White Cedar Log Furniture For Summer Log Cabin DecorSummer is officially here; stop wasting time looking up log cabin rentals. Instead turn your home into a cozy little cabin, just like one nestled in the Catskills.

With the help of white cedar log furniture you can easily turn your home into summer log cabin. Our selection of cedar log furniture is all handcrafted and able to be customized to suit your needs.

White Cedar Coffee Table
Every log cabin needs a gathering spot and a coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture for that particular purpose. Make S’mores by the campfire and then gather the whole family around the table! Not only does the coffee table make for a great stand, but also the sustainable wood is very durable to uphold the toughest wear and tear and messiest spills.

Picture Log Furniture Idea

Log Furniture Idea
No summer cabin is complete without bunk beds especially for the little ones in your family. Bunk beds are ideal for tight spaces as the stackable beds allow lots of extra room. The only problem you might run into is who gets to sleep on the top bed.