When you cannot decide between modern and classic decor, go for the metal and wood wall mirror.

In recent years, we finished the basement including adding a wine cellar and added a laundry room, reconfiguring the second floor bedrooms. In the dining room, try hanging framed artworks on either side of a large mirror for a classic, elegant look. Venetian read as a mix of tradition and modern, making them one of our all-time favorites for eclectic decorating.

Mirror frame wall

Wood Frame Mirror

Spread a small amount of wood glue on each face, and join with a coarse thread pocket screw. The plastic retainers on this mirror were too deep to notch into the back of the new frame. Shoot one 2” 15-gauge finish nail into the top and bottom horizontals of the frame at each stud location. Placed on top of your dresser or vanity, the trifold design lets you see your features from every angle. If you have a shower station outside, you won’t know how you managed without an shower mirror shelf. For this frugal farmhouse idea, find the cheapest mirror you can and personalize it with a wood frame!

Coarse thread pocket

This versatile round mirror can be hung alone or mixed with other artwork for an instant gallery wall. If you want to see your entire outfit with a single glance, a floor-length mirror is a smart choice.

Formal symmetry (where two sides of a room are close to mirror images of each other) dresses up a space.

Try framing a mirror with beautiful wood to make it look more like an artwork than a practical addition. Rather, try using them as an accent on a small alcove wall, or used as a part of a larger vignette.

Be sure to leave at least 2” of material to the outside of the frame, so it can be properly joined in the corners.

I wanted a white wash to show the beauty of the cedar grain while toning down the reddish color. Dab a small amount of caulk between the mirror and the wall, the mirror and the strap, and lightly tighten the screw. Materials: 24’ 1×4 cedar sanded one side; four coarse thread pocket screws; wood glue; or stain; and caulk. For a large bathroom with two adjacent sinks, a double-width mirror hangs directly across the top of the units giving you both a clear view. Or add a single mirror with a highly decorative frame to catch everyone’s eye as they walk by.

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