You’re in for a surprise as you begin to explore all that they offer their clients. shopping can be a bit overwhelming.

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Look around at what you like and what your personal preferences are. Start small with one selected item and build from there. An easy way to get started is to take a picture of the room to bring with you. They believe in giving their clients space to make their own decisions.

Whether your style is classic traditional with muted colors; beauty and brawn (a mix of tradition and well-seasoned pieces); or an eclectic mixture that suits your personality, your rooms should reflect your personal taste and likes. Mixing types of woods can create interest in a room. Perhaps the addition of a painted piece lends the right finishing touch to a bedroom. Hot trends are farm tables (the more rustic, the better); they come in and are immediately bought and back out the door. The beauty of a quality, hardwood is timeless. Getting ready for a special occasion, or even getting ready for work, would be pleasant with such a glamour space just for you.

Are you in the market for a statement desk with ornate details or an executive level?

From a comfort, ergonomic perspective to a comfortable, functional piece, selecting the right desk chair is important. Kinnaman’s has many suitable desk chairs to meet your particular needs. Mirrors are available (from large, leaning mirrors to mirrors that can be grouped for a unique entryway). There’s even a mirror with shell framing that’s perfect for a beach or lake retreat. A life-size horse statue was sold to a farm and a life-size cow now lives in the middle of a rose garden. Swings, rockers, unique iron pieces, and vintage gliders make spring and summer in the south special and invoke the hospitality for which the south is known. They backfill the empty floor space on a daily basis to keep the store inventory fresh and interesting. When you find an item you want, but don’t have the means to take it home with you, you can either use the economical delivery option available or have the item placed in their sold container for up to a week so that you can make your pick-up arrangements. Their social media sites are updated two times per week to give you a flavor of what new items are in the store, but you won’t see it all until you stop by. She has a degree in journalism and psychology. Carolyn’s day job is as a pharmaceutical sales representative and, in her free time, she enjoys cooking, the arts and traveling. Carolyn is also the magazines’ resident go-to writer when it comes to anything with animals. She has three dogs and loves all wildlife. Denise loves her coffee and also loves animals, especially cats. Meghan loves to shop, read and take vacations. Adele loves to learn and write about local businesses. Having been a small business owner herself she has great respect for business owners and loves to showcase their successes in the magazines. She also loves to read, her favorite genre being historical fiction. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, reading, spending time with his family and travel. He’s also an ultimate sports fan and enjoys attending live events from college to pro. Lisa has a degree in education and, as such, writes many educational articles for the magazines. Lisa enjoys traveling, is an avid reader and gardener and has done extensive work on her family’s genealogy. Megan has also spent time in film, having appeared in two movies – an independent production and as an extra in studio film.

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Mallory enjoys reading, writing, acting, and watercolor painting. With a background in art, she dabbles in just about every craft imaginable and enjoys sharing this passion with her children. Her other interests include camping, hiking, running, and she is never one to turn down an adventure. Taryn’s favorite thing about writing for the magazine is being able to connect with so many amazing people in the community and create pieces that resonate with its readers. She enjoys traveling, knitting, cooking and reading (most of all, reading about military history).

We wanted to get the table top refinished. In the interim, we washed the grime off the top of one of the chairs, only to find that the finish came off. That nudged us to consider getting the chairs refinished, too, if the project ever surfaced. He rekindled our interest in getting the dining room set refinished. They had assumed they were picking up the , and started putting pads on it. He added in a nasty tone that that probably was fine with us because we said we were going to get more quotes.

I reiterated that we wanted them to do it, but that wasn’t good enough. He told her they were slammed with business, three weeks out, and we ought to find someone else to do it.

I reiterated that the scope of work increased substantially and that a new quote was called for. Telling him these things turned out to be a mistake.

We ended up going ‘round and ‘round, “exchanging candid views” of each other, until he told me to take our business elsewhere.

I guess new customers are supposed to be mind readers who automatically understand the way he does business. Apparently, he considers visiting a customer to look at the scope of the work and give a quote, and a customer getting other quotes, highly offensive and insulting or something. He certainly doesn’t mind jacking around people like me who can’t read his mind and don’t know what his rules are.

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Folks who want to be treated right might want to go elsewhere. Ted repaired and refinished our antique kitchen table. He did a great work with both the repair and the refinishing of the table. My grandmother would have very proud to see how great her furniture looked!

Was able to "rig" my swivel rocker so that it did not lean so far back every time you sat down in it. Doug was very professional and was very upfront as soon as he had any issues with my piece. Once he started the project he ran into what's known as "fish tailing" which affects the final finish on furniture. Even though he wound up stripping it 3 times to try and correct it, it still didn't turn out quite right but he actually charged me less than what he had quoted. He took much more extra time than estimated to try and solve the problem. It was 23 days before any work was started (1 person, 1 1/2 days), then no one came for a week.

I finally agreed to drywall and vinyl siding.

The newly hired crew leader argued for removal of the remaining damaged plaster partial wall instead of floating the 3 inch difference, and insisted on bracing the ceiling joists according to code. They finally installed a second vinyl window - but no screens/storm windows. Weeks later they brought a screen for each window, but they were too small; they nailed them in place to keep from failing out. The windows will not open without using a crowbar from the outside, so they are unusable and unacceptable. The doors were not painted on both sides, or rehung. The ceiling was painted with 2 different colors of paint.

Although the work was completely paid by the insurance company during the early stage of the work, the check went to the mortgage holder jointly with me. The mortgage holder would not release funds until identifiable work was completed - which did not occur as scheduled. Maybe this is par for contractors, or my repairs were too small for them to be bothered with. July, but delayed finalizing it until the job was completed. Grubbs did a fantastic job repairing the finish, regluing the top, and did it with a quick turn around. As we talked about the table, he knew of the craftsman who built it back in the 1970's.

I buy things at auction, antiques, and they refinish a lot of it for me. They're very perfectionistic in their refinishing. The building, built in the 40’s as a grocery store, had 3 apartments above with an open back porch area and was known as a gathering place for local gossip. The upstairs is now a private residence and separate apartment. The shop specializes in 18th, 19th, and early 20th century antiques.

We are a high-end antique store and fine art gallery. Trouvaille is an extraordinary shopping experience.

We'll do whatever it takes tomake you a customer for life!

We look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!

Everything sold "as is, where is", no warranties, expressed or implied. Buyer assumes responsibility for all items upon completion of bid. Seller reserves the right to add/delete items. Information provided is believed to be accurate, however, is not guaranteed. All announcements made the day of the sale take precedent over any advertisements. The terms and conditions of the auction may or may not be published in this listing. They did a great job refinishing two pieces that belonged to my mother. When he showed up he was professional and quickly figured out the problem, had the parts on hand and fixed it right away. He was very polite and professional and completed the job timely for a fair price. It was my pleasure working with him and highly recommend him for any furniture refinishing job!

I highly recommend his work, company, and professionalism for all your decor needs!

He is a perfectionist in every job that he takes on. Safety in the work place was observed at all times.

I would highly recommend this company for your furniture installation needs.

I focus on wood repair, finish repair, and structural repairs of all kinds.

I learned all my skills working with my family.

I shade to match, pickup, and deliver if that's what you want.

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I am capable of extremly high end furniture repair and refinishing.

I also repair case goods and do color matches.

We do on-site furniture repairs, touch-up furniture cleaning as well as professional residential and commercial cleaning. Forsyth has a variety of shops, auctions, and flea markets dealing in such items. Hamel knows what she buys and painstakingly details description, age, and location on the tags.

I was struck by an ornately carved three-piece seating group with red and gold upholstery just inside the door. Further in the store hangs a brightly colored polyester mumu from the ’60s. She shows me a bushel basket, maybe 90 years old, mended long ago with tin newspaper plates.

I am a firm believer that you never buy the first thing you see so, on to the next. And a lot of the furniture, new or old, is ~gasp~ painted. They began making changes slowly, working to meet the needs of the customers and the vendors who rented space while staying true to their own standards and tastes. When they first opened there was very little painted furniture. He looks for items, new or old, that he would want for his own home, with uniqueness and good quality. They have an astounding collection of maps and prints, botanicals, and etchings. Larry worked hard to learn about his stock and to develop a customer base that knows and trusts him. Ryan has grown up around the business and helped his dad for years. Too often people are afraid older furniture won’t stand up to use. When possible she explains that quality antiques are much more durable than most new furniture. The store is staged in vignettes, often pairing an antique with newer items showing how an older piece can be incorporated into nearly any home. Men especially gravitate to the strong masculine drawers that date from 1840-1880. She delights in sharing those stories with people who come to her store or her auctions. That’s a typewriter, a phone, a record player,” she laughs. But she is adamant that items be quality and in great shape. She also stresses the importance of buying local, often recommending other shops to customers. Company may have to have coffee instead of drinks. Inside you’ll find an eclectic mix of vintage and new items.

This antique supercenter features more than 50 dealers under one roof. Food trucks, a beer garden, raffles, and an auction also highlight the events. Know what you’re buying, what its value is, and whether the dealer is reputable. If a deal seems too good to be true, it might be. If you are starting to redecorate your home, start with some new furniture from here, such as loveseats and living room furniture. Lots of vintage clothing and merchandise.

We work with your insurance adjuster to help you recover from your fire.

We polish and repair brass, copper, silver and all types of metals. Grandfather's and it will be something that they are planning on giving to their children when the grow up. Pre-owned furniture, new furniture, and high quality antiques, accessories and collectables at discount prices for all your home decorating ideas. The people at the front desk had been smoking inside, and as we made our way to the back the smell faded only slightly.

I still can't believe people would be allowed to smoke inside.

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I won't be returning and will make sure to discourage any acquaintances from patronizing this store. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and really patient with customers ranging in age from 2 to 80. Thanks ladies for a great shopping experience!

Please feel free to call us or fill out our questionnaire below to tell us more about yourself and the types of new furniture, pre-owned furniture and antiques you desire to sell. People are so nice and we never leave empty-handed.

We bring over 45 years of experience to our work, first as a collector, then as a retailer, and for the past 35 years as an appraiser.

We understand antiques and the antiques business, including the market and current pricing.

We have lectured on antiques identification and collecting, and on topics as diverse as fine silver, wicker furniture, and how to recognize antique furniture. Our comprehensive reference library includes more than 1, 000 books, periodicals and auction catalogues, as well as access to numerous on-line resources.

We uphold the highest standards for independence. As we do not buy or sell, our appraisals are totally unbiased.

We have provided individual appraisals for hundreds of unique items.

We also provide expert witness services / testimony for this type of appraisal.

We charge a simple hourly rate for our services, regardless of the value of your items.

We buy and sell high-quality antique furniture and fine art from all over the world.

We have served our community and the world for over 40 years by providing a means to buy and sell quality merchandise.

We are competitive, affordable, willing to make a deal.

We also handle estate sales of all sizes. In addition to being an antique store and art gallery as well as offering estate sales service, we also offer free on-site art appraisals. Bring any item you would like to know more about and we will assess it for you at no cost.

We do ask you call us before you come by, just to make sure someone is here to help you before you arrive. Don’t sell your antique furniture to a used furniture store, let the experts handle it!

I love coming and browsing at the new finds. This place has about every old thing you can think of for sale. If you collect books, clear your afternoon and go check it out. Not only can you shop for some excellent pieces, but you can find the items that work for your budget, too!

We also offer custom furniture, custom artwork, and paint services, which will ensure you take home a real treasure.

We have convenient delivery services, as well, so it’s easy to get your new vintage items home. Make sure to come in to see our newest inventory and check back often to learn about our newest items and collectibles for your home or business.

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