But, if one of these does not suit your entertainment needs, we can custom make entertainment furniture just for you. This piece will keep a large screen at more comfortable height for smaller rooms.

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It can be the focal point of any room, or it can be a timeless addition to the current décor. Some are modern, made of plastics, metals and glass for a contemporary look. Another consideration when buying an entertainment center is, what else do you wish to put on or in the piece of furniture?

The last thing you want is an overbearing entertainment center crammed into a small room.

Furthermore, if you have many things that need a place in your living room, purchasing an entertainment center that is too small to hold it all just doesn’t make sense. It is important to find a happy balance between function and size in addition to picking out which materials and colors you prefer. Remember, purchasing an entertainment center is an investment. Not only do we have more than 100 entertainment centers in stock for you to choose from, we also customer build entertainment centers to suit your needs if you cannot find something that works from our selection.

We custom-build all our entertainment centers using quality woods such as white oak and cherry wood in a variety of stain colors. Each piece depicts the natural grain of the wood sealed to protect the finish for years to come.

Check out these popular pieces in our entertainment center collection. It has smooth-functioning pocket doors, as well as smoked glass doors for plenty of storage. The curved lines give this entertainment center an elegant look. The door covering this side storage is a 15-panel smoky glass door. Two solid doors grace each side of the cabinet, while two smoky glass doors with 7 panels each make up the center. Tall and enchanting, this piece features curved lines and rounded feet for an elegant touch in any setting. With five adjustable shelves and a 5-panel smoky glass door, stereo equipment never looked so good. All of our items are available to be bought and picked up right off the floor or we can deliver or ship them to you. Choose your favorite wood and finish to make it uniquely your own. Need a special size to compliment your area?

It needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the punishment of constant use. Yet, you want a unit so beautiful it ramps up the visual appeal of your home. And having all the features you need for your electronics and media storage. So browse our large online collection of solid wood entertainment centers. In creating the chest, we combined a beautiful contemporary style, functionality and sturdiness. Or, it works well in your living room or den. Add to this its curved panel sides, ebony inlays and contrasting black hardware. The feet that elevate each piece inches off the floor give the suite an elegant feel like no other. This piece combines all the utility you need with the beauty you desire. This combination of uses makes it ideal for your bedroom or den. Wine pull-out and stemware holder — a built in bar!

This incredible entertainment center will be the centerpiece of your living or entertaining space. This piece fulfills all of your media storage requirements, but it doesn’t overtake your room.

We construct this piece with soft-close doors and full-extension drawers to facilitate dynamic storage spaces.

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We have a number of options available for this set, so you can create a truly custom piece.

You will appreciate the quality for many, many years to come. Featuring elegant touches, this entertainment center provides you with all the storage space you could need and all the beauty you could want!

A corniced top, mouldings, and inset front panels add elegance to this incredible entertainment center. While it is beautiful, it is also very useful!

It is an exquisite blend of beauty, sophistication, and practical utility. With adjustable shelves, this tower provides versatile display options for family photos, treasures, or other decor items. These pieces complement one another perfectly to create an incredibly functional, yet exceptionally beautiful entertainment center. With several storage options and open spaces suited for your devices, this wall unit provides everything you need for your entertaining space. Corbels, slatted sides, diamond-shaped inlays, and mullioned glass are some of the fine details we offer on this exquisite piece. Along with impressive details and character, this wall unit has ample storage space. Our offerings include traditional and modern styles. Also, our builders create everything from full-featured wall unit entertainment centers with features like a fireplace and bookcase. What’s more, you can get tower units, corner entertainment centers and smaller media chests. In addition, you can order the solid wood entertainment center of our choice as shown. Or we can customize it to your requirements. And you get to choose features like the wood specie, hardware, finish, plus a whole range of special options. Perhaps you need a solid wood corner entertainment center, or a tv stand with drawer storage. Amish entertainment centers meet your needs with quality hardwood construction.

Amish Flat Wall Entertainment Centers

All of our units are handcrafted with mortise and tenon joinery. Other marks of quality include thick pieces of wood, and details that express your sense of style. Entertainment centers also run the functional gamut from giant wall units to minimalist but stable open shelving. Shelves provide space for airflow and for organizing electric cables. Sliding doors are space-efficient when you leave them open, and glass helps you see what your electronics are doing. A handcrafted entertainment unit paired with luxury theater recliners will turn your family room into a home theater. Like to make the master bedroom the most luxurious room in the house?

The place where you watch a good movie should be exactly what you want. One of our fireplace entertainment centers. They take a great pride in their work, a pride that translates into perfect finishes and strong, smooth woodworking. This furniture – from the door hinges to the shelves to the legs – is built to last your family for generation after generation, becoming a part of your family’s story that will be as beautiful and useful 20 years from now as it is today.

Your entertainment center must be commanding. Wood mullion accents, rich wood grain, and gradually tapered legs all complement the underlying beauty of this wall unit.

We use the best materials available for these impressive entertainment centers. Wood mullion accents shine on this unique entertainment center. This stand and hutch combination offers ample storage space and brings loads of character into your home. So, it is as practical as it is beautiful.

Certainly, the ebony inlays and the gently curved legs will turn heads. Like ebony inlays and gently curved legs. So it showcases all the line’s eye-catching elements.

We construct these wall units with the highest quality materials and employ expert craftsmen, so these pieces will stand the test of time. With appropriate care, this entertainment center will last for generations to come. Notice the one-inch solid hardwood top and the exposed tenons and tapered legs. And that’s especially true if you’re seeking a solid hardwood, custom-built, full-featured entertainment center. The bi-fold pocket doors retract into the sides of the cabinet. The unit represents an artful melding of contemporary and mission styling. So it will become the center of attention.

You can’t miss its exposed tenons or tapered sides. The beautiful, thick tops with beveled edges serve as a crown atop this regal entertainment center. When you combine the appearance with the high quality construction, you end up with a piece that you’re sure to enjoy for many years to come.

This piece offers all the media storage you could need and includes beautiful wine and stemware storage, as well. Featuring beautiful wood grain, lovely mullioned glass doors, and delicate curves, this wall unit makes a bold statement. And it promises to delight you, your family and friends. Plus six glass shelves in the side cabinets. So it’s the perfect fit for your living room or den. So there’s no better choice for your living room or den. This wall unit has ample storage and built-in display areas. Our expert craftsmen take special care on the construction of these sets from start to finish.

You will appreciate the fine details and the quality we offer in this set. Our expert craftsmen take great pride in producing incredibly high quality pieces, like this one. If you care for this entertainment center properly, it should last for generations to come!

It’s a great stand-alone piece and a superb accessory in any room. This sturdy wall unit offers dynamic storage options, so you can conceal or display all of your home entertaining items.

We construct this wall unit with pride and great care, so it can stand the test of time. Amish craftsmen use their expert skills to carefully construct each piece using the best materials available. While boasting an incredible amount of storage space, it also exudes elegance and beauty. Lovely mullions and arched glass doors bring refined character into the room. Our wall units feature high quality materials and meet rigorous standards.

We rely on experts to create each piece using the highest quality materials available.

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We placed six glass shelves in the side cabinets. So check out its impressive fit and finish, graceful curves and hardwood construction. Check out the wall unit’s gracefully curved panels. The mortise and tenon detailing really stands out and gives this piece a unique look. As such, you can use the tower as an eye-catching accessory in your living room, den, hallway or bedroom. What a great fit for your living room or den!

You’ll find two adjustable wood shelves behind the mullioned glass door in each tower. Offering a perfect showcase area for your decor and keepsakes, this entertainment center is a stunning centerpiece for your room. It is a reflection of your taste for fine furniture and the best visual entertainment. So, you can use the tower as an accessory in pretty much any room in your home. The unit showcases elegant crown molding. Plus raised panel doors and solid hardwood construction. So it will likely become quite the topic of conversation!

Because they make this wall unit the perfect choice for your living room, den or home theater. So the beauty of the genuine woodgrain shines through. With jaw-dropping decorative touches like fluted columns. Plus majestic bridges and ornate crown moldings. What’s more, we load each entertainment center with a plethora of cool features. Also, you get touch lights and glass shelves in the side cabinets. Our cabinets also offer convenient cord holes and full-extension drawers. That’s why you’ll find a number of quality construction features. Like particle board, veneered cardboard, brads or nails. Showcasing fluted columns, rich wood grain and smoked glass, the entertainment center is sure to be the center of attention in your living room or den. Our entertainment centers also make any room so much more attractive and livable. It’s best to stay under 50 inches for pieces going in a smaller room. But we also have customers who use them to display books or knickknacks or just want extra storage space.

Many of our customers fall in love with one of our entertainment centers and decide to change the décor of their living room, basement or den to match their new piece of furniture. It’s fun to find new combinations and room layouts to highlight your special piece of furniture. Look around your house for similar grains, and if you don’t find any, buy new pieces to match your entertainment center. Get vibrant vases to place on the edge of the center or fun-colored frames to hang nearby. Add a few books to the end of the entertainment center. Books are great for the mind, but they’re also outstanding pieces of décor. Luckily, we offer furniture sets made from the same lovely grains and in the same style as our entertainment centers. Other ways to hang on to more of your hard-earned money include taking advantage of our discounts for large orders and for paying for your furniture by check.