We own and occupy a five-level, 20, 000 square foot showroom open to the public. Chatsworth buys and sells high quality name brand furnishings as well as mid century, antiques, art and collectibles.

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Our inventory is always changing with new items arriving every weekend. If you have items for sale , please . All of our merchandise comes directly from peoples' homes.

We offer a wide selection of furnishings in all styles and periods.

Our inventory is always changing, as things come and go each day, but you're always guaranteed a huge and varied selection. Let our skilled craftsmen build the piece of your dreams!

From the smallest inlay of veneer to the specks of gold dust inside a piece of glass. Biedermeier's innate classicism, its often lyrical, yet elegant forms, have made it an influential inspiration that is truly timeless. Doric inspired columns, capitals, and bronze ornamentation are combined with fine stones and marquetry to achieve dramatic beauty within a simplicity of form. Neoclassical endures today as the paragon of restrained luxury, sophistication, and elegance.

Our restorers take the utmost care to preserve the beauty of our antiques through techniques that have lasted throughout the centuries and new methods of restoration just being discovered today. A fine piece of can truly last forever. From dining room sets to bedroom storage, modern art to industrial shelving, we pride ourselves on sourcing quality furnishings from around the globe. Sharing the room are blue-chip examples of 20th century modernism. We’re not buying things on the secondary market for resale. Since the turn of the 21st century, the value of much 18th and 19th century furniture has plummeted. Shelter magazines, once look books for rooms bursting with lyre back chairs and giltwood credenzas, more often show pared-down interiors with just a few older pieces – or none at all. In 2009, the organizers and dealer committee changed the cutoff date to 1969 to include midcentury objects. More homes have open-concept, casual living spaces rather than formal dining rooms and studies, which reduces the need for stately mahogany dining tables, chairs and cabinets. And a new generation of homeowners may be rebelling against the preferences of their elders. Will other 18th and 19th century furniture pieces ever return to fashion?

However, this bustling metropolis is not only filled with people, it’s also home to all of their furniture!

We also included a few new and not so new websites that also offer excellent deals. There’s also plenty of art and housewares with prices that will make you rub your eyes. The shop owner also marks down furniture periodically as new pieces come in and existing stock doesn’t sell. Plus, they have a very cool blog featuring their favorite inventory arranged in irresistible vignettes, making it super easy to envision different ways of incorporating the pieces in your own home. Here you won’t find much furniture, but there are plenty of antique housewares, art and other unbelievable memorabilia. Shops are run the old-school way, meaning if you have the gall to bargain for a deal, do it. They receive new deliveries three times a week, so it’s worth stopping by more than once if you don’t find what you need the first time around. The store is also known for their selection of mid-century modern furniture and primitive storage items. While these stores make for great window shopping, taking something home is usually out of the question for most. However, there are two lesser-known destinations that offer incredible selections at rock bottom prices just down the street. Although we’ll admit that not everything you’ll find will be gems, the store’s inventory changes so quickly you’re bound to find something that fits your decor at some point. This place really has it all, just make sure not to wear white and be ready to dig around!

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Craigslist was one of the first sites to help people to buy and sell furniture online. Craigslist makes it simple to buy furniture cheaply from your neighbors who are often moving apartments and need to get rid of their furniture fast. Their focus is create local classifieds that connect communities with other communities around the world. They require items to be stylish, in good condition and offered at a good price, so you know you’ll be getting a deal. Stop in soon for quality antiques and friendly customer service. There are also bedroom and bathroom layouts to help provide ideas for any part of your home.

We use a lot of reclaimed wood, but you can visit our woodshop and select the type of wood you want us to use for your pieces. She is proud to be a third-generation dealer. Of course, finding those right pieces (at the right prices) can be a slog—so we wanted to cut right to the best places to look. Here are her go-to’s picks for vintage and antique shopping in the city. It was started by a group of young hippies in the ’60s, and that same handful of people is running it today. They specialize in architectural antiques. They have an constantly updated inventory of unique vintage and antique pieces at the best prices, hands down. Each item is carefully cleaned and, if necessary, repaired to like-new condition, so you can trust that you are getting a quality piece that you can love for a long time!

The space is beautifully styled making it very easy to imagine pieces in your own home. The experience of walking through their carefully curated gems is inspirational. Piece was acquired with a matching peacock loveseat (sold separate). Both arms drop for a chaise lounge effect. Needs some upholstery attention, esp to hinges.

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Selling due to lack of space since we've moved. Also heat resistant felt to fit the table both closed and extended. A rectangular shaped top with canted corner, moulded edge, over plain frieze with lower lipped edge. They have the existing fabric (a textured velvet) which you could keep or use as an upholstery project. Repainted and reupholstered balloon back and sturdy. A watercolour depicting a windmill and cattle by a stream. Antique brass coloured and all in working order.

We invite you to stop in and do some good ole fashioned pickin' !

We have a 5000 sq foot warehouse, holding over 4000 pieces of superb quality furniture and vintage items at any one time. With stock changing on a daily basis, we have items for all tastes whether you are looking for a chest of drawers, a chaise lounge, or just that special "something" to make your home complete.

I revel in them and will, for example, buy a great country piece as readily as a great high style piece, despite the obvious differences in decorative appeal.

It is great furniture that appeals to me—it has to be special. Please browse, ask questions and, best of all, come and visit.

I guarantee that you will find great beauty herein. The cabinet with a pair of doors veneered on both sides and enclosing one long over two short fitted drawers, and having twin shaped original brass carrying handles to either side matching the interior handles. The stand having square chamfered legs with two short drawers and original two part cast handles to match, on brass and leather castors. This piece features an intricate locking mechanism to foil unwelcome intruders.

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