We value your opinion and encourage you to read our reviews and give us feedback. From fabrication thru finishing, each piece enjoys the attention to detail that only an experienced craftsman can provide.

The beauty of this material is why we do what we do. Hand picked for quality and character, something you won't find from a high volume manufacturer.

We offer custom ordering at the same low prices as you see on the floor, and you can choose from hundreds of styles.

We will happily work with you to find just the piece you’re looking for, customize it exactly to your taste, and order it for delivery.

This involves our consideration and thoughtful refinement of your ideas in relation to the spectrum of possibilities. This can take a little time, but, however subtle or striking the result, it definitely raises the finished piece to a higher level of visual delight compared to just throwing the parts together without regard for their visual harmony. Parts are then cut and fit together using whatever joinery is most appropriate for the function and for the stresses the piece will bear. Many types of joints are centuries old, and based on the evolved practices and observations of skilled artisans accustomed to building for long term durability. Now we have more power tools than ever, and they enable us to produce work with repeatable accuracy more quickly and with less reliance on the ancient combination of long practice and sheer physical effort. But they cannot do everything, and the best of woodworking as a fine craft still relies on the use of hand tools as well, guided by an artisan bringing all his best skill and effort to the endeavor.

The importance of this principle, of respecting the inherent nature of wood as a material that truly interacts with its environment, has long been recognized by wood artisans. It is violated at risk to the longevity and durability of the project. Each is used according to its most suitable purpose, and in keeping with the economics of the job as established by the client. My personal favorite for most furniture is a custom blend of oil and urethane, hand rubbed and quite durable. Or perhaps you would prefer the classic look of a painted kitchen or library, in which case an oil paint can be sprayed or brushed, depending on your preference for surface appearance. Water-based finishes as well continue to improve, both in appearance and durability; thus, depending on your personal color preferences, they can be a great choice and make the process much friendlier for the craftsman and the environment. He used the classes to build a unique corner desk. He can talk about the grain of wood and the kinds of tools that work best," he said.

I wanted to get back to woodworking," he said. Word-of-mouth advertising has helped the business grow. Instruction is based on the student's project choice. His goal for 2010 is to have 10 students enrolled in five classes a week. Whether your interest is in a kitchen or dining , coffee or side table, we have the ability to make your dream a reality. Using modern machinery and traditional techniques our can handcraft a truly one of a kind item for your home.

We offer solid construction using locally sourced woods, reclaimed materials and perfectly milled live edge slabs. We're easily able to accommodate custom lengths, widths, and styles. Floating shelves in a kitchen or bar, accent walls, or bookshelves for an - not only can we create what you want, but customize to a specified length or width. With barn doors remaining popular and adding an art-like appearance to any room, choose the right material for the job!

They also make fantastic gifts and as most are one offs, the receiving friend, family member, or coworker is bound to be pleased with your choice!

Our wood shop is uniquely situated to provide whatever a space requires.

We understand the gravity of commercial projects and love a challenge. Each piece is the result of a meticulous woodworking process, completed with attention to detail and a personal touch. More than anything, our commitment to quality and tradition of perfection ensures each piece of furniture will serve your family or business for generations to come. Whether you want something made from salvaged wood, something new, or something new that looks old, we’d love to build it for you.

Fred Hean

We specialize in rustic, handmade, farm house style furniture. Do you need a table, bench, barn doors, built-ins?

With a virtually unlimited choice in finishes we guarantee your wall will be unique and your guests will love the final outcome. Have fun with your friends and make some new ones as you learn by building your very own wood item, with our help of course. Whether it comes from old barns, wood floors, or pallets, we enjoy making old wood new again. We’re committed to providing high-quality products and unparalleled customer service. They do so many things with salvaged wood, new wood, and total out of the box thinking.

We attended one of their workshops and was pleasantly surprised at the down home, feel good environment they provide!

Beau understood and help make it modern for me. He built the mantle and installed the fireplace as well.

We can re-create just about anything made from wood. Call us for a free estimate and let’s work together to make sure you get what you want. Handcrafted from historic barn wood, our made-to-order tables give your family a beautiful place to gather. Give your family a place to make memories. It was really exciting being able to speak to an owner and not a typical salesperson.

We heard the truth and not what we wanted to hear by a salesperson. They provided reclaimed hardwood floors for our entire new house. Also, they provided reclaimed ceiling boards.

We had a fairly specific desire to purchase a kitchen table that would fit our style and seat up to 12 people.

Plank Road Woodworks custom design fine wood furniture charlottesville

Thank you once again for creating this beautiful piece of furniture. Everyone that’s seen the table has been very impressed with it. The staff was extremely helpful in helping us choose just the right table and chairs to meet the needs of our growing family.

I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for high quality. They had a beautiful kitchen farm table and we couldn’t keep our hands off of it!

Vickie’s farm tables for years and had always hoped to get one when we built our home. She plays really close attention throughout the process, guiding, cajoling, imposing as the kitchen progresses.

I am extremely happy with my new kitchen!

Everyone was professional, friendly, and – even more importantly – the best in their field!

Stop in today and experience the quality.

We offer nationwide delivery and the most competitive prices around!

We offer over 30 stain or paint colors and your choice of finish color. Made from naturally distressed reclaimed wood and welded rebar legs, they are tough, durable and classy!

Standing as a monument to our ancestors' ingenuity and determination, these barns have faithfully weathered storms, hard use, and neglect for decades while continuing to serve their intended purpose. Formed from native woods of what are now extinct virgin forests, each barn beam and board tells the unique story of its past. Our customers relish how the dramatic grain of the old wood captivates the imagination and unites us with the past. Our work strives to honor nature's timelessness by creating heirloom reclaimed furniture that will be treasured for generations to come.

Handcrafted Furniture Virginia Mountain Woodworks

Mass production may be fine for things like windshield wipers and potato chips, but our homes and the things we furnish them with should say a little more about who we are. Get in touch to purchase, commission, or inquire about works. Furniture continues to be a fertile platform for cultivating valuable traditions and making the best sustainable products. Our skilled craftsmen build each piece as if it were going into their own homes. Some artisans are faithful to 200-year-old details, while others push beyond the conventional to show us how meaning can infuse the medium. Meet three craftspeople whose diverse work is rooted in early days spent in their fathers’ workshops. That early exposure made an imprint that set his life’s course. Rickey’s work is distinguished by bends and unexpected ripples that make the medium seem like taffy, not walnut or maple. Traditional aspects such as mortise-and-tenon or dovetail joints are combined with an updated aesthetic. Midcentury furniture — clean lines,” he says. Maple, walnut, white oak and cherry are some of his preferred woods. His booth was crowded with friends and fans eager to see his new work. There's always that moment in the process where you start to see the thing coming together.

They inter-lock and can be configured in multiple ways. She also made the artwork, which features a series of image transfers of maps on mirrored glass. It’s also her preferred way of expressing herself creatively and honoring fellow military veterans, whose stories inform her work. Dietz describes her work as contemporary in style, incorporating mixed media such as glass, image transfer and carving. When working on commissions, she keeps the client’s story in mind, combining their interests with her craftsmanship. The original is on the left and dates to the 18th century. He’s grateful to him for assembling a great team of woodworkers, many of whom stayed during the transition from father to son. The shop works mostly with mahogany, walnut, cherry and maple because those were the woods primarily used in the 18th century. The nature of work done with those beautiful grains varies greatly. Sometimes they are completing a set — a client has one chair and needs five more to match. One such commission was a lamp post with a carving of a squirrel on top. Virginia makers who work in a variety of styles. She enjoys running the company and taking care of the marketing and sales end of things.

You can always find her in her office on the phone enlightening someone about the joys of custom wood products. This combination gives quality, well made cabinets along with extraordinary craftsmanship. Not only is the build quality excellent but the delivery was on time and as promised. Richard is a master woodworker, and the chairs are a work of art.

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