Great for growing herbs or small edibles so you always have access to fresh seasonings and food. The ornate metal pot holders are affixed to the brick wall with a masonry bolt in each top corner.

Their cuteness is somehow similar to that of the mini cacti that we used to see even before succulents became popular.

Wall patio

Wall Planters & Vertical Gardens You’ll Love

This allows you to water from the top opening and lets the water reach evenly throughout the tower, ensuring healthy blooms from top to bottom. You can easily hook the 6 planters together without any tools and arrange them into different sizes and layouts.

For example, if you plan to install it outside near your patio, you should match the color with your patio .

This is quite distracting; maybe it’s the picture on the wall or that of the plants seen in here.

I like how they opt to cover their chairs to somehow match the color of the and pretty much the entire room, it’s perfect!