I gave it 4 stars only because it was way darker in person than the picture online (the picture online looks like it had lighter shades of brown). Very sturdy, bevel mirror, it transformed the bath.

Even the men who delivered it to my home did a double take after they unwrapped it. It has the hooks on the back to hang on the wall but we left it as a floor mirror. It's the perfect accent for an , living room or entryway. Horchow offers an extensive selection of decorative wall and floor mirrors in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes.

High quality electro plating finish with brass lacquer coating. Solid pine frame finished in hand-applied gold leaf. The mirror has a ring at the top for hanging. The mirror side is beveled, shows its age with hazing and silvering is missing in spots along the edge. Please view pictures and feel free to ask questions. It has a ring in the back to allow for easy wall mounting.

The mirror measures 27” x 23” and is the perfect size for your powder room or perhaps sitting on your mantel. The corners of the frame shows some separation which is expected. Here is a very old original art decor black mirror. It has 2 holes on either side top corners. Adding decorative grommets would really set this mirror off beautifully. The edging needs to be refurbished as it is chipped in several places. The detailed art work etched in gold on this piece is beautiful. Height measures 10 and three quarters of an inch. If more pictures are needed please feel free to reach out. On the back the paper is ripping off from old ness. The gesso flowers have their original painted finish. There is wear and a couple of dings so please see all photos carefully. This dresser top mirror dates to the 1930’s. The mirror is beveled and is 5 inches diameter. It doesn’t look bad and it’s not noticeable until you close to it in the light. The frame has a beautiful art nouveau look with flower swag bouquets on the corners and lovely beaded circle around the mirror.. This would look fantastic with a mirror or with a work of art. Possibly held a painted porcelain at one time. Mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally. Swivels front to back and holds position. If nut is loosened on bottom will swivel side to side as well. Would make a beautiful mirror or use as a wall hanging. If you make it past this part, you are good to go!

Every mirror is different so just take your time on this part!

Wood Mirror

It uses the same battery packs as our drills making this tool a no brainer. Once you have glued and nailed those two pieces you are ready for stain!

Here is what the back of the mirror looks like now.

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The amount of plans there is mind-boggling… there’s like 16, 000 plans or something like that for tons of different projects. Definitely enough to keep me busy with projects for many more years to come haha www.

I can’t judge it by the picture so can you tell us if we should be using a 1×3 or a 1×4.

You two have turned into regular ‘ole “handywomen”!

Lowe’s does have a small selection though.

You can also find them online at certain wood sites. Besides the bathroom vanity mirror you use every morning, many mirrors are used for decorative purposes. From wall mirror art to mirrored backsplashes in the kitchen, mirrors have become a familiar part of home décor. Modern mirror styles are increasingly creative and unique, partly because of new technologies and partly because homeowners are looking for something distinctive. A large wall mirror with a detailed frame can be just as elegant as an elaborate painting. Other places include the hallway (along the wall or at the end), the bedroom, along the stairway and the entryway.

You can even install a mirror outside on the porch or on a wall adjacent to the garden. The mirror creates a perception that the flowers have spread further than they actually have. Whatever locations you choose, the secret to decorating with mirrors is positioning and knowing how to mix and match. Make sure the mirror properly captures any light coming in.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

After all, the beauty of a mirror is coaxed out by light. If there is too little or no natural light hitting the mirror add your own light fixtures. An overhead or wall light directed towards the mirror will create a beautiful effect. In larger areas such as the living room, hang several mirrors with varying shapes and sizes. Just make sure the mirrors are complementing each other and not competing for attention. For instance, you can have several round mirrors with different sizes. Each can have its own slightly different frame that blends well with the rest. A mirror combo usually works best when all the pieces are hang on a single wall. This creates a sort of a gallery that becomes the focal area of the room. Try to choose a wall that is directly opposite the windows. This allows the mirrors to reflect more light around and create an even more dazzling style.

You can also set up clever interplay between mirrors and other objects around the house. For example, a large mirror that reflects an art piece opposite it. Or a mirror positioned to reflect the view outside into the house. As much as you may want different frame styles for different mirrors, stay within a specific theme. Don’t have one mirror with an industrial-style wrought metal frame and another country-style one with a wooden trim. Even for mirrors setup in different rooms, try to work within one theme.

Mirror tiles are becoming increasingly popular. They make for stunning backsplashes (especially when combined with lighting) and are easy to maintain. Mirror tiles are also a common in other areas such as the bathroom. For pizzazz, go for mirror mosaic tiles.

You can even create a full accent wall using just mirror mosaic tiles. Take a moment to look at some of the mirror ideas that we have gathered and hopefully it will provide some inspiration. Definitely an alluring focal point in this bathroom. Never would have thought of this to decorate a dresser!

Just love this mirror above the fireplace. All the choices in this room are perfect!

Generally, the mirror should be tall enough that the tallest person in the house can easily see their image and low enough that the shortest person can also clearly see themselves.

You can also install a full length mirror next to the sink where you can easily see your full image. For instance, you can avoid the traditional rectangular mirrors and get a round vanity mirror installed.

If you feel like round is still too traditional, there are many other shapes–heart, wavy, oval and diamond. One other popular way to add the “cool factor” is to add lighting around the mirror. Did you know you can also buy bathroom mirrors that are already fitted with lights?

In addition to the mirror itself, the frame is also a big part of the overall style. Using the framing alone, you can change the look of a vanity mirror. The most common strategy is to add a painted wood trim. A wide white frame gives your mirror a farmhouse or traditional look, black contrasts well with a neutral bathroom décor, bright colors like green and yellow have a warm mid-century feel while softer colors like silver and gray give your mirror a modern style. One final tip to keep in mind when it comes to bathroom mirrors: bigger is usually better. Big mirrors fill up a space without stifling it. If anything, they add light, airiness and depth. The thicker the mirror, the more expensive it will be. Small bathroom and dresser mirrors are often this thin. For bigger vanity and decorative mirrors, the average thickness is between 4mm and 6mm. For much larger decorative mirrors, the glass can be as thick as 9mm. For projects such as a kitchen backsplash or a mirror accent wall, talk with your contractor to figure out the best thickness. For smaller projects, the average 4mm-6mm thickness is good enough. Also consider the thickness of the framing. Thin frames tend to have a sleek modern look and are better for expanding a room visually. Thicker and wider frames on the other hand cast a homely country feel.

Eternal Wood Framed Floor Mirror

Put one large one on the wall or hang two big ones on opposite walls. The mirrors create the perception of depth and expansiveness. If you have a window in the room, put the mirror opposite it. By reflecting the light coming in, it will create an airier and lighter space. One alternative is to place a full-size framed mirror on the floor and let it lean against the wall. Place the mirror at the end of the bed or beside it.

You can also position it opposite a piece of art you want reflected back at you. They can even be identical, hang in symmetry across the wall. Make sure the mirrors align with something in the room such as the sofa, a dining or the windows on the opposite wall. For smaller spaces, be careful not to overwhelm the room with too many or excessively large mirrors. It might fill more like funhouse than a home. So don’t be afraid to go for the unusual. If it captures your heart and personality unlike anything else you have seen, go for it. If anything, it will provide a conversation starter for guests. So remember, mirrors are an easy and inexpensive way to add some style to a space. Bedroom, living room, bathroom and every part of the house looking fabulous. This could be important to ensure you get the right feel and can fit it in the right spot. If you’re getting a replacement for an old or broken mirror, you’d probably want to consider the dimensions that you used to have so you can figure out if want something that’s the same size.

You actually managed to find a lot of variety and your selection. They also have an awesome selection of mirrors. Wood framed mirrors are fantastic for antique, rustic, and vintage decors, and they look good in any room. Whether you need a small wooden mirror for your bathroom or a large one for your living room, you'll find it here.

I love how it turned out, and it was inexpensive to boot!

It will bleed through the mirror backing, making spider web looking marks all over the mirror. The clear silicone works perfectly and adheres to wood and mirrors. Looks expensive, but you can smile knowing just how much you saved by doing it with your hubby.

Your projects are not only so amazing but so doable!

I have home depot cut my plywood to size since we gave away our table saw. Hubby was afraid of it so all we have is a chop saw to work with. Maybe there will be a few of these on hand for the lucky shoppers at your next market?

We do what we have to do to get the job done.

I plan to make one for leaning in our bedroom. Thanks so much for sharing in such detail.

I did not know about using the fence pickets or the silicone.

I always find plenty of uses for the extra material!

We based it off of the size of our mirror, and frame. The full size of the mirror and frame is 23″ wide x 59″ tall. The mirror was 12″ wide x 47 3/4″ long when we started.

Decorative Wall Mirrors and Floor Mirrors at Horchow

They say using silicone will eventually leave marks through the mirror.

We haven’t had any issue with the silicone, and it’s been over a year since we made this mirror.

I also used special mirror adhesive to secure the mirror. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cost friendly project!

We are making one but are struggling with the best way to hang something so heavy. The wood frame of the mirror sits right up next to the mirror edge. Have you ever worked with the cheap ones?

The damp wood will warp, causing your mirror to bend/ bow.

You can also use a 1″ x 4″ board, or a 1″ x 6″ too. A jigsaw would go a long way with this project!

Since then, we’ve completed this project several other times with success.

We just break the cheap, plastic frame and pull it off. Diy wood framed mirror the wood grain cottage. Not only do they open up a room and make a space look bigger, they also bring light into the room especially if opposite a light source, like a window!

Available framed or frame-less, there's a wall mirror to fit any budget or decorating style. Particularly useful in narrow areas, they visually expand your sense of space to give an impression of a wider room. An excellent choice for entryways or foyers, wall mirrors are useful for making last-minute checks of makeup and hair. They are typically finished in gilt or dark stains and are an excellent choice when you want a feminine or formal look. With their distinctive frames and shapes, they can really enhance your décor. Larger wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together, make a room look brighter and bigger.

Our different styles and types give you choices for everywhere in your home. Mirrors are known to open up a room as they reflect natural light. This is particularly useful in a small room as the room appears to be larger in size. Place your mirror opposite a window when possible to bring the outdoors inside. One trick in a room that has fairly dark decor is to put lighting near a mirror, which not only makes the space appear to be much bigger but also creates a focal point in the room. Try sconces mounted on either side of a mirror, a stylish floor lamp next to a mirror or a unique chandelier nearby. Dining room lighting, as an example, works well with mirrors to enhance the ambience when entertaining.

Look at our mid-century lamps to get more ideas. A mirror hanging in an entryway makes the space seem bigger and more welcoming and also acts as a handy storage area when equipped with hooks or a drawer underneath. Hang coats and bags on the hooks and place your keys and other essentials in the drawer. A floor mirror in your bedroom lets you see how an outfit looks from every angle and in full. Instead of a floor mirror, opt for one on a stand that tilts to reflect the light and get a better angle. Applying makeup is easy with a vanity mirror.

Antique Mirrors for sale

A mirror that incorporates hidden storage is a terrific way to keep your jewelry safe and secure. Mirrors are a popular choice for decor as well as for their practical use. Wood adds warmth to a room, bronze and antique brass have a traditional look and silver is modern. Faceted frames throw out light from different angles. This is highly useful when placed near dining room lighting , such as one of our mid-century lamps, as it catches the light and reflects the pattern onto the wall and surrounding . When you have a space in your home in mind, choose the size and shape mirror you need then consider whether you need it to simply be functional or decorative. Two-toned metal drawer pulls and pin legs finish off the entire look. This contract-grade item is manufactured to meet the demands of commercial use in. Highlighted by a metal frame finished in brown, this piece features a sleek oval silhouette that is perfect for adding a touch of cottage charm to any space. With a matching hanging knob included, it offers up a knotted jute rope hanger. It is long lasting and will not cease to enhance the mood of your living space for many years to come. Brimming with masculine appeal, this mirror's wood-grain details add a rustic touch to your decor, while its rectangle silhouette blends effortlessly into both casual or formal aesthetics. Each mirror comes ready-to-hang vertically or horizontally. These work great in entryways, bathrooms or over your fireplace mantle.

50 Interesting Mirror Ideas to Consider for Home

Crafted from non-beveled glass, this piece is perfect for grabbing a glimpse of your reflection, opening up a smaller space, and scattering light throughout your room for a boost of brightness. Able to open up a room, let the bright light bounce around, and add style to your space, mirrors are must-haves for any home. Take this one for example: pairing its beveled glass center with a molded polystyrene frame in antique silver, it's sure to stand out in classic and contemporary aesthetics alike. Rated for dry areas only, we recommend keeping it out of bathrooms that tend to get steamy due to showers and baths. For a contemporary ensemble in your bedroom, start by rolling out a white shag area rug to define the space, then arrange a lacquered wood nightstand with chrome legs on each side of a low-profile platform bed. Silhouette helps this understated accent make a statement, while beveled edges contribute to its character. With keyhole slots manufactured on the back of the mirror, this piece is ready to hang vertically or horizontally as soon as it reaches your door. A polystyrene frame features a bronze grid finish for a touch of texture, while a mirror with a 1'' bevel rounds out the look and helps you look your best. Take this one for example: its gleaming glass center surrounded by a polystyrene frame with a tiled mosaic frame in hues of blue and brown, it's the perfect size for a single vanity. This hand beveled mirror is perfect for glam or traditional aesthetics. It can be hung above your dresser or mantle, as part of your gallery wall, near your entryway, and so much more. Its open details add a breezy touch to your decor while its simple silhouette blends effortlessly into both formal and casual aesthetics.