Whether purchased or inherited, objects 100 years old or older are considered to be antiques. Of course, plenty of people call that 1940s dining room set antique but it is not.

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Interesting, desirable, older objects less than 100 years old are collectibles. When we talk about the value of an antique, we can mean several things.

I greatly value the things passed down to me from loved ones and would never part with most of them as the sentimental value is too great. My great great grandfather was a laborer.

It meant that they had arrived into the middle class, that the family was established enough to spend money on a few fine things. This is the most valuable antique of all. The dealer said that she would never be able to get the stated price because the value of each piece is actually determined by how much money people are willing to pay for it. She said that she could never get the suggested prices, and this was during good economic times. So, the value depends on the economy, the region where you are attempting to buy or sell the piece, and whether or not someone will actually want to purchase the item and whether a similar items is available in the shop right down the street. If so, first you must establish yourself as a reliable dealer on that popular site so that people have confidence in the items you have for sale as well as confidence in your shipping practices.

The figure can be identified by the look of it, and the mark on the bottom, as with most valuable china and porcelain pieces. The mark is a divided circle with a sunburst on top and two over-lapped letters below. Unfortunately, someone knocked the figurine's head off some 40 years ago. The head was neatly glued back on but the damage was done. In addition, changing markets would decrease the value. Do not attempt to refinish a piece of old or antique . Part of the value of an old piece is determined by it's patina, the changes that occur in the aging process. If you remove old paint or finish, you may destroy both the charm and value of the piece. Also, body oils transferred by handling can damage old things, particularly textiles and paper. Never attempt to frame or remove an old photograph, print, painting, or textile from its frame. This is best done by a professional or an expert who knows how to handle such a fragile piece. Do not allow someone who claims to be an expert to handle old textiles or such delicate antiques unless they are wearing gloves. If they do not wear gloves, they are not expert in the care and handling of valuable antiques. Often older pieces, or antiques are copied and sold just because they are so darn pretty. Today's regulations prevent the addition of toxic elements in the production of dishware. But it is a good idea to have it appraised for insurance purposes. If you plan to keep your valuable antiques til the day you die, you want to ensure their safekeeping for posterity. If the kids are not interested in keeping your antiques, they may earn some cash by selling them, something made easier for them with your written appraisal. Do not have an object appraised by the person you want to sell it to, unless you know and absolutely trust them. If you love antiques, this process can be a lot of fun as there is a lot to learn. Your local library will have a section of antique and collectible guides for everything from old to hardware. Of course these kinds of books are available to purchase at a bookstore or online. There are collectors clubs for almost anything you can imagine. Find one appropriate to your item and check out the group's website.

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They can be a valuable source of information. When trying to locate similar items make sure that you use a thorough description. The more information you have will increase your ability to learn about your antique. Dishware, for example, should have an image on the bottom called a back stamp. There are many types of, say, dishware that appear similar. Many products have marks that change slightly over the years which can help you learn when the item was produced. Some furniture will show identifying marks as well. Metal such as bronze statues, silverware or other antique metal items can earn you a tidy sum of money. Of course sterling silver is worth much more than silver plate. Religious items may not get you what you want. Old things are often valued due to scarcity. People keep religious items and pass them down for years. Also, may religious people feel uncomfortable selling a religious painting or statue, especially if it has been blessed. Just because an object is attractive does not mean that it is valuable. The fact was the piece was rare and in demand by collectors. The popularity of various items vary over time. Something that may have been a hot commodity in 1999 may have fallen out of fashion. If lots of people are hunting for a particular item, the value will rise. Today, people like mid 20th century furniture and dishware so they can be quite expensive.

Why are antiques now so cheap

Modern buyers often look for the cleaner lines of minimalism. If you bought an item because a company promised that it would eventually become valuable that does not mean that it has actually increased in value. No one can see into the future so promises of an increase in value are meaningless. When selling your antiques through a dealer, it behooves you to establish a relationship with a trustworthy and reputable person. Talk to people you know who can recommend an antiques or collectibles dealer that they have done business with in the past.

You can't just show up one day hoping for a bonanza, but need to establish your own reputation as an honest and trustworthy seller, especially if you do not have a bona fide appraisal to go along with the object that you are trying to sell. Draw interest in your product by advertising, or writing articles about antiques, featuring the types of antiques or collectibles that you wish to sell. If you must, arrange to meet the buyer in a public place for your own safety. Well, maybe you can, but it may be a bit cumbersome and kind of ridiculous. They generally charge 1/3 of the selling price. Pay attention to the contract and their sales practices.

You want to be sure that you are comfortable with the lowered price. Auction can be good for you if you want to move a piece quickly, but you might not always be happy with the price. Liquidators will help you sell large quantities of items. If you have an entire house full of goods from an inheritance or if you are downsizing, these are the people for you. As they get a percentage of each sale, it behooves them to sell at the best price. If you want to sell the piece as an important artifact, you will have to do so.


The Internet is useful for making antique comparisons in order to determine how much an antique is worth. Determine the value of.

Receipts, letters, and other documents that have been handed down along with that item will serve that purpose. Some sites claim that a photograph can show provenance. If you do so, the comment will not be seen as it will not be published. Remember that any kook could pester you by finding your personal info in a public forum.

You can do that on ebay, craigslist, or another site. As a matter of fact it is the first ever barber's desk here. It has quite a bit of history with it as the owner's family was royal and after a political hit, they fled here. Most people who have a royal pedigree were not barbers.

I can not tell you the value of your piece, especially being not sure of what you have.

I have seen items called barber's stations, barber's cabinets, barber's cupboards (for the storage of regular customer's shaving mugs), and barber's chests. When you are looking for items similar to your own, make the description as detailed as possible. If you think that you have an important piece with some history, you need to be able to establish providence. That means that you need to back up your claims on paper.

A bill of sale or other paperwork that establishes ownership and sale would prove your claims. Empty claims will not add value to your piece. That being said, many old wooden barber's cabinets and other similar items can command quite an excellent price. And improper restoration, or in some cases any restoration, may decrease the value. Look for a mark that features a blue crown with five points and three stars, or three points and a central cross. Remember that older books do not reflect current prices but can help you identify your specific plate. What is the best way to have them appraised for sale?

If the flatware is silver plate, it will be of far less value, and it may not be economical to pay the high price of an appraiser. Check the bottom of each spoon to see if they are sterling or silver plate. Even if it's silver plate if you sell them for one dollar a piece you can earn hundreds of dollars. The demand for sterling is not what it once was, and certain patterns are more desirable. So the value depends on the manufacturer, age, condition, and pattern. She has brown eyes, two tiny teeth, textured hair on her head, but also underneath she has hair textured on her head. Could you help me figure out what her value maybe?

You can find a book to help you identify your doll.

You can use an older book to determine your doll. However, older books will not reflect the current value. They may have a wide variety of books on the topic. Amazon offers a wealth of books on antique and vintage dolls so shop around there.

Antiques and Collectibles—How to Value and Sell Old Things

The company has produced baby dolls, bride dolls, as well as historical figures. Your doll will be most valuable if it was a limited edition, if it is still in the original box, and if it is in excellent condition. What makes you think that your wooden chest is from the 13th century?

You will need to locate someone who specializes in the field of medieval antiques. An appraiser will charge a fee, but for something as old as your chest, the appraisal will be worth it. Remember that damaged books, just like any other vintage item, hold little real value. Also, these cute, sentimental figurines appealed to an older generation, a large group who are downsizing or dying off. However, there are certain figurines that are still quite valuable. Value depends on condition, size (some sizes are in greater demand), and if you have the original box. Check the date on the price guide as older ones will not reflect current prices. For instance, knowing that stainless steel was invented in 1913 tells you that the item is no older than that. Check the item for identifying marks such as manufacturer or any numbers. Would it make more sense to call the item a machine?

You can not learn the value of any item until you know exactly what it is. Look for the type of glassware that you have online to see what it sells for. Remember that you will not get full value for your items as the dealer must cover overhead and make a profit. Sometimes, when we see a year number on the underside of a plate, it refers to the date the pattern was introduced. This will tell you who made the dishware. Various changes in back stamps indicate when the item was made. It is a very old practice that has changed over the years. Look at your piece through a magnifying glass. If there are irregularities like bubbles or a slightly wavy surface, it was probably made before 1903 or so. Keep your reverse painting out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source like a heat vent or fireplace. If there is damage like cracks, faded or peeling paint, the piece will have little value. If you are still unable to find out anything, take it to a dealer or an appraiser. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging to find the information on a particular piece.

That means no wear marks, no cracks, no dings. Do not place your dishware in a microwave. Do not clean old dishware in a dishwasher; clean them by hand. If you stack pieces, place a paper towel in between each dish.

I can't tell you how to sell your dishware. If you sell through a dealer, let the dealer decide whether or not to sell your dishes all together as he or she will understand the local market. If you are trying to learn about your item, you need to use clear terms in your description. Include the material it's made of, the size, color, and decorative features. Look for the maker's mark on the bottom of the piece. Cracks and chips will devalue any older item.

You may find it difficult to get someone else to do this work for free. But you can do this yourself by looking at a book.

The Five Signs of a Valuable Antique

You can also look for online sales and check out the sold prices. Look at the other symbols on the bottom of your platter to learn more about it.

You will see several marks which will indicate who made the platter, and where it was from. As marks change over the years, you may also learn the age. Do not use one of those chemical dips or one of those homemade dips like the one with boiling water and salt. Sometimes it looks nice when you leave a bit of tarnish in the detail work as it gives a depth to the piece. If you chose not to display your platter, keep it away from dampness. Wrap it in a cloth made specifically for silver storage. There is something special about keeping the old things that belonged to long-gone relatives.

I can handle or treasure some of the things they held dear. It's a kind of connection that can mean a lot. However many producers of fine china used back stamps before that era. Some dishware was marked with a label that may have fallen off over the years. If you want to identify your dishware and there are no marks it may be a bit harder but not impossible. Describe your piece in the simplest manner possible. Patterns can be described in as few words as possible. If it's floral pattern, mention the type of flower. If you don't find what you have, keep altering your description to make it as concise as you can. The replacement value does not mean that you will get that stated amount if you try to sell it. There are millions of prints and postcards in existence.

Your photograph may have value if it is an original taken by a well-known photographer. Check the bottom of the plates to look for a back stamp. Marks on the bottoms of plates, bowls, cups, etc. As companies often made slight changes to their marks, these differences can help you date the dishware. If you look at older price guides, remember that values change over time. So the stated value in an older book will not reflect current prices. An unscrupulous dealer could easily mislead you as to the value of your goods.

A dealer can tell you that an item is worth little when it is actually worth a lot of money. Of course, most dealers are not crooks, but business is business. An appraiser can identify and value your old pieces. There will be a fee, so you want to be pretty sure that your things have some value.

You can learn a lot about your goods yourself before you commit to an appraisal that will cost well over one hundred dollars. Of course, a dealer will need to cover his own costs and make a profit.

Five Ways to Tell If Furniture Is Actually Antique

So you can not expect to make the full value of an item if you sell it to a dealer. If you don't already have a relationship with an antique dealer, ask around. A dealer might not buy everything you have even if it is valuable. They will buy what they think they can sell. If your goods are fine antiques, or quite valuable, you will want to deal with someone who specializes in fine antiques. Best value remains in old, classic examples with handwritten titles on the bottom of the figurine. Learn about your figurines by investigating each piece. Remember that sold prices tell the truth. Sellers may overstate value in the asking price. Also consider a boutique that sells , farmhouse, and painted furniture. Check to make sure that the mark is underneath the glaze. In order to find the value of your items, you first need to identify what the item is. They can not be counted on for value as they are years out of date. Once you identify your pieces, then you can look for a current, online price guide for each individual item.

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Value, of course, depends on condition as well as current interest. If there are details like scrollwork, see if everything matches perfectly. An old handmade chair should show some irregularities. Look for any tags, labels, or stamps on the underside of the chair. Please do not paint or attempt to restore a chair that may be 200 years old. Once you can identify your chair, then you may begin the quest to find its value. Newer books better reflect current values than older books. If your chair appears very valuable, you may want to have it appraised by someone who specializes in antique furniture. Before you decide to sell, check carefully for chips and cracks.

I can't tell you where to sell your items. If someone else sells for you, they need to reap a percentage of the sales price. Many dealers will lower prices on items if they are not sold after a certain amount of time.