Don’t have a collection… there’s no better time to start or place to seek. Be warned: an hour will feel like five minutes wandering around this whimsical utopia of whacky and wonderful surprises, so clear your schedule if you are planning a visit.

Brisbane’s largest antique centre, this humongous industrial warehouse has it all. These gorgeous vintage hues can be used to freshen up your most treasured pieces, or give them an historical feel. With so many knick-knacks and retro memorabilia, you will not only leave with something for yourself, but the perfect gift for a friend or family member too. They also offer plenty of buttons, linen and haberdashery from around the world to satisfy you crafty cats.

These gorgeous vintage wing chairs are just so comfortable and so damm cute. Warwick fabric which just seems to get better with age.

I have the same print in a different colourway. Have a great long weekend and don't work too hard.

I miss all the girls, the late nights spent decorating and gossiping.

I have a passion for upcycling old .

I am a collector a treasure hunter and see the beauty in what pieces can be rather than what they currently are.

I love beautiful things shabby, rustic, beachy, french and anything that is recycled. Our online auctions are marketed directly to our existing clients as well as through our external marketing sources ensuring that your goods are sold fast. Raid your money jar; it’s time to pop some tags. Here are our top spots to scour for anything from a pair of acid wash jeans or overalls, to jewellery, a fancy-dress costume or even a wedding dress. But strike while the iron is hot; they both have a consistent turnover of stock, which can be both a blessing and a curse. It is especially tempting if you love shoes. And if you’ve got some cash left over, check out the thrift store right beside. We’re talking well-known brands for under 10 buckaroonies. They also have great sewing and haberdashery supplies in case you want to make some alterations or embellishments. Items in store are in fabulous condition, and are arranged by era or ‘theme’, which is a real treat for anyone not so keen on digging deep for that bargain!

Enjoy the 50’s themed cafe and silent movies, vintage cuts at the pop up barber shop, and live music come the weekend. They wanted a corner space, a heritage building and 1000sqm of space to cater for their dedicated collection of dealers. Antique dealers occupy the rear of the building, as dozens of nooks filled with wares spread over two levels. Hands-on types will head to dedicated stockers of industrial cast-offs looking for materials to be repurposed and upcycled. It's home to 50 dealers who collect, restore and repurpose a range of vintage items, so you are sure to find something of interest. Its two floors are jam packed, segregated roughly into objets d'art and fashion upstairs and downstairs. However, for those seeking to invest, there is a range of quality wood items that are wonderfully upkept. Order a coffee and take a seat, and you are effectively auditioning a prospective purchase – just about everything is for sale. There are a lot of vintage garments here, not much in the way of furniture, but many oddities and curiousities. The downstairs area (which doubles as a night-time event space) is full of reasonably priced retro furniture. The '50s style diner has benches and milkshakes at the ready if you need a break from browsing. Piles upon piles of preloved items — including crockery, photo frames, statuettes, cutlery and books — are perched precariously atop each other. A single misstep or wayward elbow and half the shop could come tumbling down.

Where To Thrift Shop Like A Boss In Brisbane

Large in size 45mm in diameter, some are in the wrong slot, no repeats. Buyers please draw your own conclusion on grading.

We are always looking to buy quality items. If you don't have any luck, feel free to .

We believe antiques are for using and aim to keep a range of dining furniture, interesting storage options, bookcases and desks in stock. Any small spot is filled with wine tables, umbrella stands, side tables and display cabinets so there is usually something to suit every room in the house. In addition to antique furniture, we also stock a range of interesting decorating pieces. Our cabinets always have a small but select range of collectable sterling silver items such as picture frames and snuff boxes, domestic antiques including quality kitchen pieces, wine antiques and architectural fittings and interesting period jewellery. The shop always has a couple of extraordinary boxes and some interesting treen in stock. Much to see out the back by way of antiques and memorabilia.

I got sick of getting up and down for people to get past to their table. Our antiques are of exceptional quality and date from the 17th to early 20th century. Every antique is dated and our clients may absolutely rely on authenticity. Brisbane is home to a number of massive antique centres where small, independent dealers sell direct to the public. Together they have ensured a lively and robust market in rare finds, antique goods and retro fashion. This two-storey mecca is well-organised and categorised with everything from fine china and fashion to military and furniture. James has been collecting and selling furniture since he was a teenager and meticulously restores the pieces they source from all over the world. From teak and oak vanities to curvy green couches and shiny leather armchairs, it’s hard to resist touching every smooth surface throughout the store.

Woolloongabba Antique Centre