Also, to convey in print this ease of working, and the appropriate moisture content to aim for is quite tricky. There is no doubt though that the word “green” has taken on an additional new meaning as eco friendly. How about ‘malleable wood’, ‘acquiescent wood’, or wood in its most malleable or acquiescent state’?

Other cases, a log might have grown in such a way that it will not split either, even if it’s a wood like oak, that splits well. If a piece was green and you drilled round holes for the mortises the holes would tighten up on the tenon when dry if the tenon was already dry. Some focus on artistic qualities for that won’t get much use, while others make durable pieces. The driftwood style uses various types of hardwood logs & sticks (dimensional factor), & even incorporates the panel & freeform design methods. Bentwood may use the exact same material as a stick style, but the distinguishing factor here is the dimensional feature. And incorporating the design realm, it may include some elements of the panel, plus the slab. Therefore, freeform can be thought of as both a structural design method or a style, as it includes both structural design methods as well as a variety of styles. I strive to produce are high-quality, visually pleasing, durable pieces that are suitable for everyday use. The wishbone side chair on the left has beech posts & rungs with other parts of its frame made of maple & cherry. A better term might be “direct furniture making”, in that the furniture is made directly from the tree, without using the intermediary lumberyard or kiln-dried hardwood source. The top is also blue stone and acts as a roof to keep the frame of the bench relatively dry. You can always use more tools, but the ability to make furniture with just a few hand tools is one of rustic furniture’s main attractions. The bevel of the blade is then pressed against the sandpaper-wrapped dowel and drawn backward along the length of the dowel. If the log is lop-sided, it has a tendency to vibrate out of control and possibly fly off the lathe. These joints are then held in place with a hidden screw to make a solid, long lasting bed frame.

Alexander coined the term “green wood working” to describe the use of this material straight out of the log. I only work a small section of the log at a time, leaving the bulk of the log in larger sections.

I would say if you have no means to move the big logs, split them at the mill…bring wedges, maul and axe & work the stuff into sections you can manage.

Structural design method

What Is Green Woodworking?

Jennie came up with a brand new super duper word to describe this woodworking, theres no guarantee the same thing won’t happen to it. As far as cracks & checks; thick dimension stuff like legs need to be handled very carefully.

Any good book on woodwork discusses shrinkage differences and the resultant distortion as the wood drys from ‘green’. His explanation was the tenon will return to its original size of just larger than the mortise and make a solid joint. For instance the slab style may also be considered a design since it uses a different method of construction than panel. However, the distinguishing feature of this style is the wood which has been given a weathered appearance as a result of being exposed to water (environmental condition) for a period of time.

An example of how an anatomical factor determines which style a piece of furniture belongs to, would be the root style.

Freeform, itself may even be seen by some as a design method with its own structural characteristics.

When mechanical fastening is employed, brass nails & screws are used on all visible surfaces.

However, using this visualization method while collecting is much more efficient & results in a better, more “rustic” piece of furniture.

I make pieces of this style fit in without it looking like something that belongs in a log ?

Rustic furniture made with sticks that have the bark removed can have a very contemporary look. Axe handles, crutches, baseball bats and hockey sticks have also been incorporated into rustic furniture.

The mini tenon cutters are great for sculpture, small furniture and bracing for larger pieces.

Method 3) also counts on your eyeball and a steady hand to get the shape right and it also leaves coarse end-grain. In these structures the mortise and tenon joint generally follows the shape of the two pieces of wood being joined such as square, rectangular or wedge shaped.