at no cost.

You have a direct line of communication with the auction house or dealer for all sale logistics.

Museum Conservation Institute Artifact Appraisals

Valuation Online Valuations

We regret that we cannot answer inquiries regarding values on sportscards produced from 1974 to the present.

We regret that we cannot answer inquiries regarding values on comics produced from 1975 to the present.

We only offer specific valuations for items that are deemed acceptable for auction but will attempt to give you advice for items not appropriate for one of our auctions. An estimate is a statement of opinion and should not be considered proof of authenticity, a guaranteed offer to purchase, or a guarantee of selling price.

We pay introductory commissions for referrals. There are actually a number of resources and online tools available today that can help you find out the value of almost any item.

I would like to find out what some of these items are worth. Certified appraisers are more likely to give you a fair judgment because there's no conflict of interest. It's actually a violation of professional ethics for an appraiser to offer to buy an item he or she has appraised. A professional appraiser will provide you a written report that includes a full description of your item and the procedure used to estimate its current value. Avoid an appraiser who asks for a fee based on a percentage of the item's value. If an appraiser thinks an object isn't worth a written appraisal, he or she might recommend other resources to arrive at a value. How it works is you upload photos of your items and provide descriptions, and the sites send back valuations usually within a week. Unlike when you rent, becoming a homeowner lets you make the decisions and call all the shots. Heck, you can tear down walls in your house if you want. When you’re a homeowner, the only person you answer to is yourself. Outside of providing a place for your family to live, your home is an important part of your financial plan, too.

You shouldn’t necessarily think of your primary residence as an “investment,” but your home’s value is definitely part of your net worth. Over time, your home should theoretically increase in value.

Formal Valuations

This value doesn’t mean a lot if your goal is paying off your home and living there forever, but it can be meaningful in the future. This is especially true if you ever wind up borrowing against your home’s value. One of those reasons is not so obvious, but oh-so-important – your tax bill. And if you plan to sell in the future, you’ll want to watch home values closely anyway. Don’t overlook the fact that knowing the value of your home is critical to making sure you have enough homeowners insurance coverage. Beyond finding out how much your home might be worth, you can also shop for homes in your area with the website’s consumer-friendly tools. Once you reach the website, you can enter your address and learn how much your home might be worth. Redfin, you can enter a handful of details about any property and learn about the local neighborhood, the “walkability” of a property, and how much property taxes cost each year. Just enter your address into the site’s homepage and you’ll learn an array of details including a price estimate of your home. Beyond a pricing estimate, you’ll find out about the local schools, median listing prices in the area, and even property tax assessments. This tool is also great for learning about your neighbor’s home and how much they might be paying.

Unfortunately, this usually means you’ll end up on a huge mailing list – whether you like it or not. Simply enter your home address, your state, and your zip code to learn how much your home might be worth. Since they also offer an estimate of all of your neighbor’s home values, this is a fun tool to play around with. Best of all, it’s free, easy to use, and doesn’t require you to enter any personal data. My favorite part about this tool is its color graphics and realistic mapping. Once you enter your address, you’ll be presented with a color map of your neighborhood along with all of your neighbor’s home values.

Fortunately, these websites and others let you watch your home’s value grow without paying for the privilege. Just remember not to take these estimates too seriously, as they don’t necessarily reflect the exact value you’ll receive if you sell. If you want “the real thing” – as in, a price that reflects every factor that goes into a home’s sales price – you should meet with at least 2 or 3 realtors to get price suggestions. Chances are, a realtor will be able to offer more insight into your local market than any online real estate tool ever could. What is your favorite website for checking your home’s value?

If you are serious about finding the value of your investment. There is no substitute for a real estate appraiser. Realtors sell homes, they do not value them. Selling a house if stressful enough with out proper info. Does anyone know which website is more accurate??

But the only way to know for sure is to have an analysis done by a real estate agent, or to have a full blown appraisal done. The websites are mostly starting points to give you a ball park. But if you’re going to sell or refinance you’ll need something more definite.

To answer your question about the most accurate home value website: there is now a website where you can actually order real comps online from a real agent in your area for only 5 bucks. Every agent has voluntarily opted in to the network, ready to pull your comps and help you analyze them for an accurate house value. If you’re looking for a value because you want to sell, talk with a real estate agent and ask for a value. The estimates are not good starting points. Their formulas do not accurately estimate real estate. But there was unfinished business from your grandmother’s estate in the mix. If the property is titled to you and your siblings, your dad can’t sell it since he legally doesn’t own it. But you must get an attorney involved if your dad doesn’t realize that.

I do owe some back property taxes and the house is in bad shape. It is a large lot in a very good location. It makes sense, but some people won’t want to do the repairs, so it isn’t a direct match. It might be better to invite some real estate agents in to give it an estimate of what it will sell for. If you want an unbiased opinion, hire an appraiser. For a few hundred dollars they can give you as close a value as you can get. A touch deceiving if folks think they can enter an address and basic information to get a ball-park value. It is particularly important to get an estimate from a real estate agent. Assessor values are used to determine taxable value and not a reflection of the home’s market value. To arrive at a more accurate home value, we consider a variety of factors along with the most recent home sales for a comparable home to arrive at the home value. It is important for us as real estate professionals to know how appraisers value homes in order to give those interested in the value of their home a more realistic idea of how much their home is worth. Most real estate agents will do this without obligation. Can i assume the double of their appraisal?

The fact that your house has a second floor doesn’t mean that the value will double, but it should be higher. They all tell me an estimate is not available. Try asking a real estate agent to give you an estimate. They’ll usually do that for free if you tell them you’re thinking of selling. For me, it seems to depend on location most of all.

I would say that like yo mentioned dream home is just what you think today. Two years from now it may not be what they were looking for. When just purchased and though we didn’t get our dream home we are close to our dream neighborhood. There are a lot of homes out there and more are being built. For more information, please check out our full disclaimer. The information in our reviews could be different from what you find when visiting a financial institution, service provider or a specific product's website. All products are presented without warranty. Get exclusive tips and practical tools to help you save easily, invest wisely, and earn extra money. Material presented is believed to be from reliable sources and no representations are made by our firm as to another parties’ informational accuracy or completeness.