Loop the ties for a casual look or make a bow to achieve a dressier style- these pieces are not only elegant but also pet-friendly. Designed from excellent quality materials, the slipcover ensures long lasting functionality. It is available in a range of shades, allowing you to select the one which best suits your existing decor arrangement.

Pleats at the inside back and arm intersection exist to minimize the amount of fabric you need to tuck. Try adding this slipcover to all the chairs in your dining room to renew your ensemble in style. Our living room looks great, and these covers are well made and protects our furniture with having two dogs. The only thing is that we have a recliner sofa so the cover slips off the back whenever we recline. Our butterscotch-colored cat sheds a great deal – but this chair cover easily vacuums off, clean as a whistle. However, like all furniture covers, it is not big enough to drape over the end of the couch so that it stays put.

I did have to purchase elastic “bed sheet ties” to keep the backs from falling down when we sit on the couch.

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Wildlife Slipcovers You’ll Love

Cover is made with a durable fabric, just every time you get up you have to fix the cover cause it starts falling down. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit my love seat at all and there is no way it will stay in place.

Simply secure its ties onto your plush perch, then let this quilted microfiber design set a sophisticated tone in your space. These covers will help to extend the life of your furniture and help protect your investment. Showcasing a solid hue, this design can be used in a variety of ensembles from understated to eclectic. It is available in multiple stunning colors, and you can choose one that best fits the existing color scheme.

The neutral hue of this essential design lets this piece blend in with a variety of aesthetics from understated to eclectic, while the subtle geometric pattern adds a touch of texture and dimension. The stretch fabric fits beautifully and snugly over your existing chairs, and the neutral tone lets it blend in with a variety of settings.

Memory stretch fabric and all-around elastic provide a clean, sleek look that goes on easily and stays in place.

We have pets and this will keep the couch clean and it will be easy because we can remove the cover and throw it in the wash. Used these furniture covers to update the interior of our camper to a woodsy outdoor feel. You can find furniture covers all the time, but to find nice theme covers like these are awesome.

Our kitty liked to jump up in our small recliner during the night & now he can do so without being scolded. I wish the arm pieces were a bit longer, as they tend to slip down to the seat when the cats are on it. It does protect my husband’s chair from spills, but we had to pin it on the back to keep it on!

Everytime you sit in it the back falls on your head and arm covers slip off everytime you move.

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