We build everything from bed frames to dressers, as well as offering painting and sewing classes to all ages. Choose your project, you can even find your own and send us a picture!

Since then he has worn out 3 scroll saws!

Michael has cut out countless angels, bunnies, snowmen and any number of other blanks for me. It holds two wine bottles and two glasses. This door includes embedded, colorful rocks.

There you will find many on display featuring posters and images of many of the great musicians of our time. Here he shows two panels of glass that were commissioned for a door's side lights with salmon swimming upstream. He combines ancient and modern methods to hew beautiful scenes from hunks of rough wood. Brooke’s doors are often recreations of our area’s natural beauty. He then moved into making custom tables, chairs, dressers, and cabinets and began incorporating his love of art by carving scenes into the chairs and tables. It is also where he learned woodworking as a means of supplementing his income.

He noted that often the sale of a door leads to additional work. He has been hired to gut and remodel a bathroom and to add custom window frames to go with a new door. His current project is a large arch that will rise above a recent door and side panel installation. Such work begins with a visit to measure and size up the project. It turns out a really nice contrast,” he explained. The guitar racks have proven most popular. The father of two and grandfather of five is a busy man. Featured media on the site ranges from fired clay and wood creations to jewelry and paintings.

I wanted to include a local event in their stay. The website was either outdated, incorrect, or there was nothing to find. Browse our 4, 000 square foot of finished pieces and take home a truly one of a kind piece of live edge .

We make custom and ornamental steel bases off site to your specifications to put your finished piece on. You’ll end up with furniture that’s exactly what you want and need at your home or business. With 21 years of experience, you can depend on us to bring your wood furniture dreams to life. Call us today at 509-949-0855 to get your ideas down on paper. Our process is unique in that every project is custom ordered and measured, hand-hewn to provide customers with an individualized and beautiful finished product. This partnership will allow us to provide our customers with custom metal and log pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful.

We build beautiful, unique, and personalized log products for your home. Timeless pieces people will look at and know were handcrafted for you to bring your personality into the space. Our hand peeling offers a unique product each and every time. And we always customize to your specifications. Each project is measured and custom-built to ensure a perfect fit.

We are able to drill up to a 45 degree angle to be able to cover your stair needs. The rich colors and craftsmanship capture your eye.

Woodblossom Woodworks

It is the culmination of everything being done just right, by people who know the craftsman's art of handmade . Our furniture is constructed using mortise and tennon joints, spline joints, sliding dovetails and dovetail joints.

We use the same methods that havebeen around for hundreds of years. Each piece has an oil and turpentine finish that is sealed by a special lacquer that is waterproof and heat resistant. If you have any questions please feel free to call us.