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Larry was an amazing father figure to so many – all his boys and also all of their friends.

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You can go to the other stores in the valley and probably pay less, but you won't get the quality and great service you do here. It's the old adage: you get what you pay for. The products here are meant to last, and the service cannot be beat.

We are rolling out on a new brand this weekend and are so excited to share it with you!

We hope you enjoy reading a little , our history, and our aim as a company.

We are confident that, like many others, you will fall in love with our personal and friendly customer service as well as our selection and prices. This means that you can purchase with confidence in us and know that you will be taken care of.

We believe the trust you place in us is worthy of an extended relationship well after a purchase.

We are not in business to gratify our current agendas but are here to do business for years to come. After all, we understand very well the beauty that nature has to offer. As well, we have children of our own and want them to be able to enjoy this precious world and for their children to enjoy the unique character that log furniture has to offer. For any questions, please, feel free to or come in and see us at the store.

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When it comes to decorating your home, the right furniture for your sensibility is key. But seriously, this furniture store meshes old-world and new-world vibes to create something that is reliably wonderful. Rustic charm and breathtaking views are the perfect combination for the not-so-distant destination wedding. They are reasonably priced and your rental includes tables, chairs, a wagon ride out for your guests, and a gorgeous venue. What is the minimum number of guests required to book your venue?

How many event spaces or rooms does your venue offer?

The plan to mass produce porch swings soon expanded as we received requests for beds, dressers, dining tables, chairs and many other furniture products.

We feature a wide variety of accessories to accent your home. Stop by to pick from our selection or place a custom order. This family owned business has been in operation for over 50 years, and they feature local artisans who harvest and handcraft fine log furniture. They specialize in making beautiful lamps out of juniper logs, but they also make other great log furniture including log beds. They sell unfinished and unassembled kits, unfinished and partially assembled furniture, and painted and partially assembled furniture. Their products are hand crafted in a local shop by expert craftsmen who pay close attention to detail. Each piece is made to order by hand by their skilled craftsmen, and engineered to be high quality and durable. It offers over 30, 000 items in its online ecommerce website, and a no questions asked return policy. Their website has great pictures of many log furniture pieces that you will be tempted to purchase. Its online store is one of the most popular sites for buying log furniture online. It sells dining furniture, living furniture, and rustic accessories. After the division moved to collection-based processing, single images that did not neatly fit into a collection were still sporadically added.

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These images are located in metal filing cabinets. The filing cabinets list the range of photo numbers located in individual drawers. On exhibit there until 1942 when put in war scrap drive. Earlier settler's names listed on bottom of board. With two sugar factions nearby, the beet industry promises to be permanent. The tops and the pulp of the beets are retained by the farmer for his stock. Demolished 1964, before completion of new chapel. Note construction material still littering the ground before tunnel. Strowbridge, construction superintendent, in foreground. Russell, more writing on front of photograph. Built 1891 and used as laboratory training school ca.

Front wings on either side of entrance built at the turn of the century. Built of adobe, stuccoed and painted yellow. It took 24 head of horses to pull the machine. Note arrangement on left for coaling engines. Note board retaining wall on hill bank and log braces across canal. Bracing done to stop landslides from washing-out canal.

Considerable controversy ensued between water users and college officials about whether watering of college grounds caused seepage which started slides. Artillery was used to dislodge fifth column insurgents. Notice children standing near guns in the foreground to the right and the masts of ships in the background. Bank located on ground floor and the opera house located on the second and third floors. Notice children playing by the water and to the right in the foreground. East wall of fort, looking north, gate in center of wall. Double freight wagon being pulled through desert by 10-horse team. Lean-to storage building behind south section. Original photo taken by an itinerant photographer. Summer kitchen with stovepipe, in center. Photo caption reads, "the 7 harvesters with 50-4 horse teams hauling 5 ton loads each. Seven 90-horse power tractors pulling seven combined harvesters cutting a swathe from 30 to 38 feet each. Miller raised 720 bushels of potatoes to the acre.

His apple trees are just beginning to bear. The soil and climate are ideal for onion culture. Also notice temple and other buildings in background. Kearney to aquire a stone for the marker. Flume constructed of redwood staves, was 6 feet wide, and was about one to one-half miles down the canyon. Photo probably shows graduating missionary class of late 1880's. Notice canal running parallel to river on left. Leased for public school in 1909 after church and mission school closed. November 2, 1951) who was a newspaper editor and legislator. When the steel has solidified, but is still incandesant, the molds are stripped and the ingols transferred to the soaking pits to be heated again to white-hot temperatures. Ingots must be of uniform temperature throughout before they are rolled. Probably oldest round-up picture in state. High boots sleeves rolled down, shirts buttoned, no gloves. Plain leather, with leather covered horn, leather conchos, double rig and square skirts. Branding irons on fire in right foreground. Parkinson standing next to his first car. The depot was constructed in 1890 and was demolished in 1975. Temporary bank buildings and the beginnings of a lodging house nearby. He was not yet dead when this photo was taken.

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Shows additional rooms added to first building. Man and buggy are to the side of the house. Below here, where canyon is deep and narrow is the eight-foot jump-off which the trained horses of the bandits took, but at which the horses of pursuing posses balked. Photo shows new wing virtually completed. Shown switched to siding to be loaded with grain. Photo shows new mechanically-driven fire trucks. Built 1895, remodeled 1913 when fire department went to mechanically driven fire trucks. Ox-drawn wagon and boy with sheep-drawn cart. School children march as last entry in parade. Brick addition to original rock building. Note "helper engines" used to pull trains over the summitt. Sod blocks piled around buildings for insulation. Buffalo meat drying on frames in middle distance. They are all holding what look like diplomas. Showing hay cut and bunched by trip rake. It became the official police station and jail boat. He was the last of the great war chiefs- 96 yeas old in photograph. The two cars were the only two comissioned for the railroad. Photo on wall shows military training camp. Merchandise store selling shoes, groceries and supplies. Note adobe wall around lot and bowery at left for summer meetings. Two people stand outside in the snow for picture. Photo shows timber spillway around base of dam. Cable across river and some work being done on either bank. Run off started in shallow soil and then grass stopped it. Boise line passes between barn and house.

Note parts of two dinosaurs exposed-ribs, vertabrae, and part of tail. One essential qualification of all forest officers is the ability to take care of themselves in the woods. Grade and track resulting from floods due to over grazing. In a sandy clay formation, the cut has been mud since settlement. Note fence brake by wash which was originally continuous. The channel is actually growing in width. The area all around this location is badly depleted of vegetation. Those that had been completed to the standard were more successful in holding back the runoff. The school house stands near the middle of the devastated area. Note sand and clay fill very little coarse material. The wagon road which once crossed the valley can be seen at the edge of the cut and then continuing on the other side. These cuts were not present at the time of settlement in 1870.

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Heavy runoff from streams transported much material and continued to widen the channel. Much valuable grazing and farmland had been destroyed. Washing caused by heavy rainfall on surrounding overgrazed range. These deposits will be transported further down stream by subsequent high water. Harry at keyboard of new linotype machine. Includes name of architect and plans for house materials and furnishings. This photograph was taken two months later. This ghost town emanated the first successful effort to give equal rights to women, namely the right to vote, and these original buildings stand. Now a mere shadow of its former self, the central business district is being restored so visitors can get a glimpse of the town's colorful past. Soon the gold was depleted and the boom town died. Today the restored ghost town is as lively as the visitors imagination. Strobridge is pictured standing on the flat car in the center foreground. The cut banks in the left foreground indicate this condition. This condition is a result of a combination of drought and overgrazing. Typical of stock watering systems in the area. Shows value of earthen structures for stock watering purposes, as well as for retarding erosion. When spring is developed the water will be used to water these sheep as well as his other stock. Two photos showing flooding and cutting action. Dam is emptied for repair (note damage on left side). Views view from mountain looking down into town.

The same technique of using streets to channel off flood waters was used again in 1983. Excavation complete, except at end of existing structures. To return the main stream to its former channel required skillful operations to prevent bogging down in the fresh deposit of silt. Dozen moving in to correct some of the damage done by heavy deposits of silt caused by overflow. This photo is looking up stream over or through drop number 7 and through 16. Later slide rock was dumped along the side slopes and on the heavy riffles to prevent erosion. View from north looking across construction site.

Private home or apartment building 1893-1984. Next year the railroad changed to standard gauge. Cruickshank siding, corrals, and water tower. The largest driving wheels, 81" were used for mail trains, 105 and 106. Flood waters crossing road and inundating fields. On flat car, latest model case metal body, separator thresher with power feeder and blower for stacking straw.

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View of empty train cars returning to mine. The cars were supplied with every convenience and run with the greatest ease. The float was used to attach the torpedo to a plane while out in the water. Used to float the torpedo to a plane in the water, for attachment. Settled 1868, named for diamond-like quality of coal in the area. The bottom land site is in fair condition in the vicinity of these improvements due to concentration of livestock near the water supply. Obsolescent one horse, walking, planter, typical of farming equipment used by many small farmers in this area. Folks gathered around the platform near a new, tall concrete slide to hear talks by national speakers. Occasionally, the crowd moved here and there over the quarter-section to watch some portion of the mammoth task. The place is maintained by donations only. Delmonicos said to be first restaurant in the city. Hinkley, second row, seated third chair in from left. Photographed at dusk with sunlight shining on rails. Four locomotives, one on each side, adorn top of cake, indicating bridegroom's occupation as railroad engineer.

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Penstock intake and house at right center. Some years later, poplar trees are larger. Factory town built for constructive and operation of dam. The military and extraneous equipment was removed to make them lighter and faster for competitive purposes. The fastest and most powerful airplane in air racing history. The only civilian owned supersonic ariplaine in the world. It depicts the sun formed in the four cardinal points in the center of the firmament. He played his flute to provide warmth and fertility. A splatter technique emphasizes the other worldly appearance of the life-size main figure. Extremely unique because it shows three art techniques in one panel, including pictographs (paintings), petroglyphs (carvings), and an unusual bas-relief. More advanced form of weaponry is illustrated in this panel where a pedestrian bowman hunts a stylized bull, elk, and buffalo. Watched over by a psychopomp, a shaman initiates guides to the under and afterworld.