20 Wood Rectangle Dining Tables That Seats 6 Under $500

One of the most common elements you’ll find in homes across the globe is the good old fashioned wood dining . Since it’s the one place everyone gathers, every family deserves one. We’ve created this gallery to showcase affordable , with every model coming in under $500.
When setting out to gather affordable dining room tables, we discovered a large breadth of style within the seemingly narrow range of wood tables for six. Varying in tone, type, and price, this selection will give anyone looking to make a purchase a great head start on the process.

Wood Rectangle Dining
Our top featured table, pictured above, is a Montblanc dining table with a pair of 18 inch leaves for extended seating and dining space.
Some details to notice throughout this gallery include tables with and without leaves, stylistic flourishes on the legs or trim, and the refreshing varieties of seating options made apparent by the images. With bench seating making inroads to the traditional dining room setup, the choices have only expanded.

Each selection below is named and described, with a purchase link shared below the image. If you don’t find the perfect table for your home, remember that each of these links will lead to another huge selection of similar !
We begin with a unique table, framed with a pair of open rectangular legs that are mirrored on the surface with a strip of darker shaded wood. This angular look goes well with the boxy, leather upholstered chairs seen in the image.

We Begin With A Unique Table, Framed With A Pair Of Open Rectangular Legs That Are