You can choose from over 10, 000 fabrics, sumptuous fillings and a wide selection of feet and back cushions. Your can be modified to suit your own individual requirements.

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We also offer bespoke made to measure corner and modular units.

We use traditional techniques, whilst always striving towards new and innovative methods of working.

We tailor our service according to your lifestyle and offer guidance throughout every stage of your project. Read more about our promise and philosophy and discover what we do in more depth, to help you achieve your vision.

We have a limited number of invitations that will admit two people free of charge. Therefore, if you would like us to send you an invitation, please with your details.

I can honestly say this is not just – these creations truly are works of art – works of art with a function of course. This isn’t so different from an artist producing a sculpture, painting or limited-edition multiples and prints. Both select their materials carefully, consider aesthetics and make their work with integrity. However, perhaps this is not such a tangible function.

Furniture of course, through its very nature, has an inherent practical and functional application: it has a definite use. Here we have solid forms (made from timber) mimicking the fluidity of water. Splash also has an added dimension, that of the surface of its material. It has been made from light blue bird’s-eye maple which has very characteristic marks across the timber. In this case these look like small splashes and droplets of water. In addition, due to its solid domed shape, rippled surface and colour, it is not instantly recognisable as timber. In fact, it looks almost like stone, with is surface as smooth as carved polished marble. It was placed at the front of the stand on its plinth (like many works of art), and as a result drew a lot of attention. It is the addition of the glass top that transforms this piece from a sculpture to a functioning table. A perfect example to illustrate both the similarities and differences between fine art and fine furniture, and where the boundaries blend together. To go into these artists now would mean another essay. Both artists use furniture as the basis of their work. However, has it been transformed from being furniture into art due to the removal of its inherent function?

If you continue we will assume that you are happy with it.

We manufacture them on the premises, which keep our costs down. Our showroom is above our workrooms but most importantly we can make you a sofa or chair to size at no extra cost. Tell us your requirements and we’ll do the rest. It’s bespoke furniture without the bespoke price tag!

This is why we are happy to offer a lifetime guarantee on all sofa frames and springs. In our sofa stores you can choose to cover any piece in literally “any sofa fabric in the world,” which then will be hand cut from a pattern specially made for you. Browse our traditional and contemporary collection of sofas, beds and armchairs, available in any fabric in the world. So no hunting around for an expensive car parking space. Our furniture and cabinetmakers use traditional techniques and every piece is hand made to order. Selling furniture is all about relationships, we need to understand what you’re looking for and you should have trust in us to deliver it.

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West Sussex

We are country people so we understand country people. Every piece undergoes quality control twice. First when it leaves the workshop and then again just before we deliver it you. Getting it right first time is our aim, but if things do need a little more attention we listen and act quickly to resolve any problems, we work tirelessly until you are happy with your furniture. Caution is especially necessary when the furniture is large or is to be carried to an upstairs room. Many people have an idea of a furniture style in mind, but simply can not find anything in store that fits their exact requirements… or price range!

Stuart has very good attention to detail and listened to exactly what we wanted. Where necessary he has made recommendations to us, guiding us with his experience and we are absolutely thrilled with the finished product. Stuart is an extremely efficient and gifted craftsman both reliable, open, honest and friendly. There is no doubt in our minds that no-one could have created a more beautiful kitchen, one which we could only dream of having but which cost us a fraction of the price of the major bespoke kitchen companies.

I am very happy with the finished products. Stuart is easy to work with and has a pleasant personality.

I recommend him highly as a skilled cabinet maker and master craftsman. So please feel free to browse the gallery and get in touch for a no obligation estimate.

We specialise in wood and carpentry but often integrate all kinds of different materials from metals to plastics, ceramics and glass into our pieces.

We provide high class, top quality one-off pieces of furniture to suit our clients specific needs. Carpenters, joiners, joinery, cabinet makers. Producing the highest quality handmade furniture for commercial and domestic clients.

We are a growing business that has been making a good name for itself in the south-east and over the past couple of years right across the country.

Edward Johnson

I discovered my love for craftsmanship at a young age working for my father’s building company and soon realised my talent and passion lay with carpentry, which quickly led to an obsession with wood as a material, fine carpentry and hand crafted furniture. And especially beautifully turned wooden vessels, sometimes with delicately edged with bark, sometimes with burnished and blackened, satiny grain. It’s always great to see the evolution of raw to made. We’re sharing the pictures with you below so you can marvel at his work too. He’s a familiar figure at our woodyard, with his sweet natured spaniel in tow to help sniff out the best boards. He’s careful with timber selection and knows his wood. Their furniture products range from dining sets , outdoor lounges , poolside furniture, summer kitchens as well as estate benches and installations. Take a look at their website for a view of their extensive portfolio. If you need something in wood and you don’t want it ‘off the shelf ‘ then give these guys a call. In fact we’re proof that they’ll go at least 400 miles just to source the raw wood materials to do their making with!

That they’re committed to actively sourcing the best quality homegrown timber they can.

Ideally grown locally to where they work. Colin and his team are a great example of a company that have built their strong personal ethics into way of doing business. It makes us feel good knowing they choose us to work with and that we can provide wood that matches up to their high expectations. Their work is in building and renovation, mainly residential and often traditional. Their portfolio so far encompasses restorations, renovations and full service new builds, all beautifully finished both inside and out. They have built a business on providing the best quality work using the best quality materials and working with the best craftsmen in trade to achieve beautiful homes for their clients.

These guys are serious about quality and we know how hard they work to deliver each project. That’s the beauty of real joinery skills, the joinery discipline applies to all forms of woodworking which means these guys can take every project in their stride.

We know they take care about sourcing and selecting the wood so that they can provide the best quality joinery possible, ensuring their work is fit for purpose and built to last. It means you get knowledge and expertise and a real oak framed building.

We know that these guys will study every piece of timber, using their understanding of wood and structures they’ll place each beam or post appropriately to create the monolithic whole that is a timber frame. They’ll know good wood when they see it and that makes what we do worthwhile. Their past projects include bespoke family homes, commercial developments and unique building extensions, garages and even swimming pool rooms.

We love their sustainable approach to building technology, their attention to technical detail and their quality of work. It goes without saying that they make pretty nice oak frames too!

If you’re looking for a company with genuine eco-awareness and a tried and tested expert knowledge base on modern, sustainable building methods then perhaps this is the building company for you. Jamie loves wood and understands the making process well. Their space is big enough to handle large chair runs for hotels but their quality of work is befitting one off bespoke pieces. We’re really glad to know them and look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength.

New technologies and sustainable thinking are combined with this very traditional build method to create sustainable, durable, healthy buildings. They are is driven by excellence and craftsmanship and are the consummate professionals at work. Aquascience are that breed of engineers that have never had enough new challenges and are happy to take on projects in hard to reach areas… what you mean like a building a wooden bridge over a river in the depths of winter?

If you have a project and you like their work get in touch using the contact details below and they’ll be glad to talk to you about your project. Want to see what they make and how they make it?

To them frame making is for life and the frame is a beloved thing to be crafted and treasured. We’ve noticed that these guys don’t stop at timber frames either… we’ve seen doors and mantels and furniture sneak through their wonderful workshop (nice flag huh?

Why not put them to work on your next project?!

This is because of their prompt service in costings, the quality of the material supplied and their professional attitude towards their clients. They respond really quickly to all requests. Simon’s work epitomises the term ‘fine furniture’ and if you have a yearning for a special piece as an heirloom or want to enhance your property with some fine cabinetry then do get in touch, he’ll be happy to hear from you. They operate their own workshop, equipped to manufacture anything from bespoke garden rooms for private clients to heavy timber frame structures for the construction industry. Simple, subtle colours with highlights of natural, raw wood. John is highly esteemed in his industry, with a style and a range of beautiful furniture of his own. In addition to the new pieces he is commissioned to make, he’s a very well known furniture restorer. Sought after by national institutions and private individuals alike, commissioned to work on priceless antiques and treasures. The timber was brilliantly stable and the quartering was plentiful. He’s a consummate professional, an absolute perfectionist and yet he’s not one to sit on his laurels. We’ve always loved his enthusiasm for new and challenging projects and it’s always exciting to hear what he’s working on next. As if that weren’t enough, the staff are friendly and the location is superb.

We also provide professional contemporary and antique furniture restoration and conservation. The dimensions are just right, it really suits the room to have something so wide. The finish is beautiful, and you have done a great job. It is a pleasure dealing with someone who takes such obvious pride in their work.

I was also extremely happy with the oak table you built me too, the grain in the wood looks beautiful when the sun catches it. He has gained a reputation for producing high quality furniture with an efficient and reliable service at realistic prices.

We provide a made to measure service so we can build your furniture to fit any space you require. Choosing a bespoke furniture company can be difficult. Whether you need bespoke shelving, cabinets, under stair storage or loft conversions we create bespoke made to measure solutions to fit in with the character of the existing environment. Its natural beauty and uniqueness makes a wonderful addition to your living or working environment. It offers almost unlimited potential for artistic expression.

We look forward to providing you with bespoke furniture to meet your vision, it may not be as expensive as you may think. Our aim is to create stylish furniture that will exceed your expectations.

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