Who doesn't love the warm inviting look of a solid wood table with worn edges and all the associated knicks and scratches that accumilate after a few decades of real use by real people. A table that has conveniently broken in by time and human interaction.

It features a decadent cream silk / jacquard like fabric and hand carved wood details on the exposed frame. The glamorous fringe surrounding the base is th icing on the cake. Fortunately, this sofa is clean and comfortable with plenty of spring left in it. It measures 58" long by 31" deep and is 17" tall at the seat, 28" at the arms and 31" in back.

What got you interested in vintage ?

At a very young age old objects and artifacts intrigued me. Looking for treasures and glimpses of a simpler time. Give your thumbs a break and take a turn using a rotary dial the good old fashioned way. If you're looking for a way to get in a little spring cleaning and organize your office these are a great quick fix!

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We've also recently expanded into a new wing of the store and are now able to display tons more items to make your visit really worth your while. So you'll be seeing quite a bit of that style of photo on our blog in the future. Published litigation specialist when objects cannot be inspected. A few options online, but all overpriced for what they were. They acquire new pieces daily so you are surely destined to find something new every trip. Sidenote: you too can responsibly film bad video while driving by fashioning a camera holster. All you need is a protein bar wrapper and a chest pocket. Have secondary revelation that new stuff is mostly lame and expensive. Studio offers a personal and sensitive repair and restoration service. Pieces that leave my care are once again beautiful, intact and enhanced.

I am particularly skilled at producing finishes that keep with the period of the piece. She was very friendly and patient with the kids. They had a lot of vintage clothing items as well. Every sunday they have a street market that sells al sorts of things.

I still always make time for perusing antique vintage shops in the area. The more affordable prices, yet high quality craftsmanship. The opportunity to breathe new life into something and save it from the landfill. This inevitability has helped me develop a keen eye for great antique vintage shops. Ones that have great prices, are organized, and have carefully-curated items just waiting for a new home. These neighborhoods have a good amount of antique vintage shops you can walk between. Use the ones listed below as your starting point and walk up and down the street to find others. This means there’s no room for negotiating, since the vendor isn’t onsite. Also, reserve a couple hours for this spot if you’re a serious antiquer because it’s quite large. It’s smaller than some of the others, but they are impeccable curators of mostly mid-century furniture.

New and Used Antique furniture for Sale in Seattle WA

Everything is reasonably priced and their owners are also reasonable about negotiating.

You might miss it, since it’s just a door that leads down a lot of stairs. Which is good, because again this is multiple sellers and makes it unlikely you’ll be able to negotiate. Everything is in really great shape and there’s a nice balance of mid century and 1800-1900-style pieces. While their furniture collection isn’t the biggest, their owner is ruthless in curating. It has awesome medical, industrial, and mid-century furniture in great shape.

I always like to hop in here and marvel at how far the medical field has come. Let’s just be thankful we don’t find ourselves in a doctor’s office using any of those chairs or tools anymore!

It’s owner goes on vintage hunting trips all over the world and comes back with beautiful pieces. Her store is absolutely beautiful, particularly the tablescapes. Seattle events calendar , which includes a lot of antique fairs.

I was able to share some new ones you may love!

I have more space to buy all these things, muahaha. They really just don’t make furniture like they used to.