So we would mutter some insensitive phrases toward the couchless living room before walking out the door to meet some friends. The focus we obtained from the increased mind-body connection wasn’t only an internal discovery. Dark woods, dark furnishings, and dark paint shades will make even the largest space feel smaller.

But be careful – storage containers and cabinets can quickly fill up a small space, leaving you right back where you started. If you already own a sofa but discover that it is too big for your small space, don’t fret.

If you just can’t bring yourself to limit your walls to neutrals, consider an accent wall or a simple wall decal, stencil or painted design. The stripe fabric on the chairs adds the right amount of pattern to this otherwise simple interior.

By using neutral slipcovered chairs in this space, your eye is drawn to the real showstopper which is the great view!

If you chose this arrangement, it’s nice to have smaller tables or stools to use by the chair for drinks or books. I put a table between the two in my den, so the kids couldn’t make them turn all the way around!

We looked at every type imaginable—from futons to loveseats to sectionals—and tried to imagine how they’d look in our open-plan living room. In our case, a sofa doesn’t meet our needs at this particular place, and at this particular time, so we’ve simply decided not to own one. Been thinking of eliminating 90% of my “stuff” just to have a clearer focus on what is essential to my life. I got all of his stuff out, the couch felt like a dirty wound in the middle of my one-bedroom apartment – taking up too much space and constantly reminding me of all the time lost, as well as the negative emotions of resentment and waiting for something that didn’t exist.

I really like furniture that enhances minimalism, especially that folds-up and can be out of the way. I can have friends or family stay overnight without having to have a room designated for guests, which remains unused (and a waste of space) until the next visitor.

I would say that my apartment is 140 square meter, so it is certainly not small for european standards. The sticky jelly can stay on the dining room table and our work can stay clean on the table in the living room. Sofas almost demand long cocktail tables that take up too much space and create yet another hazard to shins. Originally designed to protect the sitter from drafts in unheated castles, those wings enfold you and invite you to lean into them. The good news is that there is no interior design law that requires your living room to contain a sofa.

Sofa couch chair

Ways Getting Rid Of My Couch Drastically Improved My Life

Always check with your architect before hanging any type of soft furnishings from the walls or ceiling, to make sure the structure can take the extra weight.

Forget the conical, saggy shape of bean bags of the past – there are now stylish tailored leather and sophisticated velvet varieties that have recliner forms, chaise varieties and even ottomans to rest your footsies on. Embrace your inner child by rigging up the dream indoor swing you’ve always wanted in your living room. Add a low coffee table to fill and define the area as a place for unwinding and entertaining.

Egg chair will not only provide a cosy spot to sit, its beautiful design will act as a piece of art in your living room. These furniture can neither be classified as a bed nor as a sofa, but offer the perfect place to put your feet up. This is a bit less radical than divorcing your sofa, and easy to try out by simply picking up your coffee table and placing it in another room. A daybed or chaise lounge is a wonderful, incredibly versatile piece to have in your living room: it provides extra seating without breaking up the room, so you can create all kinds of furniture arrangements that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

I can only imagine the look of disappointment the monks would have given us had we told them our takeaway. More and more, we turned off our prized possession and started spending our evenings playing cards, cooking real food, and reading actual books.

The effort that it took to sit on the ground, using our own muscles to support our backs, gave us a greater appreciation for our bodies and encouraged us to care for them better. While the experiment, now three years behind us, proved not to be a long-term cure for the chaos, it did serve as a strange alternative for meditation — one that we would do again. The reality is that you can have a small living room that functions as well and looks as beautiful as a large one.

If so, it may be time to take a long, hard look at your room and remove anything that is unessential, is getting in your way or just doesn’t work. When choosing larger furnishings, like a sofa or shelving system, stick to solid colors and lighter woods.

When decorating a small living room that doesn’t have a lot of natural light, choosing light shades of flooring, furnishings, walls and decor can do a lot to brighten your space.

The four chairs used in this room are covered in a fabric which is the same color as the lampshades and color in the painting. I like to use a circular table or ottoman in the center which serves as a radius to group the chairs around. I put a table between the two in my den, so the kids couldnx26#39;t make them turn all the way around!

It seemed unfair, however, to deny my husband (and potential guests) more proper seating—and so our hunt for a couch began. But then we reasoned: we were already considered somewhat eccentric for quitting good jobs, getting rid of everything we owned, and moving to a foreign country.

Sofas are positively bad for our posture (unless they are recliner) and unfortunately most people will buy one because they feel they “must” have one without thinking why.

They’re the smaller, trimmer style, and in my small living room, take up little space while providing multiple uses.

I receive, almost daily, photographs of “minimalist” interiors with sofas that approach the size of box cars and have a heaviness that obscures the rest of the room. I did not think it was a big deal not to have a couch until my kids asked when are we getting a new couch because we want to be like normal people.

We don’t have many house guests (who wants to inconvenience the family already plagued with 6 children & a raccoon?

We have a large table in the middle of our living room where we homeschool or use for projects like tracing a sewing pattern. Given a choice, most people entering a living room will head for the nearest available chair, regarding an already-occupied sofa as the seat of last resort. Or get an ample chaise lounge so you can sit down and put your feet up on something besides the coffee table.

These days, there are a number of contemporary styles available to diehard non-traditionalists.

It also assures that whether there is another entrance to the room on that side or a window, the furniture won’t have its back to it. If you’re going down the custom route, why not also add drawers into the cavity under the seat for extra storage to stash all those cushions and knick-knacks.

Use bean bags to add interesting shapes to your living space and pops of colour to your decor. For a slightly roomier hanging seat, go for a suspended couch or daybed or a hanging love-seat. Don’t be too quick to look past the addition of an easy chair or two into your living space.

The chaise acts as a perfect substitute for a sofa, especially in a smaller living room, because it gives you space to fully recline, without being as imposing as a couch. The couch is pretty essential to most people’s conception of a living room — but do you really need one?

Most people, when setting up their living room, arrange their seating in a sort of semicircle around the television, a little bit like an arena. Coffee table is redundant in this apartment, but it’s under the window with plants on it, so we’ll save it ’til we move and then decide.