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Antique Furniture With Carved Face Furniture

We treasure our chair and it has become a beautiful conversation piece in our home.

We would very much appreciate any information you can provide as to where it was made, how long ago and its value. Without a manufacturer's mark, it can be impossible to identify the maker. The figures are around 3 inches high, all are wearing blue pajamas, and there are multicolored flowers on the bases.

I would like to know more about them and if they are of any value. Their line of nursery rhyme figurines was introduced in 1949 and was in production until 1958. They were available with and without the flowers on the bases. The names of the characters were included with the mark. Small washboards were made for washing undergarments.

I purchased a china bowl with two handles at an estate sale.

It is decorated with a classical scene of three females and a shepherd. A cobalt-blue border embellished with gold surrounds the picture. Could you please tell me the age and value of my bowl?

Her work was copied on 19th and early 20th century china. It is a female figure wearing a classical gown draped with flowers. She is standing under a grapevine with leaves and clusters of celadon-green glass grapes. There are small light bulbs inside the grapes.

I would appreciate your opinion of its value. There are about 24, 000 listings and values from the 19th century to the present day. There is a need to decorate the blank space. That need has largely been fulfilled over the centuries using the talents of people with special skills that few of us ever acquire. These are the carvers, the craftspeople who can release a figure from a blank block of wood or who can depict a fluid battle scene in a stationary medium. Egyptian was carved with religious symbols and animal figures. Horner today are among the most highly sought after, especially his works that depict winged griffins. But he was among the last of the great carvers. What about all the chairs with fancy carved backs?

Four advances in technology pretty well put an end to high-volume hand carving by the end of the 19th century and into the 20th. The advances were the spindle carver, the die press, the router and plastic. The spindle carver came along in the 1880s and was perfected in the 1890s. It employed a series of cutting heads mounted on spindles that were attached to a central handle. A skilled worker could manipulate the handle over a single master carving and turn out dozens of identically carved pieces in very short order. And where did all of those spindle carved pieces go?

All of that fancy work was machine carved and applied, not carved from the background material. But very few of those were actually hand carved.

Antique Wood Carvings

With Carved Face John’ Antiques

A sharp steel die was rolled under great pressure over the plain wooden crest rail destined for a new chair. These chairs became known as “press back” chairs and were the favorites of the mail order and premium bonus houses of the period. The basic shapes of couch frames or chair frames were cut by machinery. A real carver often came along and added chisel marks for authenticity but that was about it. While the spindle carver and the router could turn out most decorative molding, some of the work was too delicate for machinery and too time-consuming for handwork. Of particular interest were the floral decorations of . The delicate raised flowers and flowing garlands on the doors of chifforettes and top drawers of vanities appeared to be carved, but they were actually castings made of a plastic-like variety of cellulose poured into a mold. They were then glued to the appropriate piece of furniture and finished or painted just like the wood. Carved buffalo horn black panther on a wooden base. Carved figure out of one piece of lignum vitae. This monkey has a polished face with contrasting coloured wood eyes. It was purchased over 25 years ago at a local estate auction. Each has a wood frame, paw feet and an upholstered seat. Both arms are decorated with carved faces of winged females. Your chair and matching rocker were made in the late 1800s or early 1900s. A settee was often included in these sets. The carved winged female was probably inspired by the ancient mythical sphinx. She had the head of a woman, wings and the body of a lion. Without a manufacturer mark or label, it can be difficult to identify the maker.

Antique furniture victorian furniture antique victorian furniture antique oak furniture

It is approximately 6 inches tall and decorated with red and pink roses. There is gold on the lid, handle and spout, and it is in excellent condition. Also included with the mark are several numbers. Anything information you can provide about the maker, age and value will be appreciated. He established a reputation for producing high-quality earthenware teapots. The pottery has used several marks including some that were embossed and others that were printed. The numbers included with the mark usually refer to the pattern. Chair and rocker set was made around 1900. Items of a general interest will be answered in this column. It is about 11 inches tall and is decorated with pink roses and green leaves. Damaged furniture can often be craved or engraved with a rotary tool and carving bits to exactly match the piece that is being replaced.

The bedposts were solid, carved and octagonal. The table legs were carved columns mounted on bracket feet. During that time, cabinetmakers made the majority of furniture. Features during that time resulted in furniture that was attractive and comfortable. Chair legs carved with scrolls and rounded contours flowed into a cartouche back. Woodcarvings typically consisted of roses, flowers, grapes, leaves and birds.

Sofas and loveseats featured a serpentine frame with carvings on the arms and back. The carvings were of classic scrolls and knots with open spaces or piercings within the carved areas. Tables from this era had marble tops in white, white and gray, or pink and chocolate. Factory-made furniture led to a decrease in detail. Small spindles were part of nearly every piece of furniture during this time. Machines began to replace hand carving as machines cut flowers and leaves in outline and factory workers carved in the details. The use of lacquer and bamboo became popular during this time. Items are typically delivered within 2 weeks of the purchase date. Larger items and furniture may take up to 6 weeks for delivery. Prior to shipping or local pickup, buyers may cancel an order for any reason. Please notify us within 24 hours of purchase if you would like to cancel an order, as prompt cancellation will reduce the likelihood that you will incur return shipping charges. Once shipping or pickup has been initiated, the cancellation will be considered a return. All sales final 48 hours after receiving your purchase.

For approved returns, the buyer is responsible for full cost of return packing and shipping. If you decide to cancel the order at pick up, you or your agent must reject the item at the time of pickup or delivery from the seller. Do not take the item with you or accept the curbside delivery. Includes velvet cushions and intricately carved images including faces, organic ornamentation, and griffon legs. It looks great in both contemporary minimalist interiors and more traditional homes. This chair also offers a solid, comfortable seat with a supportive backrest and durable arms. A pair of magnificent arm chairs with a marvelously hand-carved, solid oak frame and a pinkish seat cushion is the thing to have, if you want to transform your dining room into a royal chamber. What's more, it also includes stunning, griffon-like armrests and front feet in shape of lion's paws. It is not difficult to imagine how such a piece of furniture would change today a minimalist interior. Carved oak arm chair has a frame carved in dark oak, and the upholstery with a light background, velvet admixture and painted flowers in shades of pink. The carvings of this stunning arm chair are, simply, spectacular. Its frame is crafted of solid oak wood, with beautiful curvature, fixed stretchers and sloping armrests. It also has a leather panel embedded in its back and a medium-firm seat with matching leather upholstery. Carved furniture is a beautiful way for a unique decor, so it's a dining chair made of oak wood. Beautiful upholstery adds all lightness and interesting style. The high back of beautifully carved delight. It features hand carved oval back frame and curved arms. Extra-padded back provides added support. Everyone will tell you how fantastic and comfortable these chairs are.

Pair of Carved face Hall Chairs

This modern arm chair can be a great addition for dining rooms. The frame is crafted from solid oak wood, and covered in a black finish. The seat is upholstered in top grain black leather, and contoured for extra comfort. Add elegance, beauty and comfort to your living room with this amazing arm chair. It has got a black leather upholstery and solid wood construction.

You will be impressed how beautiful this chair is. With this unusual antique 19th century continental carved oak arm chair your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. It offers a durable and strong construction to grace any interior. Set of 2 chairs mounted on richly decorated frame made of oak wood. Seats are upholstered with fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Perfect as dining chairs or additional seating. This kind of chair has got a solid hand carved frame made of wood. This construction includes a cushioned seat that is soft. Its frame is made of solid ash wood and has a walnut finish. Square seat is padded and upholstered with black leather. Accent chair with elaborate carving on a wooden frame, just as this one, may be a complement of a traditionally stylized decor, but not exclusively!

Carvings in oak embody the utter style and class. The fine tapestried upholstery also can't be missed. Its frame is made of solid wood with flute style front legs. This modest arm chair is a quality product, featuring casters for easy mobility, a solid oak construction finished in dark oak color, and a comfortable upholstered seat. This piece offers a sensible touch of antique and warmth to any room!

This armchair is a piece of furniture that introduces a retro, antique style into the house. Its frame is made of durable wood with an oak finish. An elegant antique rocking armchair with a sturdy wooden frame finished in brown. It features showy arms with wide flat tops and upright slatted sides. A deep thick seat and a wide backrest are padded and upholstered in quality dark brown leather.

A classy and elegant armchair in a mission style. It's a sturdy piece of furniture made of top quality oak wood. It's characterized by a natural, slightly distressed appearance, which will suit traditional interiors. Made in 1902, it will be a real bargain for all retro/vintage lovers. A stunning, very traditional armchair, perfect for your library or study room, bound to make you feel like you are in an antique mansion. Carefully carved out of oak and finished with premium, red leather, this chair is just amazing!

Apparently, it retained its mint condition - the oak frame looks like new. Low seat features dark brown leather (or leatherette?) padding. The chair has a leather upholstery with comfy padding, and hardwood construction for lasting usage. It is a product that plays a functional and decorative role in a living room. It has got a very soft and comfortable seat and back cushions. Materials used in the construction are wood, foam, walnut, polyurethane.

Antiques. Carved chair may have come Michigan

This chair provides good quality and style to any contemporary interior. Its padded, soft seat adds more convenience. It is sturdily crafted of real wood with warm, natural oak finish. The slatted back is congenially curved for the best sitting comfort. The frame and legs are made of oak wood with natural finish. Upholstered wooden chair is a combination of elegance, luxury and comfort. It is ideal for the office, cabinet or conference room. It looks great and provides high comfort. The chair features a contoured seat and back, spindle legs, durable stretchers, and comfy armrests - all covered in a light oak finish. This kind of armchair features a wooden construction. Its frame, arms and legs are made of oak hardwood. It is a chair that measures 26 inches wide x 32 inches deep x 34 inches high. A very comfortable and stylish chair that has got a yellow color. It has got a carved frame made of oak wood with a natural finish. The chair has got a soft seat cushion and its overall size is 37 inches high x 27 inches wide x 30 inches deep. It is a stylish and beautiful accent chair that has got a jute back, white cotton upholstery and solid construction. It is perfect for traditional style and décor. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic this accent chair is. An upholstered armchair based on a solid wooden frame. It has got a soft, comfortable seat supported by a backrest.

It has got green and gold stripes that look very stylish in different indoors. A very original composition that updates any dining room decor. This kind of armchair features a clear acrylic base. Its seat has got a soft cushion and a solid button-tufted backrest that assures a comfortable posture. It is an armchair that has got a seat cushion and a comfortable backrest covered with faux leather. The product has got steam bent arms with vertical slats. Its contemporary style and neutral colour matches any type of decor.

It is a curved loveseat with arms, soft seat and durable frame made of solid wood. It fits to elegant style and décor in your dining room and living room area. This kind of ottoman measures 26 inches x 20 inches x 18 inches high. A chic classic style chair having a subtly grooved frame of oak wood finished in aged light brown. It features curved both legs, aprons, arms and a backrest. A semi-oval seat, a shield-like back and arm pads are covered in plain dark beige fabric.

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Most (but not quite all) of this furniture is also oak, but its origins are manifold. These small fantastic little men, peeped out from the carved foliage. Instead, land boundaries were thick hedgerows of smaller trees and vines and scattered oaks. The most common leaves are the oaks and the hawthorn. It was above the doorway in the door frame. It resembles a man or possibly a lion, as whatever it is has a mustache or hair on its face. It almost appears as if it has big ears, but the face looks like a man. Trying to figure out what it is, and its meaning.

I buy and sell furniture and often have to figure out what period the particular furniture piece fits into. Use it to figure out your style as you identify antique chairs.

I have a chair with a face carved accross the back.

I once saw an article that described the chair and said the style had a name. These classical and very elaborate motifs were common during this mid to late 19th century which at its height was seen during the period of 1860-1885 but is documented as being produced into the 1890's. Do you have an image of your chair to share?

Carving Was Inspired By Ancient Myth by Anne McCollam

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Upload your image to the free photo sharing site photobucket and create an album.

I will opt out and see if anyone else has an idea.

I don't have the "computer savy" to forward a pix. Carving has many of same characteristics. One is a rocker and the other is not but they are the same style.

I have been unable to identify the style. Very high back, hand carved standing (dragon) in the center. It looks like oak and has a carved face on the back. The seat cover has been replaced with a hand done tapestry.

I cannot find the name of the green man on the chair. Is there a person there who knows a lot about vases?

I asked about two items a rocking chair and a pair of bookends.