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And every one is at the lowest price – guaranteed. They even have a lemonade stand that offers fresh tea, lemonade and kennel corn. Plan to do a lot of walking and bring some money because nothing here is particularly cheap. There is more than plenty of things to look at and buy.

The indoor/outdoor furniture have every piece of furniture you could think of and more, the pricing in my opinion seems to be more than fair priced for quality hand crafted furniture that you know will last a lifetime. There is an outdoor seating area under shelter to sit and enjoy some of the freshly squeezed lemonade, deli sandwiches or other tasty goodies you find there. Do yourself a favor and bring a cooler along so you can take home some of the freshly homemade baked goodies. They also have an outdoor play area for kids to enjoy and if you've indulged too much on the freshly baked foods there is plenty of room to walk it off and check out the sheds, barns, garages, or simply watch the horses grazing and playing in the pasture. If you don't want to spend money for food or drinks you could even bring your own cooler with lunch packed in it!

This high level of flexibility is one of the many reasons we were voted best furniture store in our market area.

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Furniture or small building sales a plus. Amish home furnishings and custom-built outbuildings.

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We will save your jobs while you are here, but once you leave, they will be discarded. This table is only available in a standard table (not flip top) 52″ for 6 players. The quality of our products is matched only by the quality of our customer service. Check out our pub tables and stools to create another fun spot to play games and enjoy some drinks with family and friends. Please visit, call or e-mail us and we will gladly quote you a price.

We have an extensive collection of carports, garages, workshops, and more. Feel free to take a look around our website for ideas before coming in to see our large selection of beautiful home furnishings that are ready for immediate delivery. However, if you do not find exactly what you want, we also offer special ordering for a wide variety of furniture finishes and custom fabric selections at no additional charge!

Customer service is extremely important to us. Our friendly and very knowledgeable staff would love to help you walk through the process of purchasing new furniture and decor!

We do not mark our prices up so that we can mark them back down; we give you the best price possible every day!

, beds, dressers, rockers (incl. Available woods include quartersawn oak, red oak, and cherry. Variety of stains available for both oak and cherry. Both in-store pickup and white glove delivery available. Also sells outdoor items along with custom cabinetry and furniture. Amish entertainment centers, bedroom furniture, dining rooms. Hardwood construction including cherry, walnut, oak, maple.

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Prefer to cut down on the travel and find your furniture from the comfort of the couch?

I am looking for someone in the area who would like to purchase a several quality specialty trees. Two are cedar, one is a maple and one is a chestnut tree. Such beautiful trees should be something more than firewood or chips for smoking. If you do not see anything in our stores that fits your needs, our products can be custom built however you desire.

We stand behind our products, our structures offer a 15 year warranty.

We stopped in not expecting to purchase anything right then, more to get an idea of what they had and how much the tables would cost. The cost was quite nice too, compared to how much large furniture stores charge for lesser quality items.

We were able to select the color and distress options, decided to pay in full, and were told it would take roughly four weeks to deliver.

We received a phone call about two and a half weeks later saying the tables were in and ready to be picked up. The tables were very attractive and well made. The grain of the wood stands out beautifully. Both times we were at the store, for purchase and pickup, we were offered a free pumpkin or mum to take home with us if we'd like.

We both agree we will definitely come back here to purchase more furniture as time goes on. The quality of the pieces stand out, they are handmade by individuals in this country, and the prices are very reasonable compared to what you'd pay at a traditional furniture store, especially since they are solid wood and not veneer.

We were treated very politely, enjoyed the purchasing phase, were surprised by the speed of delivery, and are more than happy with the final product. Had a very easy transaction, enjoyed working with the various people and were blown away by the professionalism of the delivery person. Ed (behind the counter) was not only helpful, but a good guy on a personal level. Ed made sure the height restriction was on the order, and darn if it isn't within a quarter inch of eight feet from ground to peak.

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I would agree with some who have left reviews that it is a bit pricey. She was also quite patient with us while we were waiting on paperwork. The shed looks great, craftsmanship is flawless, and the colors (shed and trim) almost perfectly match our house. The windows and architectural shingles are icing on the cake. The buildings were delivered today and they are exactly as we ordered them. They look great and are the perfect addition to our farm. The second time, we decided we were going to buy a shed. Each time we came back the price for the shed went up. The 2nd time we went back they had no record of our first visit. Between the 2nd and the 3rd trip, the owner of the company made a home visit to see if they could deliver the shed. At the 3rd visit we were told that our quote was too confusing for the sales person to use, so we could either come back and work with our original sales person, or we could start a whole new quote.

We sat down with the new sales person to clarify things and happened to ask with doors were standard. He pointed to two doors and said they were standard and wouldn't cost extra. Later during our visit the manager came in to speak with us, and told us that they only had one standard door. That the rest of the doors would cost extra. How crappy is your sales team when they don't even know what is standard and what costs extra??

We left their with the understanding that they would send us an updated quote after they spoke with the owner regarding the price difference.

It's been 7 days and we haven't heard anything. Needless to say, we won't be buying a shed from them. Technically, they're guilty of trespassing. In the meantime, the company had agreed to fix the cosmetic dents/dings of the trim.

I doubt they'll even send me a check refund.

We have a fenced in rear yard so we needed a shed that could be built on site.

We were impressed by their knowledge and with the construction of their sheds. Our back yard wasn't level and they had to build a pad for the shed. This required a small backhoe to level the pad location and then several inches of crushed rock were compacted to form the base.

We had a very good experience purchasing three end tables here. Pennsylvania from solid wood and not some foreign made veneer item.

We ordered a 12 x 12 wood pergola here, and we had a great experience overall!

Jen in the office were awesome to work with; they were courteous and promptly returned my calls and answered my questions.

We used their recommended company to complete the site prep ahead of time, and they were easy to work with and affordable as well. Can't wait for them to open their new warehouse next door to the store. Really good prices and wonderful sales staff. Just had my 8x10 shed delivered, and could not be more pleased. John, who did the site survey, was very kind and professional with my wife as he explained our options for site preparation. Mary, who did all the scheduling, was great. This was our first time ordering buildings and the process worked perfectly. Leesburg store helped us understand what to order/how to order/and what add ons we just had to have. He felt slightly pressured to have their "recommended" company come out and price grading / applying gravel to the site to prepare for delivery. My husband went down to the store and told the manager and was told problem was most likely our land prep wasn't properly level b/c we choose not to use his buddy to grade/ prep the land!

Mind you we had the shed less that a week and the issue was clearly not the site!

Their staff were friendly and accommodating. The lovely owner came out the next day to look at the site/pad. They did a great job building the base with a nice gradual ramp and positioned our shed perfectly. They even returned a week after it was installed to seed over the area where the grass was disturbed.

We ordered a playhouse and the owner checked to see if the truck would be able to make it into our backyard without going into the neighbor's yard. This was apparently a bold-faced lie to get me to complete the sale. A couple of feet over into my neighbor's yard, the grass was temporarily crushed down and there was a very small trench, the sort of thing that would rectify itself quickly.

I hadn't gossiped about my neighbors and my insight into their mindset / level of pettiness was limited.

I hired some people to make repairs, as hard as the damage was to even find at that point.

I wrote to the store and asked if they possibly had landscaping expertise and if so, could they perform the work at their cost?

I had taken responsibility they would not be accommodating in any way. My permission wouldn't mean a thing, and trying to put the blame on me wouldn't get you off the hook. Which is too bad, as they have some cute stuff and it's always fun to look at sheds and the like. It was agreed that we will contact this company once we have the shed site done so that it will be ready for them to deliver to our land.

I asked them for my deposit back since the work was not done according to agreement. He also said feel free to sue him for the deposit. The policeman seemed reluctant to help as this was a civil dispute. The policeman heard my story and then talked with the owner.

I did not witness this, but the policeman told me that the owner will be sending me my deposit by check in 1 week. They try to cheat their way out of a contract and keep your money. Do not go there if there are problems and you want your money back because they won't even promise or work with you, rather they will threaten you to get off their property. Amish are true craftsmen and don't just slap stuff together like other sheds we looked at. Victorian with dormer windows and transom door windows. Corner bracing beneath the seat allows this kitchen chair to enjoy a long, functional life whether you choose to leave the seat wooden or to add fabric or leather upholstery. Mortise and tenon joinery throughout the chair adds durability and a top coat of catalyzed conversion varnish resists water and wear.

I need two barns, and they make and deliver the best.

We were able to customize a chicken coop.

We will absolutely do business with them again!