Created by artists all over the globe, and often referencing their own unique travels and experiences, these contemporary paintings are flawlessly reproduced, framed and ready to hang.

The spacing and execution of gallery walls can sometimes be tricky, so make sure you plan the whole thing out before you grab your hammer and nails. If you’d like to go with a plant wall, make sure your space gets enough light for the plants you choose. Using a simple black-and-white palette, like the one pictured, is a good idea if you want to keep things more neutral. If you love to collect plates and china, you can easily create a beautiful arrangement on your dining room wall. Here, the navy blue walls of the dining room coordinate perfectly with the seaglass tones of the nearby living room. French doors and a large window, the abundance of natural light keeps the navy blue from feeling oppresive. Art isn’t cheap, and displaying it properly with the right materials (built to last and protect the piece) isn’t cheap either.

Wall dining art

Wall Art By Subject

Add playful animal art to a child’s room or nursery, minimal black-and-white pieces or a vivid abstract print in the dining room, and cheerful wall quotes to greet guests in the entryway or family room. Read more on how to create your unique statement wall , showcasing both your style and your love for contemporary and eclectic art and decor. Jestons-esque beauties harmonize the brown tones in this dining room and hang like sculptures over the .

Round are definitely having a moment right now, so if you’re not sure what type of mirror might work in your dining room, consider going round. If you’d like to fill up a larger space, consider using chalkboard paint to outline a bigger chunk of your wall. If you decide to use a large tree in front of a wall as a focal piece, make sure you also invest in a beautiful pot to help show off your plant. While you can certainly plan your arrangement ahead of time, you don’t need to do quite as much planning as you do for gallery walls.

Weathered are an excellent fit for high-traffic homes with active kids or pets since dings or dents acquired over the years will simply add to the overall effect. French doors lead to an adjacent outdoor space so dinner parties can actually double in size during the warm months.