The Painted House &Mdash; Obsessed With Offbeat BeautyThe living room was on the low priority list until I ran across a red sofa I almost bought. This was the time to take the living room all girlie red and pink, which my husband liked in writing–but when I showed him real rooms with the color combo he felt it “too old lady fancy.”  So close to feeling like I had the room done, I decided to see if I could make peace with the green sofa and stitch something together for the room around it. The room really needs a larger sofa, but there are too many higher priority things to buy. So, the $20 sofa is staying for awhile (I later bought fabric, though poor choice, and paid an upholsterer to recover it, but I still like to call it my $20 sofa).
Finally with a furniture layout in place that I like, the fabric swatches are now flying. The house tells me go big and less is more–trust me, it makes sense. So, I’m going big on color and only one color, blue, in hopes that the green recedes as a neutral and the colors of the art will pop the most. This idea of repeating blue over and over soothes me. At the risk of you sending me to the crazy house, I’ll say it again:  this life stage for me is so chaotic that the less visual noise I have, the better. So, art will be my color and pattern. Won’t it be sad to see the pink chairs recovered in something else?

Sometimes I just wish I would be an adult and go to a store to order furniture instead of picking up castoffs in dark corners. It’s love/hate actually–fun to customize a piece but, sheesh, more repainting?

This June will be two years since we bought the house so I know I can’t play that “we just moved in” card much longer on spaces like this entry. I can’t seem to find a place in this house where I like the knot mirror. I’ve done too many chairs-flanking-console in the house to do it here. I’m looking for that one good statement chair to put by this Round Top dresser (anyone hit Round Top this week??). Stairs need a runner…and on and on.

This inlay coffee table is a recent purchase from Screen Door Antiques in Asheville. Large and sculptural, it checks off two boxes on my new furniture criteria list.
Here are some of the fabrics I’m mulling over for the room–keeping the Kelly Wearstler Channels fabric and Schumacher leopard on the bench. Why mess with a good thing there? Oh, and, I’m thinking of painting the room a soft grey-blue and keep the entry white with a painted ceiling. Or, maybe I won’t do any of this at all.